Top 15 Content Writing Courses in Chennai with Scope: 2023 (Leaked)

Content is the king. We listed down the top 15 content writing courses in Chennai

Content Writing Courses in Chennai : Content is the heart of any website or online business. It will tell you exact information about websites and online businesses. The field of the content is vast. As the world is slowly getting its space in the digital world, many traditional businesses are rooting themselves digitally.

To enhance the searchability of a website, content plays an important part. Thus, content writing is an important skill that you can pursue if you are interested in writing. Content writing is well defined as the piece of information displayed on websites intending towards digital marketing. In other words, content writing includes planning, strategizing, researching, writing, editing, and publishing exact information about a product or service that sells. 

Chennai is one of the developed metro cities in India. It is a hub for technologies and related companies and businesses. Chennai is also among one of the most visited cities in India. As it is also known for highest employment rate in different sectors. As online businesses are on the rise, many Chennai-based companies are working on their websites. Thus, there is a huge job market in the content writing industry. 

To be able to write unique and well-structured content for websites, many individuals are now opting for content writing courses. Content writing courses give you an exact roadmap of how to ace as a content writer. It teaches you about the different aspects of content writing such as web content writing, blog/article writing, copywriting, technical writing, etc. 

In today’s article, we are delivering the list of the top 15 content writing courses in Chennai. With this listicle, you will get a clear idea about all the possibilities and can choose the best among them.

Top 15 Content Writing Courses in Chennai

1. Henry Harvin

Awarded with the best corporate training platform, Henry Harvin Education is a leading education training platform in India. It focuses on business training, skill development, content services, assessment centres, and higher education.

Henry Harvin offers more than 100 courses in different fields. Among them, content writing courses are mostly searched by aspiring content writers. Their content writing course is ranked among the top 5 content writing courses.  

The content writing course at Henry Harvin will teach you about 30+ content types such as medical writing, technical writing, creative writing, blog writing, research writing, etc. It will give an insight into content structuring, grammar, and different aspects of content. Also, you will learn different tools used in content writing. 

At Henry Harvin, you will get trained by industry experts in 36 hours of instructor-led training. All the study materials and e-learning access are provided by them. Also, you will get your hands on different types of projects. After completion of the training, they will issue a course completion certificate. There are guaranteed internships available with the completion of the course. To update yourself with industry trends there are monthly Bootcamp offered for 12 months duration. 

Henry Harvin also assists with 100% job assistance, e-learning access, free access to hackathons, and competitions. The course fee for the content writing course in Chennai at Henry Harvin is Rs. 15000 only. You can also avail of a gold membership that benefits you with one-year golden membership to Henry Harvin writing academy. 

Along with the content writing course, the following courses are also offered at Henry Harvin.

The benefit of the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course

  • Learn from the best of industry experts.
  • Comprehensive learning on essential aspects of English languages
  • Graphic designing skills are required in making PPTs, logos, etc.
  • Knowledge of advanced research skills for any topic.
  • Knowledge about the content strategies and targeting the right audience.
  • Skills that are required to deal with freelance projects of national and international clients.

2. Spark academy

Spark Academy is one of the leading institutes that offers content writing courses in Chennai. They offer content writing courses to those aspiring writers that are passionate about writing.

Their content writing course is for one month. In this instructor-led course, they will teach you about the basic understanding of the English language and grammar, content strategies and planning, different writing styles, and content types. 

Their curriculum includes fundamentals of writing, writing process, after writing aspects, and details about publishing. The course fee is Rs. 6000. They usually held their training on weekends. They will grant you with completion certificate and assist with the job placements.

Benefits of Content Writing Course at Spark Academy

  • The duration of the content writing course is one month.
  • They do not have any eligibility criteria apart from basic knowledge of English and grammar.
  • It is suitable for working professionals as they are usually trained on weekends.


FITA is one of the IT and placements companies that offer content writing courses in Chennai. They firmly believe in assisting their students with quality education. Also, they make them job-ready for some of the best MNCs companies.

Their content writing course enhances you with a deep knowledge of content writing. Along with that, they also trained you to use the other required tools like Plagiarism tools, Google AdWords tools, etc.

They have well-trained instructors that have relevant experience in the content writing industry. As FITA has several branches all over Chennai, you can opt for either classroom-based or online training mode. Also, you can choose for weekdays, weekends, or fast-track batches. 

Benefits of Content Writing Course at FITA

  • Learn with real-time experienced industry experts.
  • Course completion certificate
  • Time flexibility to attend from various batches
  • Affordable fee structure with job assistance.

4. Payilagam

Payilagam is one of the best software training institutes that offers content writing courses in Chennai. They aim to provide young graduates the knowledge and skills that are required to get a job in this competitive job market.

Their content writing course teaches aspiring writers about the different aspects of the content writing industry. The curriculum of the course is designed as per the industry standards. They teach about the basic concepts of English languages, different types of writing types, editing, and publishing aspects.

The institute also offers a course completion certificate, mock interviews, group discussions, feedback, resume preparation, and job assistance.

5. Zuan Education

Zuan Education is one of the training institutes that offers content writing courses in Chennai.

They focus on teaching the marketing aspects of content writing, i.e., content marketing.

It has become imperial to be able to sell a product or service through the right content strategies. The content marketing course at Zuan Education enables its students with different aspects of marketing the content, networking, customer engagements, etc.

The duration of their course is 10 days with 2 hours on weekdays or 4 hours on weekends. You can enroll with them and choose to study in online, classroom training mode.

6. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is one of the famous institutes that offer content writing courses in Chennai. Along with content writing courses, they also offer courses on digital marketing and web designing.

Learning content writing from Digital Academy 360 will take your content writing skills from beginner to advanced level. With their industry-standard curriculum, you will learn how to write new content properly.

They recruit well-experienced trainers that are equipped with the best trends and updates of the industry. You will get to learn the different aspects of content writing, email-writing. You will also get to work on industry-related projects and case studies. After completion of the course, they will issue the certificate and offer job assistance.

7. Newcent Training Academy (NTA)

Newcent Training Academy (NTA) offers a diploma in content writing. It is one of the institutes that offer content writing courses in Chennai. They offer this course to national and international candidates.

The main feature of the content writing course at Newcent Training Academy (NTA) is there are three different learning programs. Firstly, they offer content writing as a distance learning program. This program includes study material through email, examination, and certification with a duration of 8 weeks. It is best suited for international applicants. The fee structure for the distance learning program is Rs 15000.

Secondly, they offer classroom content writing courses. With 8 weeks of teaching, they provide classroom coaching, content material, examination, and certification. The course fee is Rs 28000.

Lastly, for the professional and individuals with 3 years of experience, they have direct certification of a content writing course. This only includes examination and certification. The duration of this program is 1-2 weeks and the fee are Rs 10800

8. Adwants Digimac

Adwants Digimac is a popular digital marketing institute. They also offer courses on affiliate marketing, social media marketing, SEO along with content writing courses in Chennai. 

The duration of the course is short and intense. In their 15 hours of teaching, they cover different aspects of blog writing, social media writing, the scope of content creation, email writing, website content, SEO, basic English language and grammar, aspects of technical writing, and content strategy with their curriculum.

With their course, you will learn the insights of content creation for websites and blogs.

9. Nestsoft

Nestsoft is one of the training institutes that offers content writing courses in Chennai. Their course helps the new learners with different aspects and tools used in the content writing process.

The curriculum is well established keeping guidelines for content writing in mind. It mainly focuses on the essentials of writing, things to learn before, during, and after writing, and publishing. They also offer their students real-time projects that help them to get insights into an industry trend. 

The trainers for the content writing course are well-experienced and can teach the latest updated learning to students. The course fee starts from Rs 2500. Due to the pandemic situation, they also started online training mode.

10. Prism Network

Prism Network is a Chennai-based training institute. They offer technical writing courses as a part of content writing courses in Chennai.

Prism Network is an affiliate institute for Technical Writing International, Australia. The curriculum covers the detailed learnings of technical writing. Their courses are designed towards skill development and job-oriented learning. Their faculty members have nearly 50 years of experience.

The duration of the course is 4 months and the course fee is Rs 56000.

11. Harappa Online Education

Harappa Online Education is one of the online training platforms that offer content writing courses in Chennai.

The curriculum of the course is designed to teach you to structure your thoughts, help you to polish your writing styles, and teach you to write in a clear, crisp, and compelling manner. They have the best of trainers that are well-updated with the content writing industry. The course fee is Rs 899. With this course, they give you 12 months unlimited access to the course content, live learning support, self-paced learning, and assured certification.


QIAMS stands for The Quaide Milleth International Academy of Media Studies. They provide certification in a content writing course in Chennai.

The curriculum of the course is well-designed as per the standard of the content writing industry. The duration of the course is 30 hours for 10 days. The course is best suited for the individual with prior experience in content writing, for individuals with writing passion, subject matter experts willing to write. The course fee is Rs. 15000. 

13. ECT (Education and Career Times)

ECT is one of the best training platforms that offer content writing courses in Chennai. Their courses are recognized by the Government of India. They make their candidates industry-ready professionals with boast and confidence.

The duration of the course offered by ECT is 3 months. In these 3 months, you will get 32 hours of live instructor-led training and 50 hours of video-based self-learning and other useful videos.

After completion of training, you need to complete 7 assignments based on the curriculum. Also, you need to complete 5 hands-on projects and 10 quizzes to get the course completion certification. 

After completion of the course, ECT will offer you lifetime support, 100% job assistance, and work from opportunities. The course fees are Rs 15000.

14. Skill Upgrader

Skill Upgrader is one of the career growth and counseling platforms. Along with the other services they offer content writing courses in Chennai.

If you are among the students, aspiring writers, bloggers, etc. then the content writing course at Skill Upgrader will be the right choice for you. The course curriculum is well-designed and delivers the best information to the candidates. The duration of this content writing course is of 4 weeks. During these 4 weeks, you will get more than 16 hours of classes and 70+ hours of practical assignments. After completion of the course, they offer you three months internship offer along with 24/7 live support. They have dedicated placement support and freelance opportunities. Their certification has international recognition.

15. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab offers online content writing courses in Chennai and the rest of the places.

The curriculum of the content writing course is well-structured as per the industry structure. It focuses on the main aspects of content writing, i.e., content research, content writing, and content publishing. Along with these aspects, basic knowledge about digital marketing, reading and analysis of content, content writing ethics are also taught.

They have well-experienced trainers that teach basic to advanced level insights to the candidates.

The above-mentioned top 15 Content Writing Course in Chennai offers detailed knowledge of content writing and makes you a great content writer. We will now tell you about the job profile of a content writer and why the content writing industry is the right career choice.

Job profile of the content writer

As a content writer, you are responsible for making content about a product or service for websites or online businesses. The content you produce should be unique, clear with high readability.

Content writers should be able to write a persuasive piece of information that makes readers intrigued to read more. Along with creating content, content writers should also be able to plan, strategize, and publish content that is SEO optimized.

Editing, proofreading the other content, and finalizing it for publishing is also a job of a content writer. Along with websites, a content writer can create ad copies, social media posts, emails, business proposals, user manuals, e-book, and creative writing pieces as per the demand of any client.

Why Content Writing Industry is The Right Career Choice

During the pandemic, many businesses could not work physically. Both smaller and big businesses work hard to create their space digitally. Before the pandemic, digital businesses showed slow growth. But, as the world stopped working physically, everyone has seen tremendous growth in online businesses.

Every website needs content that makes its products clickable and sellable. Only the best of content writers can make that magic with the content. Furthermore, creating SEO optimizing content is the highest in demand. 

By learning the different and correct aspects of content writing, you can boost up your career graph to another level. Having fluency in writing in English is sufficient to make anyone content writer. Brushing up those skills with the above-mentioned content writing courses can land you a good job profile as a content writer. The content writing industry welcomes everyone with good English knowledge. You can pursue content writing as a full-time job, part-time job, or as a freelancer. As per research, a freelancing content writer makes Rs 200000 per month by creating unique and easy-to-read content.

If you are willing to redefine your career, then the content writing industry is highly recommended. This is because it is never dying industry with 65000+ job opportunities every day all over the world.

How will the Content Writing Course Help?

Different writing styles are required to be developed to become a successful content writer. A well-structured content writing course teaches about the fundamentals of content writing. It helps to brush up on the knowledge of the English language and grammar.

Also, a content writing course will help to do proper research, content planning, content marketing, and content monetizing. With this knowledge, you can earn well and make your personal brand.

Content writing also teaches you about the different types of content such as blog writing, creative writing, medical writing, technical writing, social media writing, email writing, copywriting, SEO website writing, etc. Whatever interests you among the list, you can pursue it further to make it a distinguished career option.

Thus, choosing the right content writing course is an essential first step toward the world of the content writing industry.

Different Types of Content Writing

  • Creative Writing: It defines as stories or essays that are beyond the boundaries of traditional rules of writing and grammar.
  • Medical writing: It is the type of writing that deals with the documentation of science and health-related topics.
  • Technical writing: Technical writing deals with drafting or writing technical aspect of any product, 
  • Copywriting: It is a short form of content that is intended for marketing purposes.
  • Blogging: Blogging refers to any type of writing, photos, videos that are self-published by a writer.
  • Email writing: It is a part of business communications that are used with the purpose of lead generation and customer engagements.
  • Social media post: It is also a short form of content that is used to publish specific content on social media platforms.

Scope of Content Writing Courses in Chennai

As the demand for content, in particular, grows in the market, content writing as a career option offers tremendous prospects. As the demand for content, in particular, grows in the market, content writing as a career option offers tremendous prospects. Many article writing assignments are delegated to companies.


Chennai is the epicenter of various types of business with the highest employability rate. Among the IT sector and online training, centers dominate the job sector. As both of their deals with digital business, the scope of content writing in Chennai is also the highest.

Many aspiring writers can get trained with content writing courses in Chennai that are mentioned in this article. Right now, the content writing industry has the highest demand for job opportunities. One can make an excellent career in content writing by taking a good content writing course.

Content writing opens several doors that lead to different job opportunities. If anyone wishes to pursue a content writing career as a full-time opportunity, can opt for it. Also, content writing is considered a great side-hustle that supports you financially.

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Q1. Why should I do content writing courses in Chennai?

Ans. Content writing courses in Chennai give your career new alternatives. It enables you to expand your abilities and market your synopsis. This course also gives several regular or freelance projects, training, and placements.

Q2. Is Content Writing marketing?

Ans. Content marketing and content writing did precisely, which means that they should be done concurrently. Content writing and content marketing assistance work together in conformity. When this is done, the outcome will be a chunk of content that gives value to readers while renovating them into consumers.

Q3. What are the benefits of enrolling in Henry Harvin for a Content Writing course in Chennai?

Ans. The following benefits you’ll get from Henry Harvin-

Detailed learning on important factors of English language
Graphic designing abilities are mandated in making PPTs, logos/stamps, etc.
Proficiency in developing research techniques for any topic.
Proficiency in content techniques and targeting the right audience.
Techniques that are expected to trade with freelance projects of nationwide and global clients.

Q4. How many types of writing styles can we learn from the content writing course?

Ans. Below are the types of writing styles that you’ll learn from a content writing course –

Technical writing
Medical writing
Email writing
Creative writing 

Q5. Why should I choose Chennai for doing the content writing course?

Ans. Chennai is the epicenter of different types of employment with an increased employability ratio. Among the IT sector and online activity, centers overlook the job sector. As with both of their contracts with digital industries, the domain of content writing in Chennai is also increased.

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