Modelling Courses- Subjects, Colleges, Syllabus, Scope, Fees, Eligibility

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Modelling Courses is one of the leading courses among youngsters. It denotes the profession of working as a model. Every human being dreams of entering the fashion industry. Especially the teenagers have more interest in this course.

Are you thinking of making a career in the modelling industry? Particularly you may need to enfold your skills as required by the industry. There may be different roles available as well as proper training.

You may have a bright career in this field. To explain it in more detail, check out the blog and get more information.

Modelling Courses (Degree)

As a beginner, you may lack knowledge of how the modelling industry works. Different modeling courses are available to cope up and enhance your skills. It teaches you the various art as modelling is a type of creativity. Degrees available are:

  • Certificate
    • The duration varies from one to twelve months. Private institutions are providing modelling courses.
  • Diploma-
    • Generally, the term is four months to two years. If we compare it with a certificate course, there may not be much difference.

Consequently, candidates need to be smart while choosing the degree. It may be the baby step still it can hamper the whole career.

Modelling Courses Specializations

Meanwhile, there are plenty of options available in the course. Since it’s necessary to be best in one course, choose likewise. Courses are:

  • Certificate course in fashion modelling
  • Professional modelling course
  • Diploma Courses- Acting and modelling
  • Diploma in modelling and grooming
  • Fashion styling

There are a lot of certifications and diploma courses available online. For example- if any student is confused about selecting the specializations. Then he can check the free courses available on the website. Many institutes are providing the specializations intending to learn new skills and build a strong portfolio.

Modelling Course Syllabus

The syllabus depends upon the specialization chosen by the candidate. Likely as per the data provided by one of the top colleges in India:

Course Name- Diploma in Modelling

The syllabus consists of:

  • Understanding the importance of fitness and the procedure to develop a fit body.
  • How to build confidence and face a live audience.
  • Training for basic skills like makeup, hairdressing, hygiene is presentable to the models.
  • Presenting yourself in different looks as per the occasions. Fashion styling brings glamorous looks.
  • A brief description is related to photography skills.
  • General English such that communication skills should be good.
  • Experience with celebrity models.

Modelling Courses Colleges:

You may be dreaming of building a strong career in the model industry. For that reason, check out the top modelling courses colleges in India:

Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida

AAFT ranks the top in providing modelling courses in India. It aims at bringing the students’ potential in front of the world. It teaches a lot of courses which attract students from the whole world.So a short description regarding one of the best Courses-

  1. The Course Name is Diploma in Modelling.
  2. The duration consists of a 3-month course.
  3. The placement under the top companies like Zara, Nykaa, Zee Media.

International Institute D Fashion Technology, Kolkata

INIFT refers to one of the best fashion design institutes in Kolkata. Institute focuses on meeting the trend and providing the knowledge accordingly. Details of the popular course provided by the institute:

  1. The course name is Professional Modeling.
  2.  Modelling is a short-term course of 6 months.
  3. Takeaways from the course are International guest lectures, participation in mega fashion shows, free starter portfolio.

R.K Films & Media Academy, New Delhi

RKFMA is leading the media institute in the area. Generally, it ranks among the top acting school. Institute has a rapidly growing family with supporting faculties. Infrastructure and fully equipped studios create an eagerness among the students in learning new skills.

Course Duration & Structure:

  1. The Course name is referred to as Fashion Modeling and Beauty Pageant Grooming.
  2. It contains 12 Sessions.
  3. Topics covered are
    • Basics of modeling
    • ramp & catwalk,
    • portfolio poses,
    • grooming,
    • body language,
    • skincare, fitness. 

Frankfinn Institute of Modeling and Acting

FIMA enrolls at the top by proper planning such that it suits the industry in New Delhi. It aims at grooming to the best version of yourself. Experienced faculty makes the institute grow more. There is various training center across India. Course curriculum designs make it more unique. Feature of the program:

  1. The course name is Modeling Program.
  2. The length of the course is 8 weeks.
  3. The age qualification should be below 30 years.
  4. The total course fee is INR 70,000+TAX.

Modelling college – Center for Research in Art of Film and Television(CRAFT)

CRAFT is one of the top modelling colleges in New Delhi ,India. It is registered as an NPO under the Delhi Government. Similarly, the institute feels proud to provide diploma courses. 

Details of the course:

  1. The category comes under Acting and Modelling.
  2. There are 20 seats available for the Indian students. The basis for selection is an
  3.  Interview basis.
  4. The total fee costs around INR 80,000.
  5. The duration of the course is 6 months.

Modelling Certification Courses(Online)

In the world of the internet, where everything is happening online. Some institutes are providing online courses. One of the institutes like:


Udemy has an amazing series of course systems with its worldwide community. Everyone is a student and instructor right here, which they consider. Leaning on the period and score of the course, students can buy the course. Udemy gives the options of  free as well as paid courses. Moreover the name of the course are:

  1. How to become a commercial model and actor in the UK.
  2. Fundamentals of Modeling
  3. How to start modeling
  4. How to apply to any model agency

Some of the course ranges INR 455. Likewise, the last course costs INR 1,280.

Takeaways from Udemy:

  1. You can get the video on demand.
  2. Receive full lifetime access.
  3. You can play the video on mobile and laptop.
  4. The course fee is affordable.
  5. One of the best courses for beginners.
  6. Receive the completion certificate.

Scope of Modelling

In contrast to the modelling industry, there has been a boost in this sector. It has opened many career options for people. Continuous efforts can give a role in fashion shows, products, TV, commercials, and so on. Even the OTT platforms are taking the heart of people. It provides wonderful opportunities to travel and meet interesting people. The scope of modelling is available in broader aspects. Take the opportunity to become models in various fields.

Career options in Modelling such as:

  • Fashion Shows
  • In-house Live model
  • Photographic model
  • Promotional model
  • Catalogue model

Modelling Courses Fees

While looking at the course fee, type matters first. Certifications and diplomas are the various types provided by the institutes. If you want to free knowledge, check out the youtube channels of modeling institutes. According to research the course fees:

  • Certifications course costs INR 30,000 to 80,000.
  • The diploma course costs INR 40,000 to 90,000.
  • Online Institutes like Udemy provide a lower range which starts from INR 455. 

 In other words, you can check this course as per your preference. Many UG degrees are also available, which costs higher.

Modelling Courses Eligibility

This profession doesn’t require any professional degrees. There are some certifications as well as diploma courses available. But if the candidate wants, he can pursue the undergraduate course in modelling. Eligibility criteria for modelling:

  • If a student wants to take certifications courses, then he must complete 10th class from any recognized board.
  • The eligibility criteria for the diploma course remain the same.
  • Online courses don’t require any qualifications.
  • You need to give the entrance test for entering into modelling college. Applying for an undergraduate course needs a senior secondary level degree.

The foremost task for modelling is building the portfolio.

Skills required for Modelling

You may be thinking about whether you are fit or not. The field may look interesting but it’s stressful too. Therefore you should have a deeper understanding of the subjects. However, some of the skills which you will be required are:

  • The model should be fit and healthy.
  • They should have proper communication skills.
  • The person should be familiar with photography.

Modelling Jobs and Recruiters

The model doesn’t need to walk on the ramp. It may be possible that you will perform in another area. Some of the top areas are:

  • modelling agencies
  • clothing manufacturers
  • advertising agencies
  • retail shops
  • public relations firms
  • magazines
  • photographers
  • freelance fashion artists or illustrators

The demand is growing day by day. Every industry wants young minds with extraordinary skills. Above all,if you are passionate enough, you can pursue the course and apply for the jobs.


In conclusion, Modelling creates a new path for the youngsters. The course structure develops interest among individuals. With the coming time, the scope will get multiplied. You can check out the colleges which are providing the courses. Similarly, get suggestions from your seniors who are pursuing the course.

If you are still confused regarding how to start the course. Create a list of the pros and cons of every institute. After that, Check the strength and weaknesses as you are pursuing the course.

Hope this blog increased your knowledge about the modelling course.

In the last paragraph, It’s time to show your creativity to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of the models?

There are various careers opportunity available in the modelling industry. So the average salary changes. The average salary of a fashion model is INR 5.20 Lakhs per annum.

Are there any age limits for models?

There is no age limit for entering into the modelling field. But some industries have set the age limit for models. Youngsters have more chances of success. They will get the priority first.

What should be the body size to be a model?

If we take about runway models, then they are instructed to have precise measurements. Usually, they need to be skinny

Should models face interviews?

Firstly for taking admissions in modelling colleges, candidates need to undergo an interview. Secondly, if you are applying for jobs and pursuing your career, then also you will be raised questions.

How can I start my career in the modelling industry?

There are various types of modelling. Select the type which you want to be. You can start practicing and building your portfolio. Take the right courses as well.

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