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Top 10 Data Science Courses in Delhi: 2022[Updated]

Data Science is the field in which useful and actionable inputs are culled from random, messy, and cluttered data. It is estimated that we will have created around 5.6 zettabytes of data by 2023. That’s an astronomical number! To handle such humongous amounts of data, the role of a data scientist becomes very important. Getting a certification from a reputed training institute is the best way to become a quality data scientist. So, to progress further in this direction, it is imperative to identify the Top 10 Data Science courses in Delhi. 

Delhi is home to some of the best educational institutions. With active and aspiring student demography, the needs of the city have been seeing major changes every now and then. The national capital has a perfect blend of ancient heritage and a modern outlook towards everything. This is emphasized by the mushrooming of many tech companies in and around Delhi. A majority of these companies have massive ideas and strategies to maximize the potential of data science. Then, without much ado, let’s get into identifying the best Data Science courses in Delhi.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin

The best institute to offer Data Science Courses in Delhi is Henry Harvin. It’s a healthy combination of best training practices, internship, and placement assistance that makes it a market leader. The genuinity of the course is amply proven by its affiliations with the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME, and Govt. of India. As further validation, there is a 100% moneyback option on the course fee if you are not happy with the outcome. 

In many surveys carried out by leading market research companies in Delhi, more than 1000 students are reported to have said that they are extremely satisfied with Henry Harvin. They attributed this to the quality of teaching. The general consensus was that the entire data science course package is beautifully structured into sub-components. The teaching, internship, and placement assistance all come together to make it the market leader. 

Course features

  • Currently among the best Data Science courses in Delhi, this course is one of Henry Harvin’s flagship course programs. A great deal of care and effort has been invested to ensure the best resources have gone into making this course curriculum.  
  • This course primarily focuses on practical training. The trainee is given hands-on training working on projects. The pedagogy adopted is among the best in the world. 
  • It has built a favorable reputation with many top corporate companies like Apollo Tyres, Abbott Pharma, Avon cosmetics, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, etc. Many IIMs too recommend this course among their students looking for a career in data science. 
  • Total job support and assistance is offered to trainees looking for work in the field of Data Science. This is facilitated by regular job calls, preparing candidates for interviews, and career guidance. 
  • There is an option of claiming a 100% money back on the amount paid if you are not satisfied with the outcome. 


Takeaways of your investment

  • Live online training program of 40 hours
  • Recognition as a ‘Certified Data Scientist’
  • Quality study material
  • Recorded videos of previous sessions
  • Hallmark of ‘Certified Data Scientist’ next to your name. For example, Vinod(CDS).
  • 1 year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Analytics Academy
  • Monthly Bootcamp sessions that serve to brush up course curriculum and other skills. 
  • Students are provided access to the Learning Management System(LMS) for 1 year.
  • Various add-on supplements are included in the course.
  • The course paves the path to work with top companies.

Course curriculum

Module 1: Data Science- An introduction

Module 2: Python Exploratory- a 360-degree view

Module 3: Involves collection and sorting of data

Module 4: Exploratory Analysis of data, Research techniques and statistical Inference

Module 5: Regression model and Machine Learning concepts applied practically. 

Complimentary Module 1:  Soft skills development

Complimentary Module 2:  Resume Writing

Course Fee

There are two modes of learning available for this course. One is the Self-paced version and the second is the Instructor-led version of learning.

The Self-paced version of the course costs Rs 13,500/- while the Instructor-led mode of learning, which is more popular with students, comes at Rs 15,000/-. 

A huge advantage with Henry Harvin is that you can choose between online and offline classes as well. There are offline classes conducted in almost all major cities like Surat, Bangalore, Lucknow, Visakhapatnam, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Ernakulam, Coimbatore, Hyderabad.

2. Imarticus Learning


This institute offers endorsed certification courses in Data Science, Finance courses, Business Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, PG programs in Data Analytics and Wealth Management. The data science program covers Data Science with R and Python programming language integrated with data visualization and SQL Programming. 

Practical business projects from KPMG and AI consultancy are offered in this program to enable students to get hands-on experience. The mentors at Imarticus encourage and support students to raise their standards to meet industry requirements. 

Benefits of a Data Science program from Imarticus

  • It enhances your skills to a large extent
  • You get numerous interview opportunities
  • The most important job-relevant skills are covered in the course
  • You get placement assistance in leading companies
  • The certification issued is from KPMG, a global leader in analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Learning happens learn in an interactive environment 
  • Opportunities to meet and get inputs from industry experts

Course Fee

The course fee is Rs 58,000 for the online program and Rs 75,000 for the classroom model of learning.

The institute has classes in all the major cities such as Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, and Coimbatore.

3. Madrid Software training

Madrid Software training

This is one of the most favored institutes when it comes to Data Science courses in Delhi. The course curriculum has a neat structure with categorized assignments and assessment tests. This institute is especially preferred by students who are looking for flexibility with the timings. 

The institute has many students working in top companies like HCL, IBM, Wipro, etc. All the mentors are experienced with at least 5 years of teaching stints. 

Course Program

  • An advanced Data science course that spans 3 months
  • Master’s program that lasts for 6 months
  • A post-graduate program that has a duration of 1 year

Benefits of this course

As part of the course offering, students are given ample exposure to working on case studies and capstone projects as well. Some of the companies under study include Netflix, YouTube, etc. There are various companies that recognize this certification. Some of the most prominent ones are Amazon, IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. 

Course Fee

The online/offline certification course costs Rs 35,000/- while the two-year postgraduate course is priced at Rs 5 lakhs.

4. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya

This institute consistently figures among the best Data Science Courses in Delhi. It is the chosen institute by Google and Microsoft as their training partner. It has associations with Facebook, Linkedin, V skills, and Nasscom. The following modules are included in the course:

  • Introduction to basic Data Science and Techniques of Analytics
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Statistics Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning concepts with Python
  • Supporting Vector Machine Introduction

Course structure

  • Self-Paced online interactive sessions
  •  Q and A sessions with expert trainers
  • Webinars held every month and week. 

Course Duration

The course spans 18 weeks. 

Projects covered in the course

Assignments and projects on various case studies and capstones that can be applied in real-time scenarios. 

Course Fee

The cost of the course is Rs 34,900+ GST

5. Technophilia


The USP of this institute is that it offers course material that serves to help you in real-time. It is for this specific reason that it makes its mark among the Top 10 Data courses in Delhi. 

The modules covered in the course curriculum are:

  • Introduction and understanding of Java Programming
  • Web development
  • Concepts of ethical hacking
  • Data Science
  • Python Programming

Highlights of the course

  • The certification awarded to trainees is recognized across industry.
  • There is a great deal of emphasis on practical learning and getting hands-on experience.
  • You are mentored by vastly experienced faculty.
  • Walk out with a job at one of the top companies.
  • Opportunity to work on projects assigned by industry clients.
  • There are workshops conducted frequently.
  • At the end of the program, there are counseling sessions to help you find your area of interest. 

This course stands out against its competition by being one of the most affordable ones available today. The course comes at an all-inclusive cost of Rs 599/-. 

6. Analytic Square

Analytic Square

Established in 2012, Analytic Square was one of the earliest entrants in the realm of training schools offering data Science courses. The trainers are vastly experienced with 10+ years of teaching experience. Students with a certification from this school are comfortably placed in top firms such as Amazon, Accenture, etc. Both Online and offline modes of training are available. This institute prides itself on the quality of the course material offered. 

A variety of projects and case studies are a part of this course program. This serves to provide trainees and students with the much-needed real-time experience. 

7. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool

There are two courses offered by this Institute. One is the certification in data science and the other is the more advanced postgraduate diploma in data science. Owing to the many options available here, it has a strong recall value among students looking for data science courses in Delhi. 

Postgraduate diploma course structure

It is a 10-month program and equips students with all the necessary skills to become data scientists. Allied fields like that of a data analyst, business analyst, etc are also options for a student with this course. 

Course Duration

There is the advantage of choosing between a part-time or full-time course schedule.

Course Fee

The full-time program costs Rs 1,80,000 INR while the part-time is slightly cheaper at 1,50,000 INR. 

For the certification course in data science, both online and offline classes are available. 

Course Fee for Certification in Data Science

The offline mode of learning costs Rs 80,000/- and the live virtual online program is capped at Rs 60,000/-. 

IMS Proschool is located in many major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune. 

8. Upgrade


True to its name, this institute is a favorite among students in Delhi to upgrade their skills in data science. This is an online program that is offered by the Indian Institute of Information technology(IIIT), Bangalore.This course ranks high among choices for the best data science courses in Delhi. 

Course Duration

The course has a span of 12 months.

Course Fee

Due to the exhaustive and vast curriculum of the course, it is priced steeply at Rs 2,99,000/-. 

The fact that you will be trained by the best faculty also adds to the factor of it being very expensive. 


The projects and workshops covered in the course are in association with top companies. 

Highlights of the course

  • Soft skills are included in the course program. These skills are much-needed to help you interact with peers and recruiters. 
  • You get to become a member of the prestigious IIIT alumni worldwide. With this, you get to network with the best minds from the industry. 
  • Hand-holding in the form of active career guidance is offered even after the completion of formal course training. 
  • Bootcamp sessions to brush up programming knowledge in Python.
  • Exposure to more than 14 kinds of tools and software languages are offered to trainees. 
  • With a certificate from IIIT, companies will seek you out for various roles and responsibilities. 

9. Customize Training and Consultancy

Customize Training and Consultancy

This institute is well-renowned for providing quality training. The wide array of courses offered makes it a top choice among learners. They don’t have to look any further for quality Data science courses in Delhi. 

The various courses offered are:

  • 360-degree data science course: Rs 35,000 
  • Business Analytics + Tableau + SQL: Rs 25,000
  • Power BI : Rs 12,000
  • Data Science with Machine Learning: Rs 35,000
  • R Analytics with Machine Learning: Rs 35,000
  • Python Analytics with Machine Learning : Rs 35,000
  • Tableau Visualization : Rs 12,000
  • VBA Excel : Rs 35,000

Course Duration

The course can be completed at the trainee’s convenience. Thus, it could be 2 months, 3 months, or 6 months as per convenience and schedule. 

The mode of learning is live online classes. Recorded videos are available as well for reference. The option of choosing between weekday and weekend batches is also available. 

The duration of classes for a particular day is also flexible. In other words, it is decided to depend on the task for that particular day. 

Access on enrollment: Online portal access is given for a year. It can be extended on request. There is no deadline for the validity of the course. Once enrolled, you can attend classes whenever you wish. 

10. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy

This institute has risen to the demand for an increasing number of Data scientists across organizations. It enjoys immense popularity as one of the best data science courses in Delhi. Catering to both freshers and working professionals, it offers a postgraduate certification program in data science and Machine Learning. 

The institute has built affiliations with many top companies like HCL, Nokia, Reliance, Microsoft, Cognizant, Genpact, and many more. 

There are various other allied courses offered too such as HR Analytics, Business Analytics, Cloud computing, Project management, and sales management. 

Course structure

The topics covered are:

  • Business Webinars
  • Case studies seminars
  • Internship
  • Projects
  • Workshops and bootcamp sessions

Benefits of learning data science

There are innumerable benefits to learning data science. A few key ones are:

  • Healthcare: Using methods of data science, the hospital is able to manage its admission process much better. This benefits patients with a lesser waiting time.
  • Customer experience and user engagement indications are derived using data science techniques. 
  • It is widely used in the banking and financial sector to detect fraud and offer customized financial advice. 
  • Data science is useful in studying utility consumption in the energy sector. The insights derived are used to create actionable inputs to improve utility consumption and provide better services. 
  • Using data science methods, companies are in a better position to predict and understand media-content usage patterns. This helps them develop a targeted marketing plan, and understand their USP.
  • Manufacturing processes, which were a gray area for a long time, have got a boost with data science. There is far greater clarity in understanding manufacturing processes today.

Why should you enroll in a data science course

  • A certification in data science will enable you to become a data scientist. A data scientist is often compared to a unicorn for his/her ability to apply the right skills to derive solutions.
  • You will progress to be an individual with excellent skills in statistics and computer applications.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate your ideas are added benefits of doing a data science course. 
  • A data science course gives you the valuable skill of being able to break down a problem into smaller parts. By doing this, you are in a better position to accomplish the task of finding solutions. 

Who can enroll in a data science course

  • The eligibility for enrolling in the basic data science course is having passed pre-university or class 12. The student then becomes eligible for a bachelor’s in data science. An aggregate of 50% in class 12 and an understanding of the basic concepts of Mathematics and statistics are prerequisites. 
  • Data science graduates are expected to have proficiency in writing a basic SQL query. Understanding Machine Learning and its various algorithms are crucial to be a quality data scientist. 
  • A candidate looking for a master’s in data science needs to have at least 50 % aggregate marks in graduation. Basic knowledge of Python, C++, Java, or R are essential. 


Data Science has stamped its presence in every sector today. The applicability ranges from highly technical to everyday mundane applications. The World Economic Forum released a report in 2020 about the future of work. It has been found that by 2025, the job with the maximum demand scope for growth will be that of a data scientist. 

Further, you can expect this demand to see a spike in the coming years.

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