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Top 20 Professional Courses after 12th Commerce: 2023 (Exposed)

Commerce is a promising field, and there is a bright career future for students who pursue commerce after 12th Grade. Plenty of courses are available to pursue after 12th commerce, but now in this blog let us focus on the top 20 professional courses after 12th that are accessible for students.

In simple terms, commerce is a field that deals with the study of trade and business activities. Bartering of products or services from manufactures to the end-users, in exchange for cash are activities, that involve a lot of calculations. Because of this nature, the key subjects include in commerce are accountancy, business studies, laws, communications, marketing, and economics.   

top 20 professional courses

Below listed are some of the brilliant professional courses after 12 th commerce. 

Let us first explore some of the short-term professional courses after 12th offered by Henry Harvin Education, the prestigious skill-building organization. Those courses will help you boost your career and gain financial freedom much earlier in your career life.

Look at the list of top 20 professional courses after 12th commerce.

Certificate Professional Courses After 12th

1. Mini MBA

To gain a traditional MBA degree the students will have to spend a large amount of money, 2-3 years of time after bachelor’s degree, and it all depends on whether you choose to pursue a full-time or part-time course.  Here, teen MBA or Henry Harvin® Mini MBA comes into the picture, you can gain relevant business skills such as marketing, finance, and business – tech skills.

You will get to explore different business ideas and be able to become a business owner.  Through this professional course after 12th, you get familiar with applicable strategies like the blue ocean strategy. You will also acquire related skillsets on how to lead a team. The innovative curriculum of Mini MBA will help the participants to develop a creative business mindset with a fraction of the money or time you may want to spend on gaining a traditional MBA.

The Duration of the course is six weeks, and it is being conducted in a live virtual training mode. No specific requirements are needed to join for mini-MBA; however, you should have the willingness to learn and act. Anyone who is planning to start a business is an eligible applicant for this Professional course after 12th commerce.

2. Certified Digital Content Writing Course (CDCW)

Have you completed 12 the grade with commerce and constantly thinking now, what do you do next?  If it sounds like you, don’t worry Henry Harvin® Education has got an extensive Certified Digital Content Writing Course (CDCW). This content writing course will be a good professional course after 12th-grade commerce. 

Through this course, you will get trained on about 30 different types of content writings and get a chance to do internships.  Successful completion of this professional course after the 12th and internship will make you an eligible candidate for content strategist positions remote from around the world.

You can even access the e-learning portal via your mobile, thus it makes it easy to learn professional courses after 12th on the go. To see the detailed information have look at Henry Harvin Education’s Writing Academy.

3. Digital Marketing Course

Are you looking for a professional course after the 12th to fast-track your career and gain financial freedom? Perhaps, digital marketing from Henry Harvin will be a good choice for you, look at the details of this course.

Digital Marketing course from Henry Harvin Digital Academy includes 32 hours of live interactive virtual sessions. Aside from this, they have other modes of classes like offline in-person classes as well as self-paced classes.  When you complete the Digital Marketing course from Henry Harvin digital academy you can achieve 7 certifications. 

Instructors are quite professional, industry experts who have 10+years’ experience in the relevant domain. Additionally, you will get opportunities to work with Henry Harvin Education and its associates.

4. Accounting and Taxation (CATP)

Henry Harvin® Education’s Accounting Academy offers a great course on Accounting and Taxation (CATP), In 2021, The Tribune ranked is as #1 accounting course.  The applicants who choose this professional course after the 5.  GST Course

Henry Harvin Education runs the best GST course in India, and it can be considered as one of the top professional courses after 12. The key highlight of the course is it provides practical training on major elements of GST regulations. 

Another notable point about this professional course after 12th is that it is offered perks such as guaranteed internship, monthly brush-up sessions, and weekly job support, etc. To get full details to check out the Henry Harvin Education Accounting Academy page.

5. GST Course

Henry Harvin Education runs the best GST course in India, and it can be considered as one of the top professional courses after 12. The key highlight of the course is it provides practical training on major elements of GST regulations. 

Another notable point about this professional course after 12th is that it is offered perks such as guaranteed internship, monthly brush-up sessions, and weekly job support, etc. To get full details to check out the Henry Harvin Education Accounting Academy page.

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Bachelor Degree Professional Courses After 12th

6. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

It is the most common undergraduate degree program for 12th commerce students. Bachelor of Commerce is being offered in two formats, namely, BCom Honors and BCom General.

The fundamental subjects involved in 12th commerce are Accountancy, Business, and Economics but Math is optional. So, students who have done commerce with Math are better suited to apply for BCom Honors whereas students who opted for commerce without Math can apply for BCom General.

Commerce incorporates different aspects of business that is extending from accounting, taxation, auditing, finance, human resources, and law. When you study an undergraduate program in any of the above fields, it equips you with fundamentals and the standard concepts.

However, your perspective can be broadened by enrolling in post-graduate studies in any field related to commerce. Wide ranges of programs are available in commerce, sometimes, having more choices confuse you, or make you think more.  Irrespective of whatever the dilemma you are facing now, you need to decide “what professional courses after 12th you need to study? “Making a good decision is the first step, then you can plan the rest of the things.

7. C.A. (Chartered Accountancy)

If you are someone looking for an undergraduate professional course after 12th commerce with Math, have a look at the below-listed course.

Chartered Accountant is considered the highest-paid job for commerce learners. Pursuing CA is a brilliant way to start your career in accounting. Now, I can hear your immediate question, What do I need to do, to join this professional course after the 12th? For becoming a certified professional, you must clear 3 levels there you will be evaluated on varied subjects like Practices of Accounting, Business Laws and Reporting, Cost and Management Accounting, etc. You also need to complete a 3-year article ship period to complete the course.

8. B.F.A

The full form of B.A.F is Bachelor of Finance and Accounting. This is an undergraduate-level program, and its duration is 3 years. UGC offers this program; this degree course incorporates subjects such as accounting, taxation, auditing, risk management. This professional course after 12th is better suited to the students who would want to build their careers in the domain of accounting and financing.

BFA is a broad and meticulous professional course after 12th, BFA graduates can pursue chartered accountancy, chartered financial courses, MBA in finance, a postgraduate course in risk management after the completion of the BAF course.

Some colleges even offer campus placements which is helpful to the students. The advancement in technology leads to the growth of varied new businesses in many fields, thus, accountants and junior accountants are in high demand. This ongoing growth in business creates great scope for accounting and finance courses.

The basic eligibility criteria to apply for BAF is:

The applicant must have a score of 50% or above in your senior secondary examination.

The applicant should have completed 10+2 Senior secondary education with a commerce stream from an approved board. 

BFA graduates can apply for the job profiles such as accounting analyst, marketing manager, billing data analyst, accounts assistant, and financial analyst.

9. B.C.A(Bachelor of Computer Applications)

B.C.A stands for bachelor in computer application. It is an undergraduate professional course after the 12th, and its focus is on the basics of computer application as well as software development. The course fees vary from Rs. 37,500 to 5 Lakhs.

The standard eligibility criteria for applying for BCA are to have 50% in the senior secondary school (10+2) examination.

To take up the BCA program, the professional course after 12th applicants must have completed either science or commerce stream with math.

The eligibility criteria can be different from college to college. In some colleges, admission is based on written tests and interviews. However, you can find out some colleges that offer admission focusing on your merit.

A BCA undergraduate is a suitable match for job positions like system engineer, junior programmer, web developer, and software developer.

Freshers who are working for an MNC might receive Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month salary.  

If you are interested in pursuing a master’s after your BCA studies, let us see what are the choices available for you?

The standard path is MCA (Master Of Computer Applications). But you might be curious to know what other options are available to you after BCA. The choices available are MBA in IT management, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), and CCNP or CCNA certification.

10. Bachelor of International Business (BIB)

 Are you interested in mastering the art of doing business in a variety of global markets? If your answer is yes, you may need to learn different business norms that fit in different cultures, which will prepare you to work with business people from all over the world and set your foot in international business to develop a career.

To build a career in international business, BIB is one of the best-suited professional courses after 12 th, which you will have to enroll in an undergraduate degree program. This professional course after 12th is having a concentration on international business such as Bachelor of International Business (BIB) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), or Bachelor of Arts (BA). Additionally, many schools have partnered with foreign institutions where you can continue your studies.

Undergraduates of (BA, BBA, B.Sc., BIB) International business can find work in varied domains such as exports, distribution, and international sales and trade shows.

The general eligibility criteria for these professional courses after 12th are higher secondary school clearance (10+2) with English as one of the subjects of study. To know the exact prerequisite for admissions you will need to check out respective colleges which offer international business as a major concentration.

If you are particular in enrolling in Bachelor of International Business (BIB), keep reading to gather some more information regarding the same.

 BIB program includes business elements as well as current speaking trends of the language.  The aspiring students can secure admission to BIB depending on their performance on the entrance test as well as their merit in 10+2 final board examinations.

Do you want to pursue your education after BIB graduation? The standard option available for you is to join a master’s degree program in international business. The most beneficial part of this program is global instructors will provide you teachings.  Final projects reinforce your learnings as it gives you the opportunity to apply what you have studied in the course in an international business firm.

11.B.A (Bachelor of Economics)-the economics professional courses after 12th.

Do you wish to join the Indian Economic Service or Reserve Bank of India? BA Economics is a brilliant choice for students who would like to join these government services. This undergraduate program in Economics also prepares students to build a career in commerce, banking, and insurance fields.

If you intend to continue your studies after your UG, you can join for MA Economics, which will help you to find out jobs in a broad variety of businesses globally.

BA in Economics is a three-year UG course that will prepare the student with a distinct set of abilities to apply for careers in several Industries. These professional courses after 12th teach current issues of the economy, and about the influence of past circumstances shaping the economy.  

This brilliantly designed economic course helps the students to get familiar with the economic situations of present-day India and foreign trade policies that impact India’s economy. The graduates of these professional courses after the 12th program can work as an economist, a researcher, and a sales representative in many industries.

The applicants who would like to join for a 3-year BA UG course in Economics should meet the following eligibility criteria.

They must have passed the 12-grade board examination CBSE, ICSE, or corresponding state board with a cumulative score of 50% or above in their passing examinations.

Some colleges want their applicants to have passed subjects such as math and stats in their 12 examinations.

Some colleges provide admission based on relevant entrance tests.


 It stands for Bachelor of Banking and Insurance, and it is a 3-year undergraduate program. This UG program focus is on finance, banking, insurance law and regulations, and accounts. Apart from this, it teaches various aspects of communication and different software technology, which is being used in the banking and insurance field.

The minimum eligibility required for applying for the BIB UG course:

The applicant should have passed 10+2 from CBSC or ICSE or any recognized state board with an aggregate of 50% or above.

Some colleges offer direct admissions that is depending on merit (Applicant’s mark on qualifying Exam).

After the completion of the BIB UG program, the students can find out jobs in the field of banking, insurance, finance, and accounting.  If anyone is keen on expanding their knowledge, they can consider certifications such as CFP, CA, CS, etc.

13. BMC – Mass communication professional course after 12 th commerce.

 Its full form is Bachelor of Mass communication, a 3-year degree program. The program teaches students to communicate with a large group of people over different media. It could be T.V. Channels, Radio, marketing, and advertising, filmmaking, and much more. 

BMC UG course equips the students with a broad range of skill sets as a result the graduate of this course are eligible for different career opportunities in the mass communication field. 

Are you a creative, dynamic person having the talent to voice your ideas, and thoughts to the world through varied mass media? If so, BMC UG is the best fit for you that would train you for a career in mass media.

This mass communication in UG program includes something more than traditional journalism. It involves topics such as digital marketing, event management, public and media relations.

The eligibility criteria for BMC UG are the applicant must clear 10+2 board examination from a recognized state or central board, obtaining an aggregate some of 50% or more in their board exam.

The selection process varies from college to college. Some colleges’ selection is based on open merits whereas other colleges select their students based on relevant entrance tests. However, their performance in the personal interview or group discussion is common for all colleges.

BMC UG can apply for career profiles like columnist, proofreader, photojournalist, social media specialist, new anchor, Radio Jockey, etc.

14. BEM – Bachelor of Event Management professional course after 12th.

The duration of BEM is 3 years and is an undergraduate program. If you are interested in planning, organizing, and implementing an event, taking a bachelor’s degree or diploma, in event management can be a good choice for you. Some of the online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, or edX also provide certification courses in Environment management.

Eligibility criteria to join event management depend upon the kind, of course, you would like to study. However, for the undergraduate, the applicants must clear a 12-grade board exam with an aggregate of 50% or more from a recognized central or state board.

An Event Management Bachelor degree holder can apply for job profiles such as event planner, event manager, business developer, wedding planner, and event coordinator.

15. Bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Technology the best professional course after 12 th

Are you someone who is interested in designing clothes and fabrics? If you are, you can consider pursuing a fashion design course after 12-grade commerce. As an aspiring student, you can pursue your studies even online.

After the completion of the fashion designing course, you are eligible to take up positions like fashion stylist, personal designer, fashion designer.

Anyone who completed 10+2 with 50% or above from a central or state board exam can apply for this course.

16. B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia

B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia. This undergraduate program is an ideal choice for a creative thinker and is a 3-year program. It helps the students to acquire the skillsets for various multimedia aspects such as text, video, audio, and animation to create movements to static elements.  An undergraduate degree holder of B.Sc. animation and multimedia are eligible for applying for the post of flash developer, animator, network engineer.

When you choose animation as a career, there you will get the opportunity to use your creative abilities, and you may get satisfaction at the end of the workday.  The animation industry is rapidly growing in India, therefore, gaining an undergraduate would help me find out a job. 

The eligibility criteria for applying for this course is the applicant needs to have passed 10+2 central or state board examination with an aggregate of 50% or more marks in any stream.

17. BATTM (Bachelor of Art in Travel and Tourism Management)

It is an undergraduate degree program, and the length of this program is 3 years. If you are a student who wishes to study more about travel and how to manage tourism management, this might be a good fit for you.  The eligibility for joining this course is 10+2 or higher secondary school board exam clearance with an aggregate of 50% or more in any stream.

After the completion of BATTM students are eligible to apply for the position of travel agents, tour guides, airline staff, travel executive, and several other jobs in the industry.


Its full form is Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative Law. The course duration is five years and wherein students get to learn business administration and law. Various methods of teachings are incorporated in this course such as class teaching, case studies, and moot courts.

Eligibility criteria for the BBA LLB course are applicants need to have completed 10+2 board exams from a recognized school board securing a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or above. 

To shortlist the applicants the colleges or universities run an entrance exam and admission is offered based on their performance in these entrance tests.

Lawyer, Solicitor, Advocate, and Legal Advisor are some of the job positions that a BBA LLB degree holder can apply for.

19. BA in the English language another professional course after 12th.

BA English is an undergraduate degree course, and the course duration is 3 years. It’s being offered by many colleges all over India. The minimum criterion for joining this course is applicants need to pass a 10+2 higher secondary school exam with an aggregate of 50 % or above.

Some colleges offer admissions based on merit, and others depending on entrance tests.  Many institutions offer two modes of learning, the first one is a regular course, and the second one is following either as a part-time or distance learning mode.

An undergraduate degree in BA English will help you land many exciting jobs like translating, language experts, publishing houses, Journalism, etc.

20. CS

Its full form is company secretary. There is a government-recognized legal body that functions around the career of the Company Secretary that is known as ICSI This body works in line with the development, progress, and regulation of the company secretary profession. ICSI faculty members are highly professional and experienced. Its main office is Delhi and has got four other regional offices in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

To become a company secretary, the ICSI offers three programs, the first is known as the foundation program, the eligibility for joining this course is applicant should pass 10+2 from a recognized school board.

The second one is the executive program; this is suitable for applicants who wish to join right after graduation. The third one is the professional program, it is for applicants who have already completed, executive program.


In this blog, you have read about some of the amazing professional courses after 12th an aspiring learner can join to build their career. This blog informs the readers about short-term certificates course to 3to 4 four years undergraduate programs. I hope this will provide you some ideas to make a well-informed decision about what professional courses you may want to choose after the 12th.

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Q1. State difference between BA English and BA English literature?

Yes. In BA English you study Prose and Poetry but in BA English literature, the students learn about English language origin, history, and development. 

Q2. Will I get a scholarship to continue my studies?

You should communicate with the relevant institutions to know about the availability of scholarships.

Q3. Does Henry Harvin Education provide an Internship?

Yes, Henry Harvin Education provides an Internship opportunity.

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