20 Best EdTech Companies Online in 2023 (Don’t Ignore)


The integrated use of computing devices, apps, educational theory, and practice to improve learning is known as Educational Technology or EdTech. 

Everybody grows at his or her speed and in their manner. Best Edtech Companies make it much easier for instructors to develop personalized teaching strategies and educational opportunities that promote inclusion and improve the learning skills of all students, irrespective of age or ability. India requires more start-ups in the field of the Best Edtech Companies.

Digital education administration solutions are provided by Best EdTech Companies. These cloud-based portals, often known as Virtual Classroom, allow students and faculty to easily access learning materials.  Blackboard, Moodle, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams are all important players.

The 20 Best EdTech Companies Online-

1. BYJU’s

Raveendran explained, “It is the leading B2C (business-to-consumer) tech firm in the K-12 category and has a powerful brand competency that fits far into our larger strategy of establishing an edtech environment.”

Since last year, Byju’s has been on a fundraising binge, utilizing the funds to support major acquisitions. BYJU’S programmes are much more thorough and engaging because they incorporate film videos and tournament engagement into their material.

Customers of Byju pay for graphics, simulation software, and video lectures for students from grades 4 through 12, as well as those preparing for competitive admission examinations to Universities in India. Byju’s is now one of the few tech firms in the field of education technologies, as well as India’s fourth most significant privately held firm. It gives you the feeling that you are in contact with one of the Best Edtech Companies online.

2. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education emphasis on value creation, Henry Harvin is a prominent career and skill-building firm. Considered as one of the Best Edtech Companies. Focuses on training, skill development, evaluations, content services, and higher education are all areas in which they operate. According to a poll conducted by Higher Education Digest, Henry Harvin is the best among the five fastest-growing The Best Edtech Companies online.

Our ambition is to build ‘Henry Harvin following Mr Henry Dunster’s vision of 400 years ago, which has now shown itself in the shape of a famous educational establishment admired globally.” Kounal Gupta started Henry Harvin Education eight years ago in 2013. This institute’s finest feature is its Gold Membership Benefits, which include Boot camp Sessions – Complimentary 12-month. Boot camp sessions worth Rs. 6000 for a year. Internship with Henry Harvin or with its business partner is assured. Career Opportunities: Job openings and help is sent out daily.

In more than 97 countries, Henry Harvin provides over 200 online and classroom programs. Informatics, Blockchain, Finance, Law, Management, Online Marketing, Sales, TEFL, IT Service Management, Computer Security, Writing, and other academies provide these courses.

Professional Training, Special Projects, Internship Assistance, Certification, Job Support, E-Learning, Workshops, Demos, Membership Program and Consultation are some of the additional services it offers.

3. Brainly

Parents and students may obtain assignment and studies support from people and professionals on Brainly, an optimal learning environment. It is one of the Best Edtech Companies online assisting young minds in thinking creatively.

High school and middle school students may use the portal and its collection of websites and applications to openly ask any questions of an online population of learners, parents, and instructors.

The software is up to date. The software is designed to assist students in gaining the confidence that comes from assisting others and inspiring them to study in a collaborative environment. Naspers, Kulczyk Investments, General Catalyst Partners, Point Nine Capital, Runa Capital, and Learn Capital are among the investors in Brainly.

4. Classplus

Class plus, which was founded three years ago, is now on a goal to provide every training institution in the country with its coaching software. Aim to be listed among the Best Edtech Companies online. Class plus is an online tutoring institute administration software developed for online coaching.

Educators may also use the Class plus app and web version to post question papers online and administer learning units and Class plus a quiz. Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal, the creators of Class plus, were named to Forbes’ 30 categories.

Class plus and its staff have been recognized by several renowned forums throughout the years for their commitment to training sessions and their global service.

5. Collegedunia

Collegedunia Online Pvt Ltd. has developed itself as a prominent educational site, India’s largest evaluation site. A comprehensive search tool for students, parents, and the educational industry. Act as a guide for the professionals looking for information on India’s and other countries’ higher education sectors. It aspires to be one of the Best Edtech Companies in online.

Collegedunia’s owner, Sahil Chalana, believes that principles have driven their development more than predicted. CollegeDunia has had phenomenal growth in the number of users, making it one of the most reputable and Best Edtech Companies for individuals looking for educational material.

CollegeDunia’s standout asset is its engaging layout, which allows people to provide authentic evaluations. Collegedunia, India’s top education website, raked in over 92 crores in FY 2020-21, representing a YoY increase of over 26%, solidifying its place as the industry leader.

6. Cuemath

Cuemath is a school-based online math and coding curriculum that uses math workbooks and software technologies under the supervision of experienced and qualified teachers to make every element of math learning entertaining and complete. It is listed among the Best Edtech Companies online.

The Cuemath Program was created to help students develop strong math and coding basis by improving their conceptual understanding, intelligence, and thinking skills.

Cuemath is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and was formed in 2013. Math is a life skill that cannot be taught simply, according to Cuemath’s basic premise. Students must take an active role in class and solve tasks that become more difficult as time goes on. Physical learning tools and interactive simulations are used by students in home-based centres and web-based to comprehend concepts. A teacher is on hand to go through the fundamentals and answer any questions. The Cuemath Program is built on the presence of an instructor and the continuous active participation of a student.

7. CultureAlley

CultureAlley introduced Hello English in October 2014. Nishant Patni, a graduate of IIT Bombay and Kellogg School of Management, and Pranshu Patni, an alumnus of NMIMS, founded this ed-tech business in December 2012.  Established with goal to be the Best Edtech Companies in online.

It is managed by Intap Labs Private Limited, which is situated in Jaipur. The software includes 475 dynamic lessons and activities reading-related, writing, communicating, and hearing, as well as gamification features.

It comes with a multilingual dictionary in 22 languages. Has won several honours and accolades, including being recognized as India’s top three educational apps on the Google Play Store in 2017. The Internet and Mobile Association of India awarded them the Most Innovative Mobile App for India award in 2016.

In 2016, Google Play Store named Hello English as one of the Best Apps ‘Made in India’ category, while Pranshu Patni, Co-Founder of Hello English, was recognized as one of Forbes’ Under 30 achievers in 2015 for creating this app.

8. Doubtnut

Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar founded the Indian educational app Doubtnut in 2016. It is a free Android app that can be downloaded from the Play Store or accessed from its webpage. The software detects text from the images and compares it to a library of pre-answered queries with video recording solutions. Dreams of becoming the Best Edtech Companies.

If a match is found, the users are given the result. If not then, the user is asked to submit their question publicly so that teachers on the site can answer it with a video. Doubtnut is a YouTube channel based in India that offers tutorials. It’s also a teaching software for students in grades 9 through 12.

Due to the epidemic and home-based school, the channel developed rapidly in 2020. They are presently the 11th most popular YouTube channel. Because English is one of India’s official languages, all of their videos are in English and easily understandable.

9. Edukart

Edukart is a post-secondary registration portal based in India. On the business platform, Indian and foreign education partners provide programmes such as MBA, Executive MBA, MCA, MSc IT, MA, MCom, BA, BCom, BBA, BCA, and BSc IT.

Edukart provides courses, diplomas, and certificates from colleges, organisations, and professionals as well as certain certifications developed by the company’s staff. Ishan Gupta and Mayank Gupta founded the firm in 2011. It is considered as the the Best Edtech Companies in online.

Edukart received $500,000 in financing from a group of early-stage institutions and angel investors in May 2013. Amit and Arihant Patni, AKM Systems (Shiven Malhotra), Vibhor Mehra, Stanford University grads established this company.

10. Embibe

Aditi Avasthi is an Indian businesswoman and the founder and Chief executive of Embibe, a Bangalore-based educational technology business. She was named “Accenture Vaahini Innovator of the Year” by Economic Times Prime and received an award for it at the Economic Times Prime Women Leadership Awards 2019 (ETPWLA’19). 2019, Education Congress named her “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. “In 2017, she was also named one of the BBC’s top 100 women.

Embibe is an educational technologies (EdTech) firm based in India that was founded in 2012. It has been working actively towards overcoming the issues caused by consistently implementing structured education across a widely varied spectrum of pupils with various degrees of aptitude, ability, and other variables. That influence learning, thanks to funding from Reliance Industries Ltd who wants it to be the Best Edtech Companies.

The firm says that its Knowledge Graph now has 40,000 ideas with 700,000 linkages and that it can exactly detecting every student’s strengths and shortcomings in terms of knowledge, academic approach, and test-taking conduct. Planning to be counted among the Best Edtech Companies in India.

Embibe is a digital test preparation tool that helps students’ study for competitive exams such as the IIT JEE and the BITS Pilani entrance exam. Its software provides tailored, in-depth information, as well as practice tests and performance improvement suggestions.

11. flipClass

Gyankosh Solutions Private Limited’s well-known brand name is flipClass, a K-12 home/online e-commerce teaching platform. It is now India’s first home/online teaching e-commerce platform, having been founded in June 2013 by Vineet Dwivedi in Bengaluru (India).

flipClass’s primary product is an e-commerce portal for home/online teaching. The website simply connects a student in need of home/online tutoring with a tutor who is willing to give such tutoring. A tuition seeker on its website has the opportunity to browse through multiple teacher profiles, much like a buyer on any other e-commerce site has the option to pick from various products from different vendors.

In his difficulties with finding a home tutor, Dwivedi recognised an opportunity. Dwivedi and his team built the flipClass home tutoring platform with the help of his former Pearson colleagues. flipClass began operating in June of 2013. flipClass debuted its interesting teaching e-commerce platform in March 2019 after several iterations. Aim to be considered as the Best Edtech Companies online.

12. Masai School

Masai School is a vocationally programming school for the twenty-first century. We’re on a mission to identify and develop untapped or underutilized talent for the world’s most in-demand occupations. Masai School is pioneering a new form of higher education in which the institution engages in the students rather than the students investing in the school. It can be categorized as the Best Edtech Companies.

The Education Team is an experienced team of teachers who teach project management to aspiring engineers and assist them to get the skills they need to succeed in the technology sector. The Placements Team assists students with interview preparation and links them with our recruiting clients after the Education Department has handed over the students.

It was started in June 2019 and is available to anybody interested in learning to code. Programs in Android app development, full-stack development, and website development are available at the workshop. The training model consists of 100 hours of programming, personal skills, math learning, and data analysis teaching.

13. Gradeup

Gradeup is a competitive test teaching programme available online. It offers study materials for a variety of exams, including SSC, JEE, NEET, Banking, and others. Under the parent firm, GradeStack Learning was founded by Shobhit Bhatnagar, Vibhu Bhushan, and Sanjeev Kumar in the year 2015. Aspire to be the Best Edtech Companies.

The network gathers material for public exams and distributes it via a site, mobile app, and YouTube channels. The material may be customised and is engaging. Gradeup has a foothold in over 2500 cities throughout the world. Hyderabad, Patna, Lucknow, Delhi, and Pune are the platform’s top five markets.

In 3.5 years, the website has expanded to a community of 13 million registered members, according to an article posted in The Statesman in 2019. Students may use the app to engage, clarify their issues, obtain study materials, and seek professional help. The site’s study materials are downloadable. Gradeup introduced benefit services such as sponsored test series throughout examination in 2017. Furthermore, the website now offers extra features such as Classroom live classes.

14. Meritnation

Meritnation is India’s largest online learning platform for schoolchildren, with thousands of children throughout nine nations. They serve the educational requirements of students in grades I through XII from a range of school boards. Our goal hasn’t changed that is School Made Simple!

Pavan Chauhan and Ritesh Hemrajani, both IIM-Bangalore grads, launched Meritnation in 2008. The firm creates and distributes study content and evaluation modules in mathematics, science, and English for students in grades I through 12. It wants to be counted as Aim to be considered as the Best Edtech Companies in online.

Meritnation provides a trustworthy and stable online platform for Coaching, as everything is moving online. Regardless of the subject, study materials are created by a group of individuals working together. As a result, you get all of the greatest professors’ expertise and experience in one location.

It’s a one-stop-shop for your school studies, with an extensive range of practice questions and a variety of exams, as well as other services like NCERT Questions and Asks & Answer. You have the convenience of learning anything from the comfort of your own home. It is accessible for about a quarter of the cost of a tuition/coaching school.

15. Practically

Practically is a fresh revolutionary firm founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals that are passionate about changing the way the industry thinks. They believe that deep beneath every one of us is an adventurer who is frequently repressed by the strict ideals of traditional schooling.

They wish to connect out to every learner’s inner explorer and help them realize their full potential for infinite learning. 3rdFlix Visual Effects Pvt Ltd owns the trademark of Practically.

Practically was founded Subbarao Siddabattula, who is also the CEO of the Best Edtech Companies. All information is easily accessible and use-able through the teacher online site and app. Teachers and tutors may easily incorporate the information into their online lessons or provide homework.

16. Toppr

Toppr was established in the year 2013. Toppr purchased EasyPrep, a Jodhpur-based online platform that helps students’ study for admission examinations, in April 2015. Toppr went on to purchase Manch, an information delivery mechanism, in February 2016. The app’s content is available in both English and Hindi. Toppr is one of the Best Edtech Companies online.

Toppr Technologies Private Limited is the company behind Toppr. Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Goteti co-founded it. It is a learning software for pupils in grades 5 through 12, as well as those taking aptitude and fellowship examinations.

Toppr has a customer base of 60 percent of the population as of December 2017. Toppr received INR 65 crore from previous investors SAIF Partners and Helion Ventures, as well as FIL Capital Management, in May 2015. Toppr received Rs. 45 crores in its most recent round of financing on October 23, 2017.

17. upGrad

Ronnie Screwvala, Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, and Ravijot Chugh created upGrad, an Indian online higher education startup, in 2015. The firm is the Government of India’s official education partner for the Startup India initiative. It is now regarded as one of the Best Edtech Companies in online.

Working people, university students, and corporations can participate in online programmes in IT, Data Science, Administration, and Technology through the EdTech business. The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), the Startup India initiative, and the All India Council for Technical Education have all given upGrad its seal of approval (AICTE). Economic Times Best Brands 2018 named LinkedIn’s “Top 25 Startups” in 2018 and the “Best Education Brands” in 2019.

18. Vedantu

Vedantu is an Indian online learning portal where teachers give online tutoring to students using a real-time virtual learning environment called WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment), which was developed in-house. It is based on a commercial concept for instructors, in which students may explore, find, and select an online educator to study from. It is the Best Edtech Companies in online.

Vedantu Innovations Pvt. Ltd., located in Bangalore, is an online tuition network that was established in October 2014 for the public at large. Vedantu is supposed to be formed from the Sanskrit terms Veda (knowing) and Tantu (network).

Vamsi Krishna, Prashant Kumar, and Prashant Kumar are four acquaintances from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) who operate the company.

19. Whitehat Education Technology

WhiteHat Jr is a firm that specialises in educational technology. It teaches youngsters how to use the principles of coding to create promotional games, animations, and applications online. The firm has created its unique coding program, which focuses on product development and is taught through live, interactive online sessions. One of the most promising under the category of the Best Edtech Companies online.

WhiteHat Jr’s founder and CEO, Karan Bajaj, is leaving the company a year after selling it to Indian Edtech behemoth Byju’s for $300 million. It was established in the year 2018. WhiteHat Jr is a live online 1:1 platform that links kids ages 5 to 12 with top childhood development coding experts from the comfort of their own homes.

Your children will be able to utilise code to create their original games, animations, and applications, transforming their connection with technology from one consumer to maker. The programme was created by IIT/IIM graduates. The goal is to enable an entire generation to become innovation makers rather than customers.

20. Quizizz

Quizizz is a Bengaluru, India-based creativity software business that develops and distributes a game-based student engagement hub. In the classroom, group tasks, pre-test preparation, assessment strategies, and flash quizzes, the programme is used. It falls under the Best Edtech Companies online who is shaping the future of today’s generation. Quizizz may be used on any electronic gadget that has a browser, such as computers, iPads, and smartphones. It may be used as a ‘review’ machine to see how well students understand concepts, and teachers can utilise Quizizz to give assignments to learners. There are many distinct forms of technology in education and branches around the globe.

Technology in the classroom has become an unavoidable requirement for undertaking regular instructional tasks. E-learning encompasses a variety of approaches such as e-learning, web-based learning, web-based training, and so on. Technology in the classroom has become an unavoidable requirement for undertaking regular instructional tasks.

For students, this programme is extremely simple to use; they simply sign up using their Google account, and then they can begin using Quizizz. Educators may use it similarly; after signing up, just select the ‘make a quiz’ link at the top of the website. Then begin creating questions associated with students’ subjects.


In 2021, AI and Machine Learning are expected to have a 47 percent growth in impact in EdTech. The capacity of these platforms to optimise even the most basic activities, such as evaluation, interaction, questions, response, appraisal, and advancement, enhances the entire functionality. There are also Best Edtech Companies in India such as Udacity, Newsela, Civitas Learning, Dreambox Learning, and many others.

The growth drivers edtech adoption across the country are a high worldwide web penetration (450 million active internet subscribers, according to the India Internet 2019 report by IAMAI) and rising access to smartphones, even in remote regions where motivating online activity can be seen.

Nevertheless, advanced students must be challenged, and struggling students must be helped. Through software tools and smartphone apps. Best Edtech Companies in India supports diversified education. Most of these programmes have multiple levels to better meet the needs of each individual. Every coin, as we all know, has two sides. Similarly, we have the disadvantages as well as the blessings and progress of Best EdTech Companies online, leading to wealth and growth, during the pandemic.





Q1. What does EdTech imply?

Education technology, or EdTech, refers to innovative technological applications in the classroom.

Q.2 What is the significance of educational technology?

Edtech technologies make life simple for teachers to develop personalized teaching strategies and learning experiences that promote inclusion and improve the learning skills of all students

Q.3 How do EdTech companies expand?

The EdTech startup’s excellent marketing moves:
Put money into an SDR scheme.
Give away something for free.
Make the most of event-based promotion.

Q.4 What’s the best way to market EdTech?

Here are some great tactics to help you sell more Education Technology (EdTech):
Make a list of potential Buyer Personalities.
Produce material consistently.
Make a website that is focused on the client.
Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.
Take advantage of social media.

Q.5 What methods does anyone use to create EdTech leads?

Methods used to create EdTech leads:
Create quizzes and surveys to test your knowledge.
Enhance the Appearance and Feel of Your Landing Pages.
Create a LinkedIn post.
Ads on Facebook.
Submit a Referral Proposal.
Establish strategic and SEO-friendly information.

Q.6 Is Edutech changing the way we teach and learn?

EdTech aids instructors in honing their existing skills. These innovations do not always alter an individual’s style of teaching. They improve present methods by increasing the value of education and improving the efficiency of instructors and pupils.

Q.7 What are the three different forms of education?

The three major types of education are traditional, informal, and non-formal.


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