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I am Commerce Post Graduate. Have 6 years of work experience in Finance back-end operations. I am a Certified in Content writer and Advanced English English Trainer since 2020
How to become a Successful SAP Consultant

How to become a Successful SAP Consultant: 2022

Preface Do you have strong communication skills? Can you handle the problems like a cakewalk? Do you have the potential to develop software? You can aim to pursue a career as a successful SAP Consultant. An SAP Consultant provides solutions for business-related issues which is quite challenging and diverse. We...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of DIgital Marketing
digital marketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing: 2022

Preface Digital Marketing has given major access to the mass market for any organization at a reasonable price. Digital marketing advantages have outweighed the other media like TV and Print Advertising professionally. The rise of the Internet and the growth of digital technology has brought many positive effects in this...

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Business Analyst Courses in Delhi
Business Analytics

Top 17 Business Analytics Course in Delhi: 2022

Introduction Business Analysis is a discipline to understand the various operations of the business to improve its efficiency. In an organization, It is very important to identify the adverse segments of a business operation and identify how to overcome the hurdles. It is a process to analyze the process to...

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Accounting and Taxation

Top 21 Taxation Courses in India: 2022

Introduction The Central and State Government plays a predominant role in defining the taxes in India.  Taxation is which a government or the taxing authority enforces a tax on their citizens and business units. Taxation Courses are very popular among accounting professionals to improve their career prospects by enhancing their...

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