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HENRY HARVIN VS Clever Harvey Junior MBA Reviews (Exposed)

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There are two main course providers for Teen MBA- Henry Harvin and Clever Harvey. If I were you I would choose Henry Harvin. Take a few minutes and read my blog to find out why I would prefer to put my money and time on Henry Harvin.

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These days entrepreneurship skills are gaining more importance with a significant extent focused on job creation. The most famous and trusted top platform for school students to learn entrepreneurship is Henry Harvin which is amongst the closest Clever Harvey competitors. Both Henry Harvin and Clever Harvey offer Online Junior MBA Programs that train school-going students about entrepreneurship knowledge and management to help them in career building.

But, Which Online Junior MBA Training Program is the Best?

Here, a deep comparison – Clever Harvey VS Henry Harvin is mentioned in this write-up to pick which educational institute is best for the young students to do their Junior MBA from.

Before diving into the comparison of both, let’s understand the importance of the management and significance of the Junior MBA training program in this highly competitive era in an explanatory manner.

Clever Harvey Vs Henry Harvin Junior MBA Reviews

It is evident that the Online Junior MBA program becomes a crucial part of any children’s curriculum if they want to understand the business industry at an early stage. So, here we start reviewing the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program, followed by Henry Harvin Teen MBA Review. Thus, people can easily differentiate which course offers better opportunities.

Henry Harvin Teen MBA Review

Henry Harvin Education is one of the strongest Clever Harvey competitors as it is a leading online market-demanding skill training program and competency improvement firm. It is a well-reputed and trusted name for delivering innovative and quality training programs globally. In addition, Henry Harvin facilitates a Teen MBA” online training program whose sole aim is to help students in their career path discovery. This professional online course gives students a skill set to become a CEO, CMO, CTO, or CFO.

The Henry Harvin course helps the students deeply understand the business jungle and provides comprehensive guidance on making money work for you. During the pandemic, Henry Harvin Education launched an exciting internship program named KITE for school children.

According to the Henry Harvin Teen MBA Review, the course has two different phases;

Phase 1 – Develop Business Skill

In this phase, the school-going students will learn the decision-making process and transform their ideas into reality. The significant skills one can develop are:-

  • Comprehensive Business Planning
  • Team Management Skill
  • Critical Decision Making Skill

Phase 2 – Go For Specialization

Here, the participants can learn the skills for the particular position. It has three different areas;

Teen CMO: Here, the students will learn the skills needed to become the head of the marketing department. The skills students will develop are;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Go to Market Strategy

Teen CFO – Here, the students will learn the skills needed to become the Chief Financial Officer. The skills students will develop are;

  • Budgeting
  • Financial Planning
  • Negotiation

Teen CTO – Here, the students will learn the skills needed to become the Chief Technical Officer. The skills students will develop are;

  • Tech Problem Solving
  • Tech Insight
  • Tech Ideation

The Teen MBA Course has a broad and exciting module covering each aspect of entrepreneurial and managerial acumen skills.

Module 1: This module covers Business Management & Planning, Roles of People in an enterprise, Departments of Business, and CEO Confidence.

Module 2: It includes making a business plan excellent and creating your business idea, Aim of business, Customers & Value Propositions, and Channels & Customer relationships.

Module 3: This chapter works on business model & identity assets and includes topics like Key resources and partners, 5E’s of the customer journey, Cost Structure, Revenue Streams, Assumption Testing, Linking the boxes along with tidying up, and Storytelling.

Module 4: It is an important module that teaches Visionary Bearer, Science of Logo making, CEO Roles & Responsibilities, Basecamps for Managers, and Google Calendar & Excel for Managers.

Module 5 – Here, the students will learn the core basics of management – Time Management, Change Management, Team Management, and Control Management.

Module 6: This module teaches you the Chief Technology Officer works like Roles & Responsibilities, Industry 4.0, Technologies build-up within the business, UI Design, Business Enabler, Wireframe, and CIO VS CTO.

Module 7 – Learn what a Chief Marketing Officer needs to do – Brand Management, Market Automation, Market Research, Google Trends, Marketing Communication, Google Keywords, CMO Roles & Responsibilities, and Market Strategy.

Module 8: This module teaches you that the Chief Financial Officer works like CFO Roles & Responsibilities, Deep Financial Analysis, Startups Loans, CFO working domains, Understanding CFO compensation.

According to the Henry Harvin Teen MBA Course review, they launch a self-paced course that offers lifetime support & access along with free upgrades at just ₹ 7199/-. Along with this, they provide another online Teen MBA Course which is majorly popular among the teenagers at just ₹ 7999/- which is way far affordable than Clever Harvey Junior MBA Program. This Live Online Teen MBA Course includes;

Henry Harvey Online Teen MBA Course Highlights

  • 24 Hours of Training
  • Availability of Weekdays / Weekends classes
  • Session from expert faculty
  • Lifetime exuberant support & access
  • Lifetime free upgrade
  • 1-year Gold membership that includes multiple benefits like lifetime access to online sessions, E-learning portal, Recorded videos, brushup sessions, Profile Building, and much more.
  • Flexible timing & benefit of interactive Bootcamp sessions for children mental growth
  • The benefit of sessions recorded video
  • Live Q & A
  • Career Guidance

Get two certificates after the completion of the Teen MBA Course. The first certificate is for the basic program and the second certificate represents the specialization. Moreover, the institute has received certified recognition from the American Association of EFL, MSME, UKAF, and UK Cert & Project Management Institute (PMI). They already gave training to 5 lakhs + of students globally. Furthermore, they partnered with well-reputed colleges like BITS Goa, IIT Guwahati, IMI Delhi, IIT BHU, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Visakhapatnam, Mangalmay, IIT Bombay, FMS Delhi, IIT Delhi, and many more.

Clever Harvey Junior MBA Review

Clever Harvey is a 21st-century online training program company. It offers an impeccable online Junior MBA training program for students of age 13-16. No doubt, it is an incredible initiative in the education sector established by the Ivy League and IIM alumni.

The IIM graduates comprehensively design the Online Junior MBA Training Program for school-going students. Initially, it was launched on 6 April 2020 with a 10-day online class. The students who graduated from Clever Harvey can participate in the Online Innovation Summit, a massive community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, where students can represent their business plans to industrialists & corporate leaders. The winner is rewarded with a handsome cash prize.

The Clever Harvey Junior MBA Program is devised to provide a vast exposure of co-corporate roles and responsibilities to students which they cannot understand without this course. The prime motto of this online course is to eliminate the wide gap between real-world and academic learning and train teenagers for an uncertain tomorrow. The Online Junior MBA Program helps students learn critical thinking processes, managerial acumen and explore boundless career possibilities.

The Clever Harvey Online Junior MBA Training Course comprises three programs:-
Junior CEO: It is a complete online training course for the learning of entrepreneurship skills.
Junior CMO: This training program aims to teach data & marketing skills to school-going students. With this course, the student can learn brand communication to target market segmentation with ease and quickly learn the beauty of the marketing world.
Junior CTO: This program teaches technology and coding skills.

If you choose the Junior MBA – Strategy Program, it costs 15,000. Also, if you go with the Junior CEO program, it costs Rs 35,000. The Junior MBA is certified by Samsonite, and Technology Junior MBA is certified by Infinity Cars.

Importance of Management Skill in Business

Management is the most widespread & significant term in multiple domains like political, cultural, social, or business because it directs efforts of numerous people towards a definite purpose. It is a creative and cleverest process of getting work done by managing the individual to achieve a worthwhile goal.

Do you know? 

    90 % of businesses fail miserably because of poor management.

For any business, management acts as a crucial pillar. However, managing the company in this era is a bit complex because of high-pitched competition in the internal and external business world. Therefore, always keep in mind that good management skills always induce profit to the company, and poor management always negatively impacts businesses.

Significance of Healthy Management in Business

In the following section, you will explore the significant impact of managerial skills on any work environment. This is the reason a program like Junior MBA comes into existence. So the students will understand administrative acumen, leadership, and entrepreneurial skill at an early stage. Here we outlined the top 5 importance of management.

  1. Definite Goal Achievement

This module comprises the multiple aspects of production, resource management, resource integration in a productive way to achieve the goal. Its prime motto is to direct group work towards the accomplishment of predetermined goals. Good management transforms disorganized resources of men, machines, money, etc., into a helpful enterprise.

  1. Maximum Resource Utilization

A good management technique effectively utilizes all the resources productively that ultimately results out in tremendous efficiency. In addition, it majorly uses professionals, experts, and leaders to use their knowledge and skill to avoid resource wastage.

  1. Required for Society Prosperity

 An adept management lead brings out excellent economic production that helps to increase the people’s welfare. As well as, a healthy management environment transforms a complex task into an easy one by just avoiding the wastage of resources. Furthermore, it brings out valuable profit to society and business and creates employment opportunities that give rise to income in hands.

  1. Adaptability 

Leaders that possess healthy management skills help an organization to sustain in the changing environment, which is crucial for the growth and survival of the organization. Moreover, learning management at the early stages helps in adaptability for changing demand of market/ changing needs of societies.

  1. Helps in Cost Reduction

Learning management provides maximum output with minimum input through proper planning. The management executes workforce, machines, and financial resources to bring out the best combination. As a result, a cost reduction can be seen.

After understanding the significance of management, let’s jump to the core of the article – Junior MBA Course.

What is a Junior MBA Training Program?

Studying business management from an initial stage facilitates students with a crystal clear perspective of the co-corporate world. As well as get the knowledge of the entrepreneurial attitude of the world. Nowadays, the children have a vast advantage of the “Junior MBA” Program.

Whether we talk about Clever Harvey or Clever Harvey competitor Henry Harvin’s Junior MBA – both are innovative programs to build commercial acumen for school students to have a sneak-peak of the business management environment and provide entrepreneurial foresight in the children. These programs help the students in their career decisions without wasting any time. It comprises an easy-to-understand and practical curriculum.

Who Wins the Battle – Clever Harvey VS  Henry Harvin Junior MBA Review

No doubt, in today’s world, entrepreneurial skills and managerial acumen play a significant role, and learning all these skills at a younger age benefits the children in multiple ways. Both companies’ online Junior MBA training program has the prime motto to teach teenagers about the corporate world.

From the mentioned above review, the students can clear their confusion and choose their training institute. However, after summing up every aspect of the course, we would like to suggest that the Henry Harvin Teen MBA Course is the best place to learn managerial skills and that it is also one of the strongest Clever Harvey competitors. They have tremendous experience in the training program and have excellent faculty to teach the participants at a very fair price. The course curriculum widely categorizes into all modules required in this highly competitive world. They also have worldwide recognition and were awarded by” Business World Top Education Brands Award.” 

So invest your precious money to get more of it, and Henry Harvin won’t disappoint you.

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