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ECT Content Writing Course Reviews 2023: Uncovered Truth Exposed

ECT Content Writing Course: Content is any piece of information that is available in form of a print, digital, videos, advertisements, infographics, brochures, podcasts, etc. Content writing involves a long list of disciplines like Blogging, Ghostwriting, Articles, Press releases, Copywriting, Infographics, Product description, Technical writing, White papers, Social media writing, Scriptwriter etc.

Content writing is a leading tread in the market today. The reason behind the flourishing of this business is the accessibility to job opportunities and money-making. A content writer is not bound to work into a full-time job and has the liberty to work with flexibility. And this might be another reason in trendsetting.

In the earlier era, the content writing job was limited to newspapers, magazines and academics. But the recent internet-friendly era has changed the concept of content writing from traditional to more of digital concepts. Whatever the era might be, what matters primarily is the quality of content.

Eventually, due to digitalization the “Content Writer” is more conveniently known as “Content Marketer”. As the way of presenting content has changed, the thought process and production of content need to be upgraded. There are a lot of tools available on the internet which helps in boosting the thought process, improving the content quality and avoiding duplication of content.

To remain updated or gain trending knowledge or complete knowledge about “Content Writing” or “Content Marketer” one needs proper guidance and training. Such guidance is provided by some of the leading online content writing education hubs like ECT.

In this blog, the reader can expect to gain the required knowledge about ECT content writing course. The content of the blog is based upon factual ECT content writing course reviews and ECT reviews.

What to Expect from ECT content writing course??

To check the legitimacy of any course one needs to go through the certain checkpoints. In case of content writing course, the following checkpoints will guide you in selecting a good course that will gain you the trending knowledge about digitalisation, required tools, improving thought process and delivering content like a pro. 

  • Accreditation/ Affiliation/ Recognition
  • Details about institute
  • Details about the course like fee structure, duration of the course, modules covered, training format, placement facility, projects and assignments.
  • Course reviews
  • Course outcomes

About ECT

When we think about any education institute the first thing comes to our mind is whether the institute is recognized or no?? According to ECT reviews, ECT or Education Career Times is the only education institute offering short term courses with Government of India recognition. They began their journey with Blog writing and career guidance to students in 2010. Since then, they have never looked back on the journey of education training.

As per ECT reviews, they started their first content writing training program in 2018 initially with traditional classroom training and then an online training course. They have their headquarters in Delhi, India since 2013. They branched a new office at Noida in 2017 and stared new study centres at Connaught Place, Delhi and Pune in 2019.

ECT reviews state that they offer courses like Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Communication Skills and Personality Development. As such the institute is not very old, with a total experience of two years in training. Never the less they have managed to create a great impact in the online education sector with their program outcomes. They have successfully trained 850 students by conducting 55 batches in such a short span. They have around 35000 community members registered with them.

According to ECT reviews, the ECT trained professional nest at major industries around the world. To name a few multinational organisations like HCl, Tech Mahindra, Oyo, Tata consultancy Services, Samsung, Accenture, Gartner, Wipro etc have successfully employed participants trained at ECT training centre.

Their success can be measured with the media coverage reports on ECT reviews by top media houses like Deccan Herald, The Pioneer, The statesman and the Tribune. They also have a youtube channel providing free educational resources. The positive thing about ECT is that they help people in learning new skills, identify their strengths and choose the right career path.

Another positive aspect about ETC according to ECT reviews is that they offer free career counselling to the desired individuals. All you got to do is just book a slot by sending them an email or a Wats-up msg regarding your details and background. Their team will get in touch with you accordingly.

ECT reviews suggest that they also arrange for Free Demo classes for interested participants. The participants need to select the course for a free demo and fill the demo request form/call/send an email. The team will schedule a free demo class for the participants. Each course is offered with only one free demo class.

Courses offered by ECT

The courses offered by ECT as per the ECT reviews are Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Communication Skills and Personality Development. They are involved in both traditional classroom training and online Bootcamp training. The traditional classroom training is located at two centres, Delhi and Pune.

According to ECT content writing reviews, the participants from all over the world are facilitated by Online Bootcamp training offered by ECT. Before dealing in detail with the content writing course, let us have a glance at the other two courses offered by ECT.

Digital Marketing Course

The ECT reviews state that the fee structure for digital marketing course is INR 24,999. The digital marketing course comes with 3 levels

  1. Digital Marketing Beginner– It deals with all the basic concepts for beginners.
  2. Digital Marketing Professional– It deals with learning the handling of digital marketing projects
  3. Digital Marketing Expert– It deals with advanced concepts of digital marketing.

Some of the key factors of the course suggested by ECT reviews are mentioned below

  • Individual Attention provided to each participant
  • Hands-on Projects & Practical Experience
  • Certification is recognized by the Govt. of India
  • Offered with Paid Internship Opportunity

Communication Skills and Personality Development Course

As stated by ECT reviews, the fee structure for Communication skills and personality development course is INR 12,000. The duration of the course is 3month with lifetime access to video recordings and study material. The course covers all the essential concepts required to boost the confidence and skills of any individual. The modules covered in this course are

  1. Individual Assessment
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Confidence Building
  4. Time Management
  5. Interpersonal Skill
  6. Happiness Mindset
  7. Artistic Development

Some of the key factors are of the course suggested by ECT reviews are mentioned below.

  • Individual Attention provided to each participant
  • The course is offered with both Online and Offline Sessions
  • Certification is recognized by the Govt. of India
  • Offered with Internship Opportunity

ECT content writing course

The content writing course provided by ECT as per the ECT content writing course reviews is a 3months online training program. The fee structure of the course is INR 15,000/-. The program consists of both traditional classroom training and Online Bootcamp training.

Training Method

Offline Training– It is the traditional format of training where students need to attend the classes at the centres provided at a scheduled time. As mentioned in ECT reviews, the candidates who are not self-motivators can opt for this type of training. The centre for attending offline training is in Delhi.

Online Bootcamp Training- In this particular type of training the classes are conducted online with a subject expert instructor. As mentioned in ECT reviews, the participants can attend the class via Zoom or Google meet app where the link provided by the institute.

The advantage of virtual classroom training over offline training is that the students need not commute to the training centre. In case the students miss out any class, they can easily access the video recording of the class missed.

The ECT content writing reviews state that the content writing program consists of 32 hours of offline training or online training along with 50 hours of e-learning material and videos. The classes are scheduled on all Sundays and 2nd and 4th Saturday during 3months span of course.

Modules and Supportive Study Material

The syllabus is the main structure of any course. It determines 50% o the course outcomes. The success of any course lies within the content of syllabus delivered to the students. According to ECT content writing course reviews, the course covers all the major topics along with writing tools, techniques, and earning methods. The modules or topics covered under the Content Writing Course according to ECT content writing reviews are

  1. Introduction to Content Writing
  2. Boost Your Vocabulary
  3. Avoid Common Grammar Errors in Your Writing
  4. Learn Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques
  5. Hone Your Creative Non-fiction Writing Skills
  6. Learn Fiction Writing: Master the art of storytelling
  7. Master Business Writing Skills
  8. Learn Technical Writing
  9. Hone Your Academic Writing Skills
  10. Learn to Write Specific Pieces of Content
  11. Master Content Marketing
  12. Monetize Your Writing Skills
  13. Publish Your Book

The ECT content writing course reviews suggest that the supportive study material includes all the Presentation, e-books, videos, classroom recordings, quiz and free tools worth INR 50,000 for practice.


At ECT, according to ECT content writing reviews, the learners get to learn from experienced instructors from well-known industries like Mr Saket Kumar Singh, CEO and founder of SixPL, a leading firm in digital marketing. The learners are benefited by interactive sessions with trainers, where they can clear any queries related to the subject. The course also offers life-time support related to course, where the trainers play a key role.


The ECT content writing course includes 7 assignments as stated by ECTcontent writing course reviews. These assignments help in practising and improving writing skills.


The live projects are like internship training along with a guide. ECT content writing course reviews mentions that the learners are assigned with 5 live projects during the course duration. The learners get to work on real live projects with real clients. The projects are carried out under the guidance and supervision of the institute guide, who is an expert writer.

All the information and guidance regarding the projects will be provided through telephonic conversation or video calling. These projects help the learners in identifying the key aspects of writing along with the dealing techniques with clients and attracting the readers through power writing. The live projects are not paid but are learning opportunity where you will get to create content for a different audience as mentioned in the ECT content writing reviews.


According to the ECT content writing course reviews, the learners are provided with Advanced content writing certificate recognized by Government of India. For applying for the certification process, the learners are required to attend minimum 10 offline/online classes, submit 7 assignments and perform 5 live projects.


ECT content writing course come with an internship opportunity under instructor guidance. This will help them in bagging great career opportunities as full-time or freelance job as mentioned in ECT content writing course reviews

Placement Assistance

The ECT Content writing course reviews suggest that the course comes with a 100% placement guarantee. On completion of the course, the learners are offered with freelancing job opportunities. The learners have to first obtain the course certificate and then they can apply for a full-time job or freelancing job.

According to ECT content writing reviews, ECT has more than 1100 clients connections with the industry giants across the globe like Tech Mahindra, Oyo Rooms, NIIT Technologies, KPMG, Samsung, etc who also offer job opportunities to the learners.

Some of the key factors of the course as mentioned in some of the ECT content writing reviews are listed below.

  • Individual Attention provided to each participant
  • Interactive sessions are conducted
  • Certification is recognized by the Govt. of India
  • Offered with Internship Opportunity

Course Outcome

  • Learners are trained to become a Published Author so that they can share their story with more confidence.
  • Learners can move up the corporate ladder and accelerate their career path.
  • Learners can grow and promote their business through Content Marketing.

Positive ECT Content Writing Course Reviews

The ECT reviews and ECT content writing course reviews shows a lot of positive response and recommendations towards the course. The majority of alumni reviews reflects satisfaction towards the delivery of the course content. ECT is the only government recognised content writing course in India which makes it unique and highly legitimate from others.

Some of the positive ECT reviews, ECT content writing reviews and ECT content writing course reviews are displayed below.

Negative ECT Content Writing Course reviews

The ECT reviews, ECT content writing reviews and ECT content writing course reviews are quite satisfactory and display no major cons about the course. However, we came across one negative review regarding the syllabus not covering much of content marketing. Apart from this one review, we could not find any dissatisfaction towards the course.

Some of the negative ECT reviews, ECT content writing reviews and ECT content writing course reviews are displayed below.


The ECT reviews, ECT content writing reviews and ECT content writing course reviews are quite interesting and satisfying. The uniqueness of the course is that it is a Government of India recognised content writing course, that provides ECT with a high-grade recommendation. ECT reviews also reflect some of the unique approaches towards satisfying the candidates right from the enquiry section. To name a few are they offer free demo class before getting registered for the course and free career counselling to interested candidates. Along with the key factors that are mention below, that makes ECT one of the best online content writing courses provider.

Key benefits of ECT Content Writing Course

  • Goal Setting Exercise that helps the learners to set and complete writing goals
  • Obtain an internationally recognized certificate from Government certified training ECT institute
  • 3 Months Training Program that includes 1.5 Months Classroom Training and 1.5 Months Internship
  • 32 Hours of offline/online Classroom Sessions along with 50 Hours of eLearning material, and Video lectures
  • 7 Writing Assignments that help in the thought-provoking process.
  • 4 Live Projects from Real Clients
  • Access to a network of 30,000 writers and marketers
  • Facilitate learners to acquire clients around the world like in the US, UK, Australia and other countries.
  • Helps the learners to develop their own blog/website
  • Helps in acquiring professional skills and become a successful content marketer
  • Personal attention and feedback to all the training participant
  • Helps in Developing the skill to write content on the multiplex topic
  • Helps in building vocabulary and language skills and create your writing style
  • Get familiar with Graphic designing and video editing skills


  • One of my friends told me about Reviews Reporter to check out the reviews of some educational institutes. I am interested in doing a content writing course. This blog gave me so much information in such a short span

  • This Content writing course helped me to realize my talent in creative writing. It strengthened my narrative style, paragraphs, sentences, and words. content writing in India blog listed some new institutes, but the quality of information they provided is important.

  • Hi,
    I am Shiny. I have completed ECT’s advanced content writing course online recently. The classes were very useful for me. Every topic explained well by Saket sir and Abhay sir. Some topics were taken a little fast coz, sir had to cover more topics in one class. But still they showed enough patience and attention to each participant.
    Also the classes were announced well in advance by the ECT team. The classes were conducted well.
    I feel happy that I could do my advanced content writing course with ECT.
    Thank you ECT 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • This article is very helpful for those students who want to pursue the course in content writing. This course is government recognized which makes it unique and different from the others. The organization provide 100% placement guarantee and it is tied with industry giants like Tech Mahindra, Oyo Rooms, NIIt Technologies, Samsung, KPMG, etc for job opportunities. So in other words one can easily enroll in the course without any hesitation.

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