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Top 10 Junior MBA Course In India: 2023 (Exposed)

Are you imagining doing an MBA in the forthcoming?

Are you someone who has been aspiring to get an MBA for a long time, but discovers the system a bit irresistible? So look no further. Junior Mba is a fast and cost-effective way to improve your career and heighten your job expansion alternatives.

Hence, it’s an academic-industry to enables learners to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and the actual world.

Therefore, this course encourages them to get academic understanding and learn how to interpret real-world crises and problems including heightening their proficiency, abilities, and skills through Junior MBA that they expect for future professional achievement. 

However, the Junior MBA program will help them to understand different domains like writers, Engineers, auditors, and other professions.

Therefore, here is a curated table of the Top 10 Junior MBA Course in India. Initially, we’ll know what an MBA is!

 What Is An MBA?

  • MBA stands for Masters for business administration
  • It is one of the broadly prominent courses in the world
  • It can be performed on several topics like Marketing.HR management, Business planning.Finance management
  • MBA opens up openings for tremendous responsibility, career development, and expanded economic reward.

What Is A Junior MBA?

  • Junior MBA course which is for learners studying in primary school and above.
  • The program is constructed keeping in mind the age group, to encourage and educate learners on the basics of business management.
  • Learning about business from an initial age gives a pupil an apparent view of the business world and allows them to give an entrepreneurial belief of the world
  • Anyone can partake in it without giving any exam.

1. Henry Harvin Education : Best Junior MBA For Teenengers

Henry Harvin Education is one of the dominant institutions to deliver junior MBA certification courses in India. 

Therefore, Henry Harvin Junior MBA Course will assist your kid to analyze various alternatives and at the same time feel encouraged, inventive, and more convinced in making omissions.

Moreover, the Junior MBA course was initiated by Navin Valrani, Arcadia Education’s award-winning CEO. He wasn’t only nourished within the best business schools but has also successfully dominated various corporations across an assortment of businesses. Therefore, it’s an academic-industry to support pupils to connect the gap between educational understanding and the virtual world.

Nonetheless, this course enables the students to get academic understanding and understand how to unravel real-world crises and circumstances, heightening their proficiency, abilities, and capacities through Junior MBA that they compel for future professional achievement. Hence, the Junior MBA course will assist them to understand various professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Income tax officers, and much more.

Kid Entrepreneurship- Is it a Contemporary Craze?

Hence, with all the technology spotted today, it’s susceptible for any kid to pursue their nightmare and aspirations. However, that doesn’t mean that kid-entrepreneurship is the contemporary craze. 

Rather, so many entrepreneurs began their entrepreneurship mission at an initial age than decades before.

Some of the entrepreneurs are- 

  • Lily Born,8 
  • Ryan Kelly,10

There are several more, next up can be your kid’s name in the future!

Truths About Henry Harvin Junior MBA Course: Your Kid’s Exploration Companion!

Training Schedule

  • Duration: 32 hrs
  • Mode: Instructor-led live online
  • Duration per Class: 1.5 hrs – 2 hrs


  • Professional industry instructor: Experts having knowledge working with CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, or CTOs. Hence, all the educators are highly equipped to support your kid swoop deep inward industry secrets to make a mark in the galaxy!


  • Display your kid’s abilities: Gossip about it on social sites such as WhatsApp, Linked In, Facebook etc. Hence, strengthen their belief and make them confront the world certainly.

Eligibility: grade 3-8

Junior MBA course also helps in facilitating:

  • Optimistic thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • Opportunities identification
  • Responsibility
  • Imagination
  • Goal setting

2. Clever Harvey – Junior MBA Course

Clever Harvey is an online training course company. It offers an online Junior MBA training course for students of age 13-16.

The IIM graduates thoroughly outline the online junior MBA training course for school-going students.

Therefore, the pupils who graduated from Clever Harvey can take part in the online innovation summit, a huge community of developers, entrepreneurs, and philosophers, where learners can illustrate their business strategies to industrialists & corporate leaders.

Thus, the prime motto of this online course is to remove the large gap between real-world and academic knowledge and train youngsters for an unpredictable tomorrow. 

Moreover, the online junior MBA course helps students understand critical thinking techniques, organizational understanding and analyze boundless career prospects.

The Clever Harvey Online Junior MBA Training Course includes three programs:

Junior CEO: It is a detailed online training course for the understanding of entrepreneurship skills.

Junior CMO: This training course tries to teach data & marketing techniques to school-going students. 

Hence, with this course, the learner can understand brand communication to target market segmentation with comfort and instantly understand the magnificence of the marketing world.Junior CTO: This course tea

3. Coursera : Junior MBA Course Online

Coursera is a globally acknowledged web-based learning outlet that also delivers junior MBA courses in India comprising a vast span of online learning alternatives. Therefore, Coursera has worked together with steering universities to provide a vast span of professional and developed learning alternatives to experts all across the nation. Hence, Coursera has empowered online workouts to more than 77 million learners worldwide. At the culmination of the program, you are qualified for a shareable certificate.

Courses contain:

  • Corporate Finance I: measuring and facilitating value creation
  • Corporate Finance II: financing involvements and overseeing risk
  • Strategic Innovation: Building and strengthening innovative organizations
  • Advanced business technique
  • Foundations of business strategy
  • Competitive method
  • Overture to corporate finance
  • Operations management
  • Managing civil and human capital

4. myBskool : Top Junior MBA Online

myBskool is among the prominent organizations delivering the Online junior MBA course in India at a very accessible fee. Therefore, the course gives a logical foundation in existing business strategies. 

Hence, the course is a solid edition of a full-fledged MBA course, with content co-created in affiliation with IIM Ranchi. The junior MBA course educates learners on the fundamentals of existing business concepts and techniques. 

Moreover, it entails online video classes and case studies from prime surveillance personnel on subjects such as necessities of business transmission and technique, managing human resources, analysis fundamentals, and marketing beliefs.

However, the online junior MBA course is a 100 days non-credit program that organizes at providing a practical explanation in the prevailing industry strategies. 

Hence, this program gives rise to an experienced updated proficiency of the trade processes in a very user-friendly setup. Therefore, it can also be an eye-opener to those parents who want to uncover their kid’s abilities and proficiency.

Benefits Of Junior MBA Course

  • Anytime, Anywhere permit through Laptop, Tablet etc.
  • Pre-Recorded video lectures by superior personnel.
  • Conferences & discussion assistance to clear any doubt of a pupil.
  • Self-assessment to facilitate pupils to know where he/she is & where to modify

5. Udemy : Junior MBA Course

Udemy is one of the overseeing widespread web learning outlets to deliver a junior MBA course in India for both specialists and students striving for progressive learning. 

However, Udemy has an assortment of MBA courses attainable at reasonable fees. Udemy enables people to fulfill their goals and follow their aspirations by engaging learners all around the world with tremendous professors. The junior MBA course at Udemy is one of the promising courses worldwide.

This course includes:

  • 6.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 9 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile 

6. Excel with Business : Best Junior MBA Online

Excel with Business is an online forum that gives the most hand-selected junior MBA course online, as well as skills activity from certified business specialists in content such as strategy, finance, project management, computing, and commercial knowledge. 

Moreover, if you are an enterprising proficient seeking to promote your career by comprehending significant abilities to stand out unusual and prosper in your employment journey, this Junior MBA course is for you.

The junior MBA will equip you with:

  • Project management scheduling, analysis, research and management of stakeholders.
  • Being a beneficial leader, and maximising execution.
  • Understanding income, expenses, budgets, investment judgments and balance sheets.
  • Middle to progressed financial business modelling and forecasting strategies.
  • Writing for consequence and attaining desired impacts through your written transmission.
  • Exploiting others, examining body language, running a qualified team and building connections.
  • Recognise, formulate and enforce a successful technique using business model frameworks

7. MCE : Junior MBA Training For ( 3-8)

In the EMEA province, Management Centre Europe (MCE) is the primary provider of global management development services; they also deliver an online junior MBA Course in India. 

Moreover, you’ll learn how to develop actual functioning and administrative proficiency that will benefit your progress in your management career. 

Therefore, this junior MBA course combines tried-and-true inclines with unique aspects and beliefs to assist you to enhance your leadership and administration proficiency.

Get equipped with practical operational and managerial skills that will support the development of your management career. 

Therefore, this management advancement program incorporates proven-by-practice techniques with new understandings and notions that will accumulate your leadership and managerial abilities. Hence, you will attain a wider viewpoint of management strategies through breakout sessions, training, and case requisitions.   

8. Leaders Excellence : Junior MBA Course

Leaders Excellence is globally acknowledged in the arena of management development, and also delivers an online junior MBA Course in India. Leaders Excellence is encompassed in the Training Industry and is the most reliable origin of knowledge in the industry of learning. 

Besides, more than 4,000 people from 40+ regions have enrolled in the programs and membership, ranging from international Fortune 1000 companies to entrepreneurs.

However, the Leaders Excellence junior MBA is made of self-paced online programs in key characteristics of business and management, which delivers partaker flexibility and an accessible price. 

Therefore, as the average of study is just 10-15 hours monthly, day-to-day equilibrium is well-integrated into the course. Besides, each course entails video teaching notes, eBooks, audiovisual media training modules, and, enabling you to take the course when you’re available and at your own pace. 

Hence, online students are more and more enthusiastic about seizing the power of their understanding rather than the conventional classroom techniques. In brief, this is a convenient, self-paced learning atmosphere.

9. Shaw Academy : Top Junior MBA course

Shaw Academy is another dominant institution in delivering online junior MBA courses in India and at a lesser price. Nevertheless, Shaw Academy formulates it easier to acquire basic qualifications that direct to genuine achievement, providing to too many learners worldwide. 

Therefore, by seeking a junior MBA course, learners will be apt to formulate an integrated awareness of the business world through this junior MBA course.

Junior MBA Course Content-

  • Business technique basics
  • The sensational world of commerce
  • The financial perspective
  • Accounting basics
  • Endurable operations management 
  • Human capital
  • Leadership fundamentals 

10. IBM : best training center for Junior MBA

This junior MBA is directed at formulating your business abilities. It is an online fast-track course that wraps all beginning regions of general business management. 

Thus, the junior MBA is an abrupt and cost-effective route to reach your next employment goal and stimulate your employment profile. Therefore, it reduces the most crucial characteristics of conventional management studies into six exciting and inexpensive online courses.

IBM overtures certified online courses and programs in junior MBA programs in India. IBM has provided crucial business aptitudes and knowledge to hundreds of thousands of learners from over 185 regions. 

Though, the syllabus has benefited learners in obtaining a vast span of assistance objectives, comprising obtaining publicity, beginning a career, and analyzing new specialties.

Advantages Of Junior MBA Course

  • Helps formulate the productive reasoning abilities required for significant business developments.
  • Understand the crucial business dealing, financial, and technical techniques to gain a comprehensive industry synopsis.
  • It assists you in discovering how to use various market-tested business administration methods.
  • Formulate your personality with an adequate MBA possibility that needs less money and time.
  • Increase proficiency on how to develop an international audience for your firm.

Therefore, Junior MBA courses are formulated in such a way that they are pointing to the age faction and their level of awareness of the primary school pupils.

Wrapping Up

Before we pick employment, do we only depend on someone else’s guidance? Coding has delivered a fascinating early preview into tech employment, but we establish that there is no counterpart for the business nation. Consequently, that’s why Junior MBA is launched.

However, it has been so fulfilling to behold the happiness on students’ expressions at knowing the corporate world, and the consolation for the parents as they watch their teen get employment clarity.” Go ahead with your preference and make your career as a junior MBA.

Therefore, according to my preference Henry Harvin will be the best choice for you to enroll!

        Keep Growing, Keep Learning!

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1.  What is the advantage of doing a Junior MBA at an early age?

Ans. The advantage of doing a Junior MBA at an early age will help your child get clarity on what subjects to choose and on career choices.

 2.  What will my child learn in this program?

Ans. In the Junior MBA program, your child will learn the management tools used by different industries and how to resolve challenges faced by businesses.

3.  What characteristics will my child develop from Junior MBA?

Ans. Doing a junior MBA will help your child develop characteristics like Responsibility, Confidence, Positive thinking, Creativity, Opportunities identification and Goal setting.

4.      Will Junior MBA also focus on developing financial understanding?

Ans. Yes, Junior MBA explains will help students learn financial management under different circumstances like depression, recession, recovery, and successful operations.

5.      Does my child have better scope after doing Junior MBA?

Ans. With Business Analytics, Rural Management, Health Care Industry and other industries booming in India, having a Junior MBA Specializations can be considered very helpful for ones’ future prospects.


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