Advantages and Importance of SAP Training for Organizations: 2023

SAP Training

SAP training or certifications has created a terrific buzz in the world of information and technology. SAP training is an important certifications if you want to equip youself and add an extra achievement in your career . No one can deny the craze it has created among IT professionals. Have you ever wondered what is SAP ? SAP is short for Systems, Applications and Products in data processing. SAP training is important for you as it accelerates productivity and innovations. SAP training promises a bright future to the individuals. It is one of the leading providers of business software solutions to business functionality and competitive value irrespective of the size of the company. The advantage of SAP training for you is that brings global recognition to you. 

SAP in data processing was launched in June 1972. SAP training was used in big business . Now most of the businesses adopted SAP irrespective of their sizes finding the advantages of it . SAP certification or training is an advantage for aspiring professionals. Henry Harvin is providing SAP training that is helping aspirants to reach high in their careers. Building strong technical support for organizations is the key SAP advantage.SAP training is important to gain knowledge, expertise for the professionals in software and programmes run in the organisations. 

There are various SAP Modules for different fields. The SAP modules are divided into three groups.

  • Functional module
  • Technical module
  • Industry-specific module

Below mentioned is the list of popular modules in each group.

Functional Module

  •  SAP HCM Module in an Organisation (HR Department)
  •  SAP CRM module in an organisation (Customer Relationship Management)
  •  SAP SD module in an organisation (Sales and Distribution)
  •  SAP Module FI (Finance Accounting) in an organisation
  •  SAP Module in quality management

Technical Module

  • SAP BI Module- Business Intelligence
  • SAP GRC Module-Governance Risk Compliance
  • SAP MDM Module
  • SAP ABAP Module
  • SAP Security Module

 Industry-Specific Module

  • SAP IS Banking
  • SAP IS Aerospace and Defence
  • SAP IS Engineering, construction and Operations
  • SAP IS High Tech Industries
  • SAP IS Insurance companies and currency market.

 Functional Modules

Advantages of SAP in HCM Module in an Organisation

SAP in HMC Module is important in the HR department of the organisation. The job of an HR department is not merely recruiting in an organisation. An SAP HCM Module enables to keep records from designation, payment, compensation to the promotion of the candidates.SAP training is important and advantageous in the HR department to do the work in the organisation.

There are different sub modules in SAP HCM from workforce organisation, time administration e-recruitment, payroll and reporting.

SAP certification will give you an upper hand in the HR department as it gives you the expertise to work in organisational management which manages the human resources of an entire organisation to achieve the goals set. This training is an important qualification needed to work in the HR department of the organisations. HR professionals are getting benefitted in their careers after completing the SAP training successfully. 

Advantages of SAP CRM Module in Organizations

SAP Customer Relationship Management aid in the better management of the customer needs and helps in attaining long term customer relationships benefitting the customers and the organisation. SAP CRM adapts to create unique solutions for the customer’s problems. Thus enhancing the experience of the customers. 

SAP has the advantage of creating a consistent relation between the branches dealing with the customers in the organisations. Most importantly customer satisfaction is one of the key aims of business. SAP gives the advantage of attaining customer satisfaction. SAP training plays a vital role in an organisation. Specificaly SAP training is important in the organisations irrespective of the size of the organisation.

Advantages of SAP SD Module in Organizations

SAP training is advantageous in the sales and distribution to manage sales orders, pricing, billing and credit processes, shipping of the products of the organisations. SAP in Sales and Distribution is useful in billing or invoice generation, credit management, pricing and discounts and other statutory requirements.SAP is important for the swift management of the task in the sales and distribution of the organisation.

Advantages of SAP Module in Finance Accounting

SAP in Finance Module deals in managing financial transactions within the organisation. SAP training in the  Finance field will help to understand the financial position of the enterprise in the market. Specificaly the advantage of SAP is that everything is recorded. With SAP it is easy to understand the inflow and the outflow of the finance in different departments and manage the finance of the organisation. The SAP is important in consolidating the data and for diverse business transactions.

Technical Modules

SAP BI Module- Business Intelligence

Different businesses may use different tools to get insights that help to make decisions.SAP BIModule is important to bring all the data to one place. This provides all the matrix and the data depending on the customer behaviour in a flexible and scalable place. SAP BI can provide a flexible framework that can support the growth of the business from tens and thousands of users and from a single tool to multiple tools to provide insight.SAP training includes simplified, personalised and dynamic information consumption.

SAP GRC Module-Group Risk Compliance

SAP Governance Risk Compliance training is advantageous for the organisation to control several types of risk, their data security and data authorisation. The governance is a mechanism for reducing risk as the management is by the senior executives directly or indirectly. Risk management is the field in which the management identifies, analysis and responds to the risks that almighty affect the business objectives of the organisations.

SAP MDM Module

SAP Master data Management is a module used for developing a union data set on the customers, suppliers and products from the IT field. Master data is the core data of the enterprise that includes the product, customer, supplier and employee.MDM is a technology that includes the definition of processes and responsibilities for master data maintenance. SAP MDM is an enterprise-wide task that requires the cooperation of the organisations business units.


The SAP Advanced Business Application Programming is used for the enhancement of the SAP Modules in different fields. They are business, products,cost, sales etc. This is a high-level programme that provides an abstraction of the basic data. ABAP is developed by SAP for the working in SAP.

SAP Security Module

SAP Security Module helps access where it is needed and will not give access where it is not needed.SAP Security Module maintains the security of the data of the organisation. By Using SAP Security different layers of security can be introduced in the system.SAP Security has confidential data of the organisation which can be accessed by the authorities.

 Industry-Specific Module

SAP IS Banking

SAP provides a platform with its digital framework in the banks. This helps to serve the current customers better and to reach out to the underbanked area and provide financial services in the required area. This outreaching will help for the improvement in the business in the region.

SAP IS Aerospace and Defence

SAP provides unique business management solutions for aerospace.SAP provides a ready to use service which reduces the time for market innovations without compromising safety.  business.SAP Aerospace and Defence will help for the global expansion.

SAP IS Engineering, construction and Operations

SAP helps for the accomplishments of the whole construction cycle from start to finish.SAP training in the engineering field will help for understanding the customer and to customise the product according to the need.SAP will help in optimising the workflow and managing the potential customers at the end of the project.

SAP IS High Tech Industries

SAP plays a vital role in the high tech industriesby using innovative technologies. This improve productivity ,cost control and sales of the organisation.This helps business owners to take decisions to transform prospects and possibilities into reality.

SAP IS Insurance companies and currency market

SAP in insurance will make it easy for the employees to work efficiently to bring profitability to the organisation and to maintain customer loyalty.SAP helps state regulators to monitor the solvency of the insurance organisations.

Importance of SAP certifications in an organisation

Return on their investment

SAP-certified individuals are important for the organisation to get a return on their software investments. The trained individuals are capable of utilising the SAP systems to get the investments from diffrent areas to one platform. This helps the organisations and improving the business.This improves the cash returns to the organisation. SAP-certified individuals understand the working of the system well and have problem-solving capabilities.

Improve Job Performance

When the individuals are SAP trained, the individuals will understand the system and find the solutions . They will gain work efficiency and crisis management capability in the work. This helps for an easy and better performance in their jobs. They are more productive and achieve greater efficiency in their work.

Manage Employee skills Globally

SAP training helps the individuals in the organisation to manage the employee skills very well. The SAP training is essential for the individuals of the organisation to be efficient and to attain expertise in the field. The organisation can utilise the SAP skills of their employees globally.

Employee Retention

The individuals who are SAP certified are happy to work in the companies and vice versa. It is beneficial for the organisation for the retention of the employees as they are skilled and work efficiently. The employees will stay in the company if the organisation has invested in their training.

Align Policies and Operations

With the implemention of the SAP within the organisation the aligning of policies will be easy. SAP training is advantageous for the employees to run the company according to the strategies and the plans of the organisation.SAP is important in retrieving the information and identifying the concerns and being proactive.

Improve output and insight

SAP will improve the efficiency of the system and increase the productivity of the organisation. SAP is important for quality analysing and to improve productivity. SAP helps for easy management of the operations.

Reduce cost by increasing flexibility

SAP training gives the advantage of using the system to improve the standardisation of the outcome. This helps in improving efficiency and productivity within and beyond the organization. SAP helps to expand the business ecological unit.

Improve financial management and corporate governance

SAP training helps to gain improvement in the understanding of the financial and management functionalities. The Framework of SAP will help to improve productivity, control the finance and manage the risk within the organisation.

Optimise IT spending

Linked data functions using the SAP system helps in improving the cash flow and reducing the cost of borrowing.SAP Business Suite applications help for reducing the high integration costs and the need to buy expensive third-party software.

SAP Training Institutes

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is providing one of the best training in SAP. Thousands of professionals are getting an advantage in their careers after completing the course.. Henry Harvin’s SAP Training course is ranked among the top 3 courses in the industry. Professionals get the best training in SAP which helps them to attain efficiency and expertise in the field. This is the right time to join for SAP training with Henry Harvin as the candidates are getting extremely good training under the experts. Henry Harvin is well equipped with the latest technology and pioneer leaders in the field as faculty. Henry Harvin has been providing assistance in the placement.

Contact number: 9015266266

Course duration: 44 hours 

Course fee: INR 29550

List of SAP Courses provided in Henry Harvin:

  •  SAP FICO Course
  •  SAP MM ECC Course
  •  SAP HR Course
  •  SAP HANA Course
  •  SAP ABAP Course
  •  SAP BO Course
  •  SAP BW Course
  •  SAP Security Course
  •  SAP CRM Course
  •  SAP GRC  Course

2. Atos India 

Atos India is one of the leading institutes providing SAP Training. They provide SAP training in different fields. This is the first SAP Training institute in India. They provide placement assistance for those who completed the course. The faculties are experts in the field. They offer corporate training for the trainees. The courses are designed to meet the requirements of the industry. Their training centres are in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune.

Contact number: 9243166026

Course duration: 8 to 12 months

Course fees: INR 30000 to 2 lakhs

3. Delphi Computech

Delphi Computech is one of the leading SAP Training institutes in India. They provide highly efficient training by experts in the field. They will help in acquiring placements after completion of the course. They provide practical training sessions which helps for the enhancement of the careers. This institute is providing training in management and IT fields of the organisations. This institute is in Pune.

Contact  number: 8459865077

Course duration: 160 hours

Course fees: INR 15000 to 20000


SAP training in an organisation is important as it provides a digital framework for the employees can get information regarding accounting, management and sales and distribution.SAP is one of the number one providers of business software solutions in the world. The advantage of SAP in an organisation is that it provides strong technical support for the employees that can enhance the work processes within the organisation.SAP Training is available online live training or onsite live training. SAP Trainings are helpful for individuals career enhancement as it provides better working capability and it helps the organisations to attain the goals.

Join the SAP Training course now to keep up your skills up to date, stay current with new cloud update product releases where you can enable continuous learning that can assure and validate the highest standards of SAP solutions expertise across your organisation.


1. What are the benefits of SAP Training?

SAP system gives control over various business processes to increase productivity, inventory management, better quality and reduce cost-effectively.

 2. Who all can take SAP certification?

Any graduate can pursue a career in  SAP. However, SAP ERP Certification requires relevant working experience.

3. What is SAP?

System Applications and Products in the data processing.SAP is an enterprise resource planning software.

 4. What are the different applications of SAP?

SAP Supply Chain Management
SAP Customer Relationship Management
SAP Product Life Cycle Management
SAP Supplier Relationship Management
SAP Advanced Planning and Optimisation

5. What is the importance of SAP in Business?

SAP can make your business run smoothly by developing consistency in processing, efficiency and flexibility.SAP helps for easy communications between the different departments in the business.

 6. How many modules are there in SAP?

There are 25 Modules in SAP.

7. Is SAP still relevant?

 SAP will not be outdated forever, as it is implemented in most of the fortune 500  
companies globally.

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