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Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course Review in 2023 with Facts (Leaked)

Henry Harvin Course Reviews / Henry Harvin Education Reviews

Junaid Jamal

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

ACCA course doubled my knowledge in the accounting field. Thanks to my teacher and friends who supported me till the end to crack the exam.

Anu H.R

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Definitely a valuable addition to the content writing career. Shivalik ma’am was very interactive and supportive throughout the course. Looking up to better opportunities after the course and Hope they continue to provide the same support further.

Shyam Singh

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The HR generalist course I picked is the best course that I came across. There is a positive experience while taking the course. The whole class and trainer helped me to learn the course.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The Data Science course boosts my confidence to learn the new course with the best course structure. I did the course by watching the recording sessions. But the mentor cleared all my queries by replying to the mail

Shaik Fouzia

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

One of the best courses of henry Harvin. Got familiar with many writing styles and tools. And Shivalika’s teaching was just amazing.

This will be a highly recommended course by henry Harvin

Panvi Patel

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hey! It’s Panvi here and I have enrolled in German tutorials at Henry Harvin, which is in fact really amazing and lively. All the lectures are very interactive. I would surely recommend it. Thank you…


These days, Creative writing is considered a lucrative career prospect. In this era of consumerism where every content is a penny, choosing a career as a Creative Writer makes your life settled. All you require is a passion for writing and creative thinking without any major investments. Content is said to be the king of the Digital Marketing Industries. Every written content is well-earned money.

If you are a budding writer who wants to create a mark in writing or a Creative thinker who is seeking a career in Digital Marketing platforms, Creative Writing is a god-sent investment. 

With Creative writing, you can write Fiction/non-fiction like novels, short stories, scripts, plays, poems and whatnot.

In the Digital Marketing world, in every other company or startup, Content creation plays a major role. Innovative content drives the Digital Marketing world. So in this platform, creative writers are always in demand and can expect good pay.

But we live in a world full of thousands of creative writers and digital marketers. To succeed among them, proper guidance and polishing of the content are required. A strong storyteller only can be able to compete with other Creative writers. To create an engaging audience also, strong storytelling is an absolute requirement.

To become a creative writer, a degree or education background is not really a necessity. All you require is some free time to let your thoughts out in the form of content and definitely a content writing certification course to polish your creativity.

 Creative writing helps you play with words, pour your imagination, be innovative and definitely reduces stress.

The Creative writing course helps you to work on your strategies for creating content by utilizing expressions, likenesses, similitudes, exchanges, and so on 


Career options such as copywriting, content writing, web content creation, magazine/newspaper journalist, proofreader, content editor, Freelance content writing, primary executive, writing teacher, social media manager, and web content manager and several other careers can be made out of the CCWS Certification.


  • Students
  • Parents
  • Passionate writer
  • Blogger
  • A parent
  • Digital Marketers 
  • Teachers/Professors
  • Housewives/ job seekers or anyone who is willing to write, innovate and wants to make a profession out of Creative writing.

Begin your tomorrow today by joining in the Creative Writing Course offered by Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin Education is one of the leading pioneers that offers professional certification courses online. The Institution provides the best academic live coaching with its expert trainers. The experts train N number of candidates with customizable schedules and timings.

As per Henry Harvin reviews, the Institute does not only offer a Creative Writing Course but also offers an Advanced Certification of creative writing with Ccontent Writing course in creative writing to help the students gain in-depth knowledge and master the art of creative writing. The Institution also guarantees to offer extended support in placement with proper guidance.

Henry Harvin conducts more than 700 live classes every month. Over 40,000 individuals have been trained across different courses offered. 

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Henry Harvin reviews

Media Recognition:

Henry Harvin has managed to have the attention of top media houses for the unique and quality schooling given by them. 

As per the Henry Harvin reviews, the name of a couple of media houses and distribution who have perceived the example of overcoming adversity of Henry Harvin is India today, News world India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Statesman, Financial Express and so on  Henry Harvin Education is well known for its uniqueness and quality. The Institution is recognized by media like The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, The pioneer, Hans India and TV channels like Aaj Tak and Newsworld India. 

Various Henry Harvin Courses:

There are 100s of several other courses offered in  Analytics Academy, Writing Academy, Finance Academy, Law Academy and Management Academy

And the popular courses like TEFL certification course, Content writing certification course, 

Certified Lean Six Sigma Certification Course, Digital Marketing Certification programs, Marketing Analytics with R ( CMAP) Certification Course, Financial Analytics with R(CFAP) Course, Business Analytics with Python (CPBA) Course, Data Visualization Course, Certified GST Course, etc. are always in demand. The courses are purchased by people across India and abroad as well.

Henry Harvin  reviews claim that they have more than 150 corporate accomplices like Avon Cosmetics, Abbott Pharma, NTPC, HostBooks, 4Closure, EY, SAB Miller, A-Paul Instruments, Eaton Corporation, Apollo Tires, Stanley Consultants, CG Power and Industries, Mega Cabs, MJ Logistics, UK India Business Council, Bajaj Finance, Fidelity Investments, Hero Group, Wunderman, etc

Also, Henry Harvin claims to have in excesses of 60 school accomplices like IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay, IIM Visakhapatnam, IIM Indore, IIM Kashipur, IIM Shillong, IIM Trichy, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT BHU, FMS Delhi, NIT Trichy, BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, IMT-G, PDPU, Fore School, VIT, XIMB, Mangalmay Institute Greater Noida, IMI Delhi, etc.

Henry Harvin goes probably as a platform between the school graduated candidates and the business required capacities and data. Thusly, it assists the specialists in defeating any hindrance and creating themselves with the skill and data required by the endeavours

According to the Henry Harvin reviews, Henry Harvin has been attributed with various honours to its record. To give some examples lofty honours

Modules of Creative Writing Course 

The Creative writing course has six basic modules and two complementary modules

MODULE 1: Initiating Creative Writing – Introduction to Creative writing, understanding different types and tones in Creative writing, Major differences between Content writing and creative writing are taught in the first module.

MODULE 2: Literary Elements and techniques: In this module, the individual learns the basic elements of Literary elements, understanding the structural design of a story, the art of developing the literary piece, the significance of point of view, and creating pictures with non-literal language. 

MODULE 3: Creating Stories: In this module, the individual  learns the ways of creating a story, building the narrative pace, storytelling, writing hacks, etc

MODULE 4: Fiction writing: In the 4th module, Writing prompts, Forms of Short Fictions,  Compiling a Book of Short Stories, Writing your First Book and other interesting topics are discussed

MODULE 5: Script Writing: In this module the individual will discover about Script Writing, dialogue writing, punctuating dialogues, playwriting and instructions to compose subtitles.

MODULE 6: Poetry Writing: The essential elements of poem writing like figures of speech, rhythm, stanza, imagery, sounds and allegory are discussed.

COMPLIMENTARY MODULE 1: Soft skills Development

Soft skills like Communication, Listening, Teamwork, Creativity, adaptability and interpersonal skills are taught as a complimentary. 


In Resume writing, the basic format, fonts and styles of writing are discussed. 

Course Duration

The  Creative Writing Certification Course can be done within 32 hours of Modules training and 24 hours of brush-up sessions. And also 50 hours of E-learning sessions as per Henry Harvin reviews.

TIMINGS AND SCHEDULES: The 32 hours of Core- training can be scheduled as per our own comfort. Weekdays and weekend classes are offered in 4 different batches.

FEE STRUCTURE: They Offer the Creative writing Course with a reasonable amount of Rs.15,000 for Instructor-led training and 13,300 for Self Learning. Scholarships are also provided.


Self-Paced Training: They offer Self-paced Training where they share various study materials with proper guidance, and the individual is expected to study on their own.  

Proper Virtual classroom setup: In Henry Harvin, the professional instructors tutor the students with a well-led proper virtual classroom. They create an engaging classroom feel where each student is given importance and guidance to acquire all the knowledge they offer.

They also give hands-on exercises like writing assignments and doing projects for better practice.

Corporate Learning: Corporate learning is a method specially set up for Corporate Company learners. In Corporate learning, only the Corporate learners can access and acquire the additional knowledge in a customized method with suitable Learning materials and an LMS portal.


According to Henry Harvin reviews, the students are provided with a Golden membership which incorporates the following benefits.

1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP: With the golden membership opportunity, the institute provides the participants with 1 year of membership, which allows them to access the Certification courses online. 

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: The institute claims to provide guaranteed internship opportunities with the institute itself and partner firms as well.

GUARANTEED JOB OPPORTUNITY: The experts support clearing the interviews.

MONTHLY BRUSH UP SESSIONS: They also conduct monthly brush up sessions and additional classes related to the Creative Writing course, to prepare you and rocket launch your career.

E-LEARNING ACCESS: The Institution provides unlimited access to the syllabus, tutoring videos, youtube videos, recorded classes from the LMS portal and more through Moodle app.

CLARIFICATION MEETINGS:  The institute sets up weekly clarification sessions to bridge any knowledge gap.

PROJECTS: The creative writing course is provided with real-world Creative writing projects during the training. These projects ensure that the candidates are trained with the skills required to deal with today’s industry requirements and make the best out of them.

HACKATHONS: Access to events like Hackathons/competitions and many to showcase your talents.

ONE- ONE SUPPORT: On-Demand consulting and coaching classes

24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT: They value every student of the Class and make sure they acquire the knowledge being shared whilst entire support is given to them.

Any Complaints/ requests are taken into account immediately and the solution is given.


As per Henry Harvin Creative Writing course reviews, the following are the course outcomes.

1. By the end of the course, the individuals are well trained and have in-depth knowledge of Creative writing courses with a CCWS certificate (Certified Creative writing Specialist) as an investment.

2. The necessary skills for becoming a Creative writer are gained

3. Acquiring the right Creative writing techniques and the platform to implement.

4. With proper guidance, candidates are moulded into professional Creative writers.

5. Start publishing your own fiction/non-fiction.

6. Discover your own website and Content.

7. Building vocabulary, good grammar.   

8. Apart from the Course, the candidates are well trained in developing soft skills like communication, impersonal skills, etc.

Henry harvin Creative Writing Course Reviews

Some of the Positive Henry Harvin Creative writing Course reviews are detailed below.


Henry Harvin ranks first in offering the right Creative Writing course.1400 + positive reviews are encountered on google.

The Creative writing course is initially planned so that it addresses every one of the students’ issues and provides them with proper guidance and solutions. The students work with the utilization of vital apparatuses, projects and methodologies so they can begin their career with full certainty and information.

The free demo classes and guidance for all other courses help them to evaluate and decide the right domain and choose the right career path.

And as per Henry Harvin reviews, from the Creative writing Course reviews earned, 95% of them are positive comments. From the study of Students and enrolled individuals feedback, most of them are content with the Creative writing course and claim that the 100% practical classes are their goto. 

No wonder why parents love our Creative writing course as well. Parents enrolling in the course say that they can teach their children the art of storytelling and helps them in assisting to choose their child’s career

Most of the Henry Harvin Creative writing course reviews state that the CCWS certification is a lifelong investment.

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Henry Harvin reviews


Among the thousands of Henry Harvin reviews and feedback, almost all of them are claimed to have positive reviews experiences. Though there are a few negative comments and reviews by the students who were not satisfied with the Certification course. 

Customer support never fails to reach out to those students, understand their discomfort and provide necessary solutions for the same.

Every feedback is valued at Henry Harvin Education.

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Henry Harvin reviews

Takeaways from the Course

The below-listed factors contribute to the major   Henry Harvin Creative writing Courses reviews.

  • 32 hours of engaging in depth Syllabus training.
  • 1 year Gold Membership exclusively for Henry Harvin Students.
  • The study material 
  • Unlimited access to Learning Management System ( LMS portal).
  • Monthly Boot-up camp sessions.
  • Globally recognized CCWS certification.
  • 1 year access to recorded live video sessions.
  • Guaranteed Internship, Projects  and 100% placement guidance support.


The above-listed factors make the Institute, Henry Harvin and the Creative Certification course provided stand out from the other online courses. The CCWS Certification offered here is one of the best investments to acquire.



  • This blog has one of the most detailed comparisons I have seen. It is a really good blog and was really helpful.

  • There are so many institutes these days offering online courses that it makes choosing the best one very difficult. Henry Harvin has a rich database of ex-students who have been hired by the best companies and that makes it a very credible choice.

  • Congratulations on a very well researched blog on Henry Harvin course reviews.This blog will indeed benefit a lot of people.

  • I had come across this course a while back but wasn’t sure if i would do it, but this article changed my perspective. I will go for it .

  • Henry Harvin’s courses never disappoint. They have interesting courses and great teachers who make learning easier. Would totally recommend people to check out their courses and enroll.

  • I loved the course. It incredible, and the educator have stir my endowment of composing particularly she got some information about my base scene. I need her email to converse with her Please.

  • Thank you a lot for sharing these awesome creative writing course reviews this blog site list really helps me a lot …keep posting.

  • creative writing is the best course that is not the only course. it develops the skill of the student. In today’s time more need this type of course.
    Thanks, Henry Harvin Education Center

  • A good approach to making skilled students in India. so it apricates this Henry Harvin Education Institute.

  • Pingback: Manoj
  • Great material, great teachers, I feel one step closer to become a good Creative writer.

  • Creative Writing Course Depend on your thinking, You think more creative and implement this thing in ground it is very good. So its a very good course.

  • This Course is a very interesting Course. My think this Course can do any people. It is not boundation of any age. It is a Simple course.
    So thanks

  • It’s a very good Course. The instructors provide practical lessons and assignments. Which help to the improve the learning creativity. So It is very interesting. Highly recommend joining this course

  • I will recommend my friend to take Creative Writing certification from Henry Harvin as they are more professional and friendly.

  • I started the Creative Writing Course of Henry Harvin from scratch, I have no idea about marketing, but Aparna has helped me with good knowledge and an excellent attitude. She seems to be very dedicated to her work and made sure that the course covers all topics required for a thorough understanding of Creative Writing.

  • I have joined Creative writing course with the institute. my feedback help us all for looking a certification of writer’s. The trainer – Kratika Jain makes the concept of each topic very clear and classifying all the topics in easier way which is very simple to understand as well as set in mind in one Go.

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