Top 12 Blockchain Courses in Delhi


The boom of cryptocurrencies has roared the demand for Blockchain courses in Delhi, and you all must have heard of bitcoins.

 But, do you know about the technology behind them?

I am pretty sure; you might have a fair idea of blockchain. If you don’t, let me give you a little brief. The blockchain is a digital database scattered on a network with a lot of information stored on this platform. You can see their primary usage in creating cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

So why is it getting so famous? First, it is a decentralized technology: Secondly, you cannot counterfeit it. The information stored with each user is unique. And to change the info, you need to change the whole database.

So, now you have a fair idea about blockchain, so you need to know the top Blockchain courses in Delhi.

I have compiled a list of such institutes from which you can start your journey.

1. Henry Harvin

The first one on the list is Henry Harvin. This institute provides Blockchain courses to help you start a promising career. It is an educational institute that offers a variety of programs. One of the programs is called Certified Blockchain Practitioner (CBP).

Henry Harvin logo Blockchain courses in Delhi

In this course, you will learn about many different topics regarding the blockchain. The module contains topics such as Bitcoin, Mining, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Cryptocurrency, etc.

All the topics mentioned above will help you gain adequate knowledge and make you future-ready.

The topic includes creating a private Blockchain network with Hyperledger. You will also learn to deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. If you are looking for starter Blockchain courses in Delhi, this is the one to pursue.

Henry Harvin Course Details


Course Type


Course Duration

32 Hours(Instructor-led)


3 hours/day Weekend or 2 hours/ day MWF


Rs 22500 (Trainer-Led)

Rs.20250/- ( Self-Paced)

Benefits of Joining Henry Harvin

  •       You get a globally accepted certification after completing the CBP course.
  •       Get an opportunity to practice industry-related projects.
  •       The trainers are highly experienced and have delivered 500+ lectures.
  •       After completing the course, you get an internship option and 100% job assistance.

1000+ students already benefitted from the Blockchain course by Henry Harvin. 

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Contact Information

Phone Number: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]


2. Croma Campus, Blockchain courses in Delhi

Croma Campus is an educational platform that provides training and courses in the region of Delhi.

With the help of Croma Campus, You get an instructor-led Blockchain course with theory and practicals.

Croma Campus logo Blockchain courses in Delhi

Under this course, you will learn basic jargon related to Blockchain and Bitcoins. This company uses a P3 model: a placement preparation process for job assistance.

They have connections with the top industries through which they offer jobs to interested candidates. Croma Campus has industry experts having 8+ years of experience. You also get many real-time projects and hands-on experience on various topics.

Croma Campus Course Details


Course Type



Fast Track


20-25 Days

8 Weekends

7 Days


2 hours/day

3 hours/day

6 hours/day

Benefits of joining Croma Campus

  •       You get online recorded sessions for self-paced courses.
  •       Training by certified Blockchain professionals.
  •       Get up to date study materials and resources.
  •       They arrange interviews and face to face interactions with the students.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91-971 152 6942

Email: [email protected]


3. ACTE, Blockchain courses in Delhi

ACTE is an IT Software training centre that provides beginners and advanced courses on Blockchain. The concepts you will learn under this course are Bitcoin Improval Proposals, ALTcoins, Ethereum, POS, etc.

ACTE, Blockchain courses in Delhi

This company is based upon ACTE Bangalore and ACTE Chennai. The course contains all the knowledgeable subjects that help you gain a good understanding of the topic.

You also get to work on industrial projects in real-time. This helps the students to experience the functioning of the actual process.

Learn with the best industry experts and gain a certificate of completion.

ACTE Course Details


Course Type

Fast Track(Only Weekend)




40 Hours




5 hours/day

3 hours/day

1.5 hours/day

  •       3 Live Projects
  •       25 Practical Assignments

Benefits of joining ACTE

  •       They provide placement assistance with top industries such as    HCL, Wipro, Google, etc.
  •       You get a mock test and mock exams before the final examination.
  •       Advanced curriculum with 12 in-depth modules.
  •       Free demo classes and certification guidance for the program.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91 8376 802 119

Email: [email protected]


4. Madrid Software Trainings

Madrid software training is a software training institute that provides Blockchain courses in Delhi. The institute was in the foundation by an ex-cognizant employee in 2011 to provide quality training. They are also a service provider for cloud computing, big data, application development, etc.

MST, Blockchain courses in Delhi

By doing this course, you explore new career opportunities. The company assures that the modules are up to a high standard. The content is educational and informative in every aspect to give you a piece of in-depth knowledge.

The aim of the Madrid software training institute is: to deliver skilled youth to the industry. They have the latest course updates and experienced teachers for the benefit of the students.

Madrid Software Trainings Course Details

 They have weekend batches for Live Sessions. To know more about the fee and duration, visit their site or give them a call. 

Benefits of Joining Madrid software training

  •       5000+ students already benefit from their courses.
  •       They have online and offline training courses.
  •       You get 100% placement support for the Blockchain course.
  •       You also get case studies and assignments to help you along the learning journey.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91 – 9560785589

Email: [email protected]


5. ImaginXp, Blockchain courses

Imaginxp is a higher education company managed by Giggle Galaxy Pvt. Ltd. The institute has a lot of university-level certifications for working professionals.

Imaginxp, Blockchain courses in Delhi

Blockchain courses in Delhi are becoming popular among youngsters due to Bitcoin. They believe in providing practical sessions more than theoretical classes.

The course is 100% online after the pandemic, but the institute also offers offline classes.

Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain up to its core application.

Imaginxp Course Details

  •       72 Hours Training Session
  •       9 Classes- Weekend Session (Saturday- Sunday)

Benefits of joining Imaginxp

  •       Lifetime access to the Blockchain courses.
  •       1-on-1 job support after completion of the course.
  •       Industry based project work for your Resume and portfolio.
  •       You also get free counselling and career guidance for the industry.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91-949 949 0 949

Email: [email protected]


6. Uncodemy, Blockchain courses in Delhi

Uncodemy is a company that offers online and offline courses to the masses. They have centres in major cities providing courses on Data Science, Machine Learning, Python and other programming languages.

Uncodemy, Blockchain courses in Delhi

These Blockchain courses in Delhi are under the supervision of industry experts who have high experience in the field.

The Blockchain course is for individuals who want to make a stable career in the digital world. The program contains many important topics such as cryptography, blockchain modification, Bitcoin, etc. 

The base of the development is the Hyperledger, and the foundations of the courses are rigid. If you are thinking to become a Blockchain developer, then this course is for you.

Uncodemy Course Details

Their course duration is 90 days and to know about the Fee and batches, kindly contact their number. 

Benefits of Joining Uncodemy

  •       You get to learn about transactions of cryptocurrency and innovate new ideas.
  •       They provide live and practical projects for you to gain hands-on experience.
  •       The course design was formed through industry research by subject matter experts.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91 7701928515

Email: [email protected]


7. Edureka, Blockchain courses

Edureka is an online ecosystem that supports quality education and training. It is the fastest-growing educational platform with the highest number of course completion. Once you start with a course, the company takes responsibility to provide help in completing it.

Edureka, Blockchain courses in Delhi

The Blockchain courses in Delhi of Edureka meet the industry standards and benchmarks. The course curriculum includes topics related to bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, etc.

The classes are 100% online with instructed led tutorials. The course is of a developer level with all the knowledge required to excel in a career.

Edureka Course Details

  •     36 Hours of Trainer sessions. 
  •       Weekend Class: 12 sessions of 3 hrs.
  •       Course Fee: Rs 17, 995/-

Benefits of Joining Edureka

  •       You get some Real-life case studies for a proper understanding of blockchain.
  •       The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of crypto.
  •       You receive a certification of completion as a Blockchain Developer.
  •       Students have lifetime access to the Learning Management system (LMS) of Edureka.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91 89517 55400

Email: [email protected]


8. AptronDelhi, Blockchain Courses

If you are looking for a flexible schedule and self-paced courses, you can join Aptron Delhi. This institute has a Blockchain technology course from which you can benefit a lot.

Aptron, Blockchain courses in Delhi

Their Blockchain courses in Delhi are delivered on weekends and weekdays as well. The institute is among the top 10 educational firms that provide several beginners to advance programs.

They offer a separate session for interview questions and developing soft skills. The blockchain courses value for money and are of high quality. The adequate quality of the institute is that they deliver face-to-face classes to their students. You can ask any doubt to your mentors directly. 

Aptron Delhi Course Details


Course Type



Fast Track


45 – 60 Days

8 Weekends

5 Days


2 hours/day

3 hours/day

6 hours/day

Benefits of joining Aptron Delhi

  •       The course is up to the compliance of the IT sector.
  •       They have a modern lab with the latest types of equipment and a fast system.
  •       Get an additional session on personality development and soft skills.
  •       Globally accepted certificate for a jump start to your career.
  •       They provide Extra Time Slots for practical sessions.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91-706-527-1000

Email: [email protected]


9. Intellipaat

Intellipaat was founded in 2011 by Mr Diwakar and his partner Shilpi to democratize the educational movement in India. Starting their journey with the Hadoop course, and now they have numerous programs in the industry.

Intellipaat logo

You can also contact them for corporate training and high-end courses.

They give you a leading course in Blockchain courses in Delhi backed up by IBM. The project includes the latest topics, self-paced videos and personal mentorship.

If you are looking for a career transition, you can take this program to build a promising career. The module feeds a one-on-one doubt session for all of your queries.

Intellipaat Course Details

  •       27 Hours Training Videos
  •       Flexible and self-paced Schedule
  •       Self-paced fee- Rs- 12,027
  •       Classroom fees- Rs 19,038/-

Benefits of joining Intellipaat

  •       You get an introduction to the Intellipaat Peer chat, where you collab with other alumni for the projects.
  •       These Blockchain courses in Delhi have no prerequisites. Therefore, anyone can take this course.
  •       Get a Blockchain professional certificate from IBM after clearing the exam.
  •       They have collaborations with hiring partners for job support.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +91-7022374614 

Email: [email protected]


10. Coursera, Blockchain courses

Coursera is an online learning platform with partnerships with universities to provide world-class courses. Currently, they have 82 million+ learners and a global community.

Coursera logo

One of the best things about Coursera is that they have a variety of courses. If you search, a lot of the programs are free of cost. Their certificate has value in the market, and the course curriculum is up to the mark.

In their Blockchain courses in Delhi, you will learn about smart contracts, application and modification of blockchain, decentralization and how Ethereum works.

This Blockchain course is ideal for programmers with a fair idea of coding. It takes you from basic to intermediate along the time with appropriate knowledge of this technology.

Coursera Course Details

  •       4 Months Duration
  •       Fee: Rs 2216/ Month
  •       Self-paced, Flexible

Benefits of Coursera

  •       They have very affordable courses with profound content.
  •       The timings are flexible, and all the courses are self-paced.
  •       Once you purchase a course, it remains with you throughout your lifetime.
  •       If you don’t like their study patterns or the content, they have an easy refund policy.

Contact Information


On their website, you can fill out the contact form and they will contact you as soon as possible. 

11. Udemy, Blockchain courses

Another online platform in the line is Udemy. Like Coursera, Udemy offers many online courses for students and working professionals. They also have a global reach with 49 million-plus learners and 185K tutors. They also give tutoring services to the corporates.


If you are a recognized organization, teacher or an experienced individual, you can post a course on Udemy.

There are many Blockchain courses on Udemy that you can take according to your leisure. They have a step by step guide on how to take the study, and you can also learn to create your cryptocurrency.

You get live support from the tutors as they are available by email, and if you don’t like the course, you get a refund.

Udemy Course Details

  •       13 hours Course video
  •       21 articles for studying
  •       19 downloadable resources
  •       Full-lifetime access
  •       Certificate of completion
  •       Fee for the Course: Rs 3500

Kindly Note: This is a basic boot camp session course and you can take it to gain a beginner’s knowledge of Blockchain

Benefits of Udemy

  •       Certification of completion
  •       On-demand videos
  •       Projects and assignments
  •       100% online
  •       Accessible anywhere

Contact Information

Visit the website below to learn about the blockchain courses by udemy.


12. edX, Blockchain courses

Since 2012, edX is now one of the most popular online learning platforms. This firm focuses on quality education and works for the benefit of students. Professor Anant Agarwal, with his colleagues, started edX to offer online courses efficiently.

edX, Blockchain courses in Delhi

Their Blockchain Technology course offers an insight into the works of the future and gives you an impression of Bitcoin and the blockchain industry.

The course includes topics such as anti-money laundering, know your customer and deanonymization. Program learning is free for all for a limited time. But if you want to gain a certificate, you need to pay a small amount.

EdX Course Details

  •       6 Weeks Duration (3-5 Hours/Week)
  •       Self-paced
  •       Course Fee: Rs 7507 /-

Benefits of edX

  •       Sharable and verified certificate
  •       24/7 educational support  
  •       Assignments and Tests
  •       Self-paced
  •       In collab with Berkeley’s University of California

Contact Information


They have a virtual chat box and help centre where you can clear your queries about the courses. 


So, in conclusion, we can say that Blockchain is the future of digital currencies. But that does not mean we can limit its usage. We can use Blockchain with NFTs, banking, data sharing and trading.

There are a lot of applications, and the future is bright for the blockchain developer. In the blog above, you learnt about the various blockchain courses provided by various institutes. We also read about the structure, of course, fee and duration.

Also, I have given the contact information of the institutes that contains the phone number, website and email. For the institutes that did not mention any information, you can call them for the details.

I am sure you are excited to start your blockchain journey with the courses above. You might find this field fascinating and worth a while.

Technology is changing, but this one is about to stay for a longer time. So, keep learning and keep growing.

Common BlockChain Jargons

51% Attack

 When more than 50% of users try to take control of a blockchain, then it is known as a 51% attack.

Alt- Coin

An altcoin is an alternative to Bitcoin and can include several cryptocurrencies based on a blockchain.

Chain Code

It is an identification marker that contains any authentic information of a user on the server.


Cryptography is a technology that allows only the sender and receiver of the transaction to view the information.


It is a blockchain that supports smart-contract media. The currency of Ethereum is Ether, and it comes next to Bitcoin.

ICO (Initial Coin Offer)

The listing of a coin on the crypto exchange is known as ICO. 

Its process is similar to the IPO in the stock market.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

NFTs are assets that are unique, non-transferable and digital tokens traded for cryptocurrencies on a blockchain. 

Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

When a person transacts a currency with another person directly without any medium or authority is known as P2P.


A wallet is a digital store where you can keep your cryptocurrencies. It contains the keys to your transactions.


The method of converting plain text into cyphered text is encryption, and decryption is vice-versa.


Q1. I don’t know how to code; can I take the Blockchain course?

Answer: Yes, you can take the course, but I suggest that you should learn some coding for a better understanding. Coding can make learning easy for you. Some of the programming languages they use for blockchain development are- Python, JavaScript, C++ and SQL.

Q2. What salary can I expect after doing a Blockchain Developer Course in India?

Answer: The average salary of a Blockchain developer is Rs. 8 Lacs per annum. Initially, it starts from Rs. 5,00000 to Rs. 30,00000 as you climb the stairs. The initial stages of every course are difficult. But, things get easier on the higher levels.

Q3. What are some benefits and applications of Blockchain?

Answer: Some benefits are-
Decentralized Structure, Trustworthy Platforms, High speed with low error possibility, Less cost, Secure and Better Privacy.
Some applications of the Blockchain include Transactions, Banking, Cryptocurrencies, Voting on Blockchain and Supply chain Management.

Q4. Can I delete any information on the Blockchain servers?

Answer: No, you cannot delete the data on a blockchain platform. It has a record forever, and you cannot change it until someone knows it. The database is with everyone that is on the server.

Q5. How to use a blockchain in a business model?

Answer: You can use this technology in peer to peer safe transactions. Blockchain itself is a business and a service. Companies can create software based on the technology. Lastly, you can create a cryptocurrency on the platform.

Q6. Who created this Blockchain Technology?

Answer: It is a mystery that an anonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in a decentralized system. Moreover, nobody knows who he is or who uploaded the white paper.

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