Top 20 PMP Exam Questions and Answers: 2023 (Leaked)


PMP EXAM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: To cross any hurdle, practice is the only key. Only practice makes a man perfect. One must practice; the questions and answers that will give you an insight into the pattern of questions in the PMP exam. The preparations might be different for each one of us, but the base is the same.

We all must have a guide to help us cross the path. Who can guide you? Some standard questions and answers. A course can help you too. Yes, a PMP course can give you deep learning about PMP certification, and followed by that, practicing mock papers and previous years’ questions can lead you to be a successful PMP certified individual.

To list all the 5000 questions that one must practice to clear the PMP certification is a daunting task. So, I have listed down the top 20 questions and answers that you must be aware of. Before jumping into it, let us learn what PMP is?

What is the PMP exam?

PMP, the abbreviation stands for Project Management Professional, is a designation that one can earn from PMI. PMI, Project Management Institute, has recognized more than 10,00,000 professionals across the globe till mid-2020.

The PMP exam needs immense preparation. The “PMBOK” is the basis for the questions in the exam. The Project Management Body Of Knowledge is the guide for PMP exam preparation. The PMP exam has 200 multiple-choice questions that are divided into five different processes or domains. 

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The PMP exam is a 4-hour exam. With multiple options for each question, the PMP exam is designed so that you can take it from the comfort of your home as well. It is the individual who can choose either a pen and paper or a computer-based exam pattern.

Twenty-five questions from the PMP exam are pilot questions. These questions do not carry any marks. These questions decide the future paper. The level of the questions, the percentage of individuals who attempted it helps in the calibration of the future PMP exam papers.

These questions are scattered in the PMP exam paper. The PMI decides on the passing marks. There are multiple sets of the PMP exam paper, and hence no two individuals appearing for the PMP exam can have the same sets of question papers. There are different types of questions in the exam paper, and an individual needs a thorough PMP exam preparation before appearing for the exam.

Some questions in the paper are interpretational, which requires you to analyze data to answer them. PMP exam papers also consist of questions based on formulas and definitions. To answer these, one must have proper knowledge of the subject and substantial PMP exam preparation. The PMP exam paper also consists of questions related to the industry, tools, and techniques, followed by diagrammatic questions with charts and tables. More than 50% of questions in the PMP exams are situation-based, which one can crack easily if a person has extensive PMP exam preparation.

You can accomplish PMP exam preparation if you can practice 3000-4000 mock questions. This might be different for you and me. Whatsoever this is not an easy task. Here are the top 20 questions and answers that might help you to start your PMP exam preparation.


Q1. You are leading a new project as a Project Manager. This is your first project as a manager. In order to improve your chance of success, what do you think will be best to rely on? 

A-) Your intuition and training

B-) Stakeholder analysis

C-) Historical information

D-) Configuration management

Answer: C

Reason: Historical Information is the foremost thing one must explore about other similar projects. You can access it in the organization’s library for reference.

Knowledge Area: Integration Management.

Q2. A major change is taking place in the work package. The manager and the head of the engineering department conducted a meeting regarding the same. You are being asked to complete the paperwork to initiate the change. This situation is an example of which of the following?

A-) Management attention to scope management.

B-) Management planning.

C-) A project expediter position.

D-) A change control system.

Answer: C

Reason: Here, the project manager has no role and responsibility to make a decision. The project manager can only do the required paperwork. Hence, this is the position of a project expediter. 

Knowledge Area: Organizational Influences and Project Lifecycle.

Q3. Select the correct option for the processes under project risk management.

A-) Plan risk management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses, Implement risk responses, Monitor risks.

B-) Plan risk management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses, Implement risk responses, Control risks.

C-) Plan risk management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses, Monitor risks.

D-) Plan risk management, Identify risks, Perform qualitative risk analysis, Perform quantitative risk analysis, Plan risk responses, Control risks.

Answer: A

Reason: According to the 6th Edition of the PMBOK, there are six processes in this knowledge area that are exactly the way described in option A.

Knowledge Area: Project Risk Management.

A-) Initiating

B-) Executing

C-) Monitoring and Control

D-) Closing

Answer: B

Reason: Executing phase. The reason being the team member felt that not all measures are valid for the activities and must not be considered. This is an indication that the project deliverables are still being worked upon.

Knowledge Area: Project Management Process.

Q5. Out of the following, which is the correct procurement process order?

A-) Plan procurement, Conduct procurement, Control procurement

B-) Plan procurement, Conduct procurement, Control procurement, Close procurement

C-) Plan procurement, Conduct procurement, Monitor procurement

D-) Plan procurement, Conduct procurement, Monitor procurement, Close procurement

Answer: A

Reason: There are only three procurement processes that every company follows to acquire facilities and commodities.

Knowledge Area: Procurement.

Q6. What is the meaning of RACI?

A-) Responsible, Accountable, Confirm, Inform

B-) Recommended, Accountable, Consulted, Inform

C-) Responsible, Accountant, Consulted, Inform

D-) Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Inform

Answer: D

Reason: RACI chart is often referred to as the Responsibility Assignment Matrix. This chart demonstrates the roles and responsibilities of all the team players.

Knowledge Area: Project Management Process.

Q7. If a team member approaches you for not being confident about the job role on the project, which document will you refer to for clarity regarding detailed descriptions of work packages?

A-) Activity List

B-) Project Scope Statement

C-) Scope Management Plan

D-) WBS Dictionary

Answer: D

Reason: WBS dictionary stands for Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary. It has all the details about pre-requirements, due dates, and responsibilities.

Knowledge Area: Scope Management.

Q8. An activity has a late start of day 15, an early finish of day 8, an early start of day 5, and a late finish of day 18. The activity is

A-) Is on the critical path

B-) Contains lag

C-) Progress is good

D-) Not on the critical path.

Answer: D

Reason: If you look at the days of an early start and late start, it has a float of 10 days. Subtract the early start of day 5 from the late start of day 15. Similarly, if you subtract the early finish day from the late finish day, you get a float of 10 days. When the float of days for any activity is more than 0, then it is not on the critical path.

Knowledge Area: Schedule Management.

Q9. Your project follows three practices: 

  1. Visualize what you did today
  2. Limit the work in progress to a particular amount
  3. Enhance the flow.

Look at the options and select which agile methodology is used?

A-) Lean

B-) Kanban

C-) Scrum

D-) Extreme Programming

Answer: B

Reason: Kanban follows these three simple practices. Visualizing what you do today is the key feature of Kanban. Limiting amount of work is done to avoid commitment towards too much work at the same time. Enhancing the flow to make sure priority is maintained throughout the project.

Knowledge Area: Agile Practices.

Q10. In a team of 8 people, including the manager, a new individual is joining from next month. How many communication channels will this team need after the new member joins in?

A-) 21

B-) 28

C-) 36

D-) 18

Answer: C

Reason: The team will have 9 members working together. Using the formula n(n-1)/2, we can get the answer.






Knowledge Area: Project Management Process.

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Q11. In accordance with the influence and involvement of the team members, select the appropriate model.

A-) The Power/Interest Grid

B-) The Power/Influence Grid

C-) The Influence/Impact Grid

D-) The Salience Model

Answer: B

Reason: Influence represents the power of the team members in a project. Similarly, their involvement is all about the influence they have on the project.

Knowledge Area: Project Communication Management.

Q12. To have a desirable communication between the sender and the receiver. Which of these statements is incorrect?

A-) Receiver must reply after decoding the message sent

B-) Receiver must send a feedback message

C-) Receiver must acknowledge the message and then reply to the sender

D-) Noise should be as less as possible

Answer: C

Reason: Both sender and receiver have important jobs in a communication model. The sender should make sure the message is clear, complete, and communicated correctly. The receiver should be assured that the message is complete, correct, conceded, and countered.

Knowledge Area: Communications Management.

Q13. A particular event to occur is having a probability of 15% every year. A project lasts for three years; what is the probability of the event to occur in the third year?

A-) 15%

B-) 6.25%

C-) 45%

D-) 15.25%

Answer: A

Reason: The probability, based on the trend suggests that it is 15% in the third year.

Knowledge Area: Project Management.

Q14. Which of the sentence is true about the program?

A-) Program is a group of unrelated projects

B-) Program is a part of a big project

C-) Program is a group of related projects

D-) None of the above

Answer: A

Reason: Programs are always related. Having them individually will not give any benefits.

Knowledge Area: Program Management.

Q15. If a risk event has an 80% chance of happening, and the consequences will be US $ 10,000. What does the US $ 8000 mean?

A-) Contingency Budget

B-) Risk value

C-) Present Value

D-) Expected Monetary value

Answer: D

Reason: Expected Monetary Value = 0.8 x $ 10,000 = $ 8000

Knowledge Area: Project Risk Management.

Q16. A project has been changed time and again. The impact was on estimated time and cost of the project. Calculate the Estimate At Completion (EAC) by following the numbers given:

BAC = $ 350,000

AC = $ 140,000

CPI = 1.2

EV = $ 150,000

ETC = $ 130,000

A-) $270,000

B-) $300,000

C-) 150,000

D-) $490,000

Answer: A

Reason: EAC = AC + ETC = $140,000 + $ 130,000 = $270,000

Knowledge Area: Cost Management.

Q17. Risk management is an integral part of a project. Discussing it in your daily meetings is also important. You spend a good amount of time discussing the risks, but the team members feel that since no risk is occurring, talking about it in the meetings is a waste of points in time. What should you do?

A-) Have an open conversation with your team. Make them aware of why risk management is important. Also, talk about why the team must be prepared to deal with such problems.

B-) Agree with your teammates. Plan your meetings that you do not spend any time talking about risks in the meeting. Risks will be discussed, only if the need arises.

C-) Have multiple meetings with the sponsors and management teams to chalk out a proper training schedule to train your team players; so they learn to appreciate the benefits of talking about risk management.

D-) Escalate the issue to the higher authority and take actions; necessary to avoid such clashes in the future.

Answer: B

Reason: With the progression of the process and no risk-taking place, it is better to have more productive topics to discuss in the meeting. Risk management can be discussed when required.

Knowledge Area: Risk Management.

Q18. Anna is working at Mc King, a growing fast-food joint. There were several complaints regarding their drive-thru process. Mc King has made plans for process improvement. Anna was involved in the successful completion of the project. The following are the benefits they have achieved after this project. Which among them is an intangible benefit?

A-) After the project completion, drive-thru customers increased by 8%.

B-) There is a decrease in drive-thru complaints by 90%.

C-) According to a survey, the brand perception of the company has increased by 10%. This is related to the drive-thru.

D-) After project completion, the average cost for service per customer has decreased by 18% (only drive-thru customers). 

Answer: C

Reason: Intangible benefits are non-monetary benefits. An increase in brand image or customer satisfaction are all part of the intangible benefits. An increase in brand perception is an intangible benefit.

Knowledge Area: Business Environment.

Q19. A manufacturing unit produces parts for automobiles. Out of many, the company has adopted Lean Methodology for its project management. When the team was working on a project, a new requirement was asked for. Now a strong member of the team says that it is too late to accept new requirements and it cannot be done. The behaviour of this member is against ______________

A-) Requirement Driven Development

B-) Agile Values

C-) Lean Manifesto

D-) Agile Manifesto

Answer: D

Reason: Out of the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto, this is one of them. “Welcoming changing requirements, even late in development.”

Knowledge Area: Agile Practices.

Q20. Nationale is a huge logistic company. Sam is working as a Project Manager at Nationale. Sam oversees a project that is  designed to monitor the location of the vehicles, pickup and drop points, route mapping for smooth and on-time delivery. One of the staff members sends an email about not being clear about the task at hand. What should Sam do now?

A-) Send a reply and ask the team member to read the project scope document thoroughly.

B-) Arrange a meeting urgently and discuss the point of concern and clear doubts.

C-) Call the functional manager and get inputs if that particular team member is qualified enough to understand the tasks.

D-) Wait till the next meeting and then discuss and clarify the doubts if any.

Answer: B

Reason: Listening and explaining are the essential features of a manager. Before taking any further action, a manager must clarify doubts and make the teammate understand the job properly.

Knowledge Area: Business Environment.

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Who Can Guide Me For My PMP Exam?

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Clearing a PMP exam can sometimes be a little tricky. Searching for the proper study materials, following the question pattern, and PMP exam preparation can become a real challenge. If you wish to apply for the PMP exam, consider getting a course done from a PMI authorized institute. This can help you to prepare better. 

The highly dedicated and experienced mentors can give you tips and tricks to crack the PMP exam, the specially designed materials can be your friend for life, and the course can give you a better insight into the PMP exam preparation.

If these questions gave you an idea of what a PMP question paper might look like, imagine the benefits you can reap after completing the course. Appearing for an exam with preparation can give you confidence. Without a second thought, join Henry Harvin today and pave your way towards a successful career.

Henry Harvin PMP Course Review in 2021 with Facts

Q1. Is PMP an important program for my career?

PMP certification can be a milestone for your career. This course can assist you in clearing the exam, and this certification can help you climb the corporate ladder.

Q2. What is the salary of a PMP certified project manager in India?

The average salary of a project manager with PMP certification is around 15,00,000 per annum. It can be higher depending on the experience and company.

Q3, With a PMP certification, which jobs can I apply for?

PMP-certified individuals are in great demand. One can apply for jobs like 
Assistant Project Manager
Project Manager
Operation Manager
Project Engineer

Q4.  How many attempts can I make for PMP certification?

You can appear for the exam three times in 1 year and not more than that. With a proper course from a PMI authorized center like Henry Harvin, you can clear the exam on the first attempt.

Q5. What certification can I opt for after completing PMP?

After completing PMP, you can choose many different certifications. Prince2 Foundation or Prince2 Practitioner are the two most widely applied certifications.


  • Hi am finding it difficult to answer this question please can you helpe out. As a procurement manager, you have been awarded a contract to procure NYSC vest to batch c streem one corpe member for the south south zone. In Nigeria 20222. How would you prepare your presentation to convince NYSC that your suitable for the bid.
    Am Hope to see your response thanks.

  • Hi am finding it difficult to answer this question please can you helpe out. As a procurement manager, you have been awarded a contract to procure NYSC vest to batch c streem one corpe member for the south south zone. In Nigeria 20222. How would you prepare your presentation to convince NYSC that your suitable for the bid.

  • This article is helpful in understanding about the certification course on project management professional. Th exam has 200 multiple choice questions which comes under different domains such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and last but not the least closing. Clearing this exam is tough so one must consider taking the help from the best authorized coaching which are PMP authorized.

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