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What Is Creative Writing? Salary, Skills And How To Become A Creative Writer In 2023?

“Creativity is the realm of Writing. Writing is at its helm with Creativity”

Should this begin by giving a definition of Creative Writing? No, it would not do that well. Instead of staring directly at the glaring sun, its light and shine can be known from its spread, and things it brightens up – Such is the relation between writing and creativity that looking at creative writing as a lumpsum topic will scorch out the game in it.


It is definitely hard to pinpoint creativity, an undone idea, impregnated in all things.

Creativity can be associated with Creating, Solving, Performing, Writing, and moving on to a more subtle side, Perceiving, Thinking, even Living.

There is infinitely more to Creativity than just being the word quoted so often and freely, to suggest newness, a spark in relation to whatever the subject.

Look around – this world is a creation, even mildly putting, the first, the nascent, and the native example of creativity. Unavoidably, since humans belong within, also referring to their synthetic world, which, simply, not as fascinating, is still a product of creativity.

Some milestones that changed the world, made it leap into advancements are summits of human thinking, intelligence and creativity – that’s attributing a little positively to us Anthropos.

Poignant Over Creativity - It's Colourful Anyway
Poignant Over Creativity – It’s Colourful Anyway

Creativity would have arrived, ultimately!… AT THE DOORSTEP OF WRITING

If a single quality is to be attributed to Writing, it is Creativity.

Writing is as varied as the subjects that can be commentated on and their treatment. Writing creatively can be considered an art, a craft, a technique, shadowing from the flickers of creativity within.

When writing can have a style as versatile,

When writing can have words as versatile,

When writing can have subjects as versatile,

Then that is through creativity vent-off.

Creativity Takes Courage & Persistence
Creativity is Courageous – Speaks of Versatility in Writing


Creativity and Writing Creatively is not only an integrally demanded component, but the basis of any such writings, as those of

Ad Copies – Ad Copy Writing-Writing for Advertising

Scripts – Film, Video, Game Script Writing-Writing for Gaming, Motion Pictures, Performance

Books – Book Writing, Novel Writing – Writing for Publishing, Fiction/Non-Fiction

Blog/Article/Stories/Features – Regularized Writing for Web & Broadcasting (Digital Media) & Newspapers, Magazines (Print Media)

Plays/Drama – Theatrical Writing, Drama Writing

Poetry – Poetic Writing

Lyrics/Musicals – Song Writing

To have a general, brief, common idea of what constitutes these writings is not hard. For a closely real idea, some detail of what makes them creatively oriented is required – the upcoming portion is going to do just that by cupping its hands around these writings, and making observations.

Creative Writing - Many Forms & Exercises
Creative Writing – Many Forms & Exercises

Ad Copy Writing

What is an Ad Copy?

An Ad Copy is a copy for advertisement(s).  It is a creative description of a product, its purpose, functionality, & unique characteristics, unifying it with consumers.

Ad Copies or Advertisement Copies are brand & product driven, done for marketing to promote products and eventually the brands, building their reputation and propelling product sales.

Ad Copies can be short and long or any length as matched to the type of advertisement.

Ads Appearance and the Message

An Ad Copy is not just in writing, but equally of visuals – art, graphics, colors, design.

If anything, Ads are visually appealing – the Static Ads – the Silent Ads like Posters, Flyers, Banners, Stickers, Labels are created in such a way that the eyes cannot pass-off without reading what’s on them while looking at the magnified pictorials.

The Dynamics Ads – The Sound Action Ads like TV Ads, Video Ads on Internet, are to be engaging for that duration, implanting an impression of desire (to go for the product)

Where does Creative Writing take place in Ads?

  • In One-liners, Taglines, Catch-phrases, Punch-lines, Slogans, Sing-along jingles, Enticing-crisp offer messages
  • In short, story-mincing paragraphs making supple claims of products/brands being the best there are – being the market winners
  • In Scripts, Screenplays, Story-boarding, Dialogue (of the Animate Ads)
Creative Writing - Ad Copy  Writing - Ad Appearance & Message: Writing & Visuals
(Ad/Image Courtesy: Tajrobeh Design Studio)
Creative Writing – Ad Copy Writing – Ad Appearance & Message: Writing & Visuals
(Ad/Image Courtesy: Tajrobeh Design Studio)

Creatives in an Ad

The Concept of an Ad is the first Creative (the high level one).

The Writing (prose or poetry) of an Ad is the second Creative.

The Visuals, Art of an Ad are its third Creative.

Yet, another, the Play in an Ad is its fourth Creative

The plight of the Creatives is in being just a writer of copies and to stand out in being strictly that. Especially, in the Ads arena, creative writing should encompass the whole concept of an Ad – the first high level creative, which has its hand in full execution.

Roles of Creativity in the Ad World

Copy Writer, Copy Editor, Copy Supervisor, Proof Reader, Creative Director, Creative Lead, Story-Boarder, Content Manager, Ad Manager (Social Media included), and more…

An Article, A Story/Feature, A Post

100-500, 1000, 2000, 3000 or more – Written in words at these counts, Articles, Stories, Posts are composed over topics, news, events, experiences, to expect & say the least, over whatever comes to mind.

An Article would have multiple ways and chances to be creative.

  • Elaboration, Discussion, Challenge (Refuting), Case-in-point, Opinions, Wringing of World’s Essence, Introduction, Overviews and more can happen in Articles.

Stories that are non-fictional features, predominantly take the side of presenting occurrences, happenings, what’s to come, importance of standing arrangements.

Stories can signify, as well as easily devalue the requirements of the world and their fulfillment or not. Stories play on the world stage.

For Stories, creativity has its own zone. They are written on the basis of facts, ideally on their objective analysis, but interpretation takes the lead. Creativity will lie in attuning the audience to the sensitivity in that interpretation.

A Post is a quick, sharp take of communication – so, short in that sense. Posts mainly belong to the Social Media. Posts can also happen on dedicated websites.

Creative Writing - Posts - Express Awe
Creative Writing – Posts – Express Awe
  • Posts can be written with a creative outlook, as in leading to the creative or the brighter next. It depends purely on the purpose of the post.
  • Posts are used to express awe, assimilation into something majestic
  • Posts can share good, bad, accomplishments, fall-outs
  • Posts can make appeals – social, humanitarian
  • Posts can call for events, for public participation
  • Posts can be about dispersing happenings around and swiftly informing

Creative Writing - Story Writing
Creative Writing – Story Writing

Books- Fiction/Non-Fiction

What can be said of Books that is not already known?! Books are anything, but, bookish.

For writing (read also creative), books are a Utopia, can be a writer’s dream and the ultimate accomplishment.

Books of fiction are of narrative, descriptive style of writing, where writers are creating new worlds with characters and stories, taking readers on a full journey of a life lived by the characters in them.

Books of Non-fiction are also creative work, and can also be of narrative style, but with objectivity in writing, without having to create vivid scenes for fulfilling reader’s imagination.

One of the best habits to have and cultivate, reading books is a refuge and love for most.

 Creatively Written Books – A Recommendation for Reading

Not modern, but classically written –

  1. The Jeeves Omnibus – Jeeves & Wooster Stories by P.G. Woodehouse
  2. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Books on Creativity – Feel At Home With It

  1. Lateral Thinking by Edward de Bono
  2. Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Here comes, the universe of cinema. Although, scripts do not belong to cinema alone, those are most associated with it, the popular medium of entertainment and creative expression.

Scripts or Screenplays are written in terms of scenes (with dialogue), as they play in the writer’s mind. A writer’s visualization is the cinema or animation that plays on the screens.

The shortest video, or the longest feature film, both require a screenplay.


Is one form of writing that sings without being a song and comes from the heart.

Poetry is the most tender of Writings. Poetry is literature.

Poetry will do just being 2 lines that rhyme or as a fine sonnet (a 14-line poem).

It can take on a multitude of forms, like that of whimsical writing, revolutionary writing, inspirational writing, tributary writing and more.

Poetry – More Than A Hobby

Poetry can be used as a preface, as a conclusion of a writing artifact, like a book.

A full book of Poetry can be published.

Poetry can be and is used in Postcards, Greetings.

Poetry has found a taking in excerpts of art, performances where expression is subtle and intense.

Poetry is used to improve the power of comprehension.

Often read and quoted fabulous Poetry gains a place in the literary works.

Creative Writing in its many-a-forms -  Dabble in it
Creative Writing in its many-a-forms – Dabble in it

Plays/Drama – Playwriting

When it comes to writing plays, the first name that flashes in mind is William Shakespeare – the playwright of 18th century, whose vocabulary consisted of more than 20000 words.

Of course, creatively rich, but being more of a litterateur’s undertaking, much won’t be elaborated on playwriting. But it is also written as scenes or a prolonged sequence for live, continuous performing without an aid of CUT, where also the visualization parameters are attuned to less synthetic & graphical ambience.

Playwriting is done as writing for Theatre, Drama, and is also intently taught in courses of creative writing.

Creative Writing - Playwriting - Theatre - Plays & Drama - Live Action
Creative Writing – Playwriting – Theatre – Plays & Drama – Live Action

Songs – Lyric Writing

Songs are Poetry or Prose in Music. The lyrics’ writers of songs are Lyricists.

Songs are to be written with a purpose – To be Sung. This is one writing that isn’t written for reading. Songs are contoured according to the music they get set in, while the whole music industry stands on their foundation.

Songs are written around situations, of infinite kinds. It would do more good than missing out, if the situations are not described, since none at all require any explaining on song writing.

Songs are also of old times. They are not a recent-making. Folk Songs, a rendition of individuals with a longing for their voices to be heard, have been a pronunciation of Culture, Rusticity, everywhere.

Folk Songs are Impromptu Creativity.

How To Be A Creative Writer?

Just Write, Write & Write
Just Write, Write & Write

In 2022 & Timelessly

Timeless Writing & Writer
Timeless Writing & Writer

Foremost, just Write, Write & Write. Practice of writing is also the anvil on which the courses in Writing and Creative Writing try to shape the writer in a person.

If there is a want to write, in all likelihood, it is from the inclination towards writing. Thinking about it, anybody out there, has had to write something, out of expression, or comprehension, or interpretation, very well, starting young, & during school days, & also when bored or alone, has written (letters) to loved ones.

Writing - Starting Young - Letters - Journals
Writing – Starting Young – Letters – Journals

Generally, it is consistent with free thinking to not have a rigid understanding about how writing or creative writing ought to be.

Whatever the stage of writing, aspirants of exercising creativity through writing can take these 5 steps… down to fetch a pail of water, which they see themselves in.

First-timers, Time & Again

Catch those passing thoughts, prickly to be written down – Writing Journals are a thing.

Except for the walking dead, none is going to have a hollow mind, devoid of interesting thoughts at all times.

Time & Niche

Mold routine to squeeze out a minimum of 30 minutes of writing time, everyday! – How?

  • Favourite Topics the mind usually banks on are good rescuers in times of starting issues.
  • These favourite topics are also termed as Niches; often becoming so when one acquires extensive knowledge, skill, or a higher edge in handling those topics.
  • So, work with one’s own Niche with a Niche.
Niche - Of Your Liking
Niche – Of Your Liking

Time, Clarity, Experiment & Type

With time and practice, writing gains refinement and writer’s choices, clarity. Strengths & Struggles come to fore, based on which Writers can experiment. Writers get go and experiment anyway.

Experimenting this way, the types of writing that can be dabbled in, open up –

Drama, Poetry, Lyrics, Fictional & Non-Fictional Stories, Features, Scripts, Copies, are many forms of creative writing that can be immersed in.

Time, Challenges & Portfolio

Writers benefit from solo adventures. Self-motivation and Self-challenge are invaluable, indispensable accompaniments of Writing.

A Writer's Focus -Self-Motivated
A Writer’s Focus -Self-Motivated

However, challenges of writing are needed to be diverse, and indeed are widespread, if one wanted to pursue.

Courses in Creative Writing, treating it as a specialized form of writing are avenues that are most available and most simple for putting oneself through varied challenges; and, also to assess one’s standards, realize one’s own standing in healthy comparison to other writers, and ultimately create a portfolio.

  • Learning & Sharing with accomplished writers formulates writing into becoming more acceptable in circles (professional, commercial, community) – be it grammar, style, vocabulary, the voice of writing, writing structure, or any other crucial elements of writing
Workshops - A good way to share
Workshops – A good way to share

Time, Opportunity & Advancement

A portfolio of writing is just what’s asked for when seeking opportunities in writing, in just about all the fields that use writers or creative writers. The story might differ if one wants to single out as only a novel or a book writer, which even require capable editing and proof-reading skills.

Of what nature, the advancement as a Writer might be the objective, it should never stop – Advancing in writing, advancing as a writer is primary – Advancing in positions of Writing is secondary

The Primary Advancement

Since creativity cannot be caged, controlled, efforts can be made tangibly to make creativity happen effortlessly, more often than not.

Tangibility in Writing comes from its technicalities – the proper & advanced use of language

Be a Writer of your Words – It may not be easy to realize, but words of language are the torch-bearers of writing. What is that everybody usually falls short of? … … That’s right!

That elusive creativity could be running away, hiding, slipping out, lurking teasingly, but words can bring it out. For even a brilliant idea, fast-paced, lack of words will eventually catch-up, dragging it down.

Just simple words are enough – yes, but that’s a limitation. Simple or Complex, it wouldn’t matter if a writer knows their words and how to use them, making the words feel simple or complex.

Be a Writer of Your Words
Be a Writer of Your Words

Courses For Writers – Creative

Creative Writing Courses – What might they have?

Exclusive creative writing courses cover what are considered as different genres of creative writing –

  1. Fictional / Non-Fictional Stories (usually short)
  2. Poetry
  3. Drama
  4. Books/Novels
  5. Narrative Essays
  6. Personal Memoirs
  7. Life Writing
  8. Comedy Writing
  9. Scripts

The world of writing is vast, its knowledge extensive, its aspirants plenty, but nothing about it is measly. So are the courses and discourses, and discussions on writing, and out of the vastness, these following are a few good ones found –

Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course

It is a globally recognized course and comes with guaranteed internship in Creative Writing – an opportunity that should not be missed, an opportunity that hardly comes by.

The course is for learning creative writing in four genres or forms – Drama, Poetry, Fiction, & Non-Fiction. Details are available at the linked course name.

There are many other places or platforms that run creative writing courses

  • For short ones, Udemy is a good place
  • EDX does also have some cool courses in creative writing, including Micro-Masters, a series of creative writing courses
  • Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University ( is also an interesting platform  as a creative writing course choice

Writer's Room/ClassRoom - Jammin' Ideas
Writer’s Room/ClassRoom – Jammin’ Ideas

Descriptive Style of Writing

As simply as it can be put, writing with a lot of description on whatever that is being written is a Descriptive Style of Writing – If observation or imagination of the Writer is put through in stark detail, visually lucid, as if being seen, that’s Descriptive style of Writing. This kind of writing is very creative, and engaging, smoothing out the narratives in fiction or non-fiction. Descriptive and Narrative Style of Writing is particularly the styles of Fiction Writing

Writing That Describes - A Style
Writing That Describes – A Style

The Writer’s Voice

Narratives take readers along, speaking to them.

The Persons of Narrative

First Person I, Me, Us, We – Second Person You, Yours, You’ll; Conversing with readers, addressing them in second person, writers bringing themselves out in I, in first person, this also constitutes writing in active voice, where the actions are assigned to the readers, or the subjects. Readers are actors.

Third Person – They, It, Theirs, Her, His, Them: Writing in an indirect manner, using third person, addressing collectively, is a passive voice expression of writing.

All these give rise to the “Style of Writing”, “Voice of Writing” or the “Writer’s Voice”, which the readers can read, hear in their heads, and follow.

By far, the most important to attain, establish and own, Writer’s Voice – The Sound of Writing can make or break a piece of writing.

Writer's Voice - The Sound of Writing
Writer’s Voice – The Sound of Writing

Skills and Tools Of Creative Writing

Reiterating, for writing, if one is good with its technicalities, like grammar, vocabulary, and structure, the innate streak of creativity and imagination complete the crucible of skills for Creative Writing.

Coming to Tools – What the listed opportunities in Writing look for are tools of Collaboration, Content Management, Creative Design/Illustration, and Writing & Editing. A few of those tools are listed below.

A Note First: For writers too, as this article points out early in the discussion, and as it should be a natural understanding, by now, creative outlets, other than just writing happen, where in the tools for illustrations, representations come in handy.

List – that can be filtered, or to which always, more and more can be added

  • FreeHand – Adobe’s FreeHand, a sought after tool for hand like illustrations, story-boarding and production development
  • Drupal – OPEN SOURCE. Content Management System for creating & managing web content.
  • Google Docs – Writing/Editing, Sharing
  • *OpenOffice – OPEN SOURCE/FREE. Apache OpenOffice has multiple applications that can be used by writers for writing – Writer, drawing – Draw and making multimedia presentations – Impress
  • Celtx – Free Script Writing
  • *Scrivener – like it says on the Scrivener website, it is for Writing, Writing & Writing, a go-to app for Writers
  • Scribbles – Helium10 Scribbles, is for creating Amazon listings

Getting Paid For Creative Writing / Writing Creatively

Writing gets paid. More suitably, Creativity gets paid.

In fields that utilize creative writing, salary ranges anywhere from INR 2K-INR 1L monthly, and can also be more, depending on the industry.

Creative Heads get paid in higher ranges, where as beginning writers, fall in the lower salary ranges.

The media and entertainment industry pay on appreciable scales if the scripts hit it off with people.

The advertising/marketing industry also has such demand for writers that writing is a first-class work here in terms of payments too.

From research, the ranges in which writers make in the US come in between 20k-80k annually.


Putting Creative Writing To WORK

Industries or Sectors for employment of Creatives/Writers are all of those existing.

Listing up, consider industries of technology, engineering, healthcare, education, business, governance that are rooted in subject matter (expertise) – these require writing creatively.

And, then consider industries of Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Fashion, Glamour, Food, even Architecture/Spaces’ Design, that are particularly creative – these require Creative Writing at a specialized level.

There are also the in-betweens, but significant industries, like that of  Not-for-Profit Organizations, NGOs, that have a need for writers for creating people outreach, shedding light on their work, motivations, efforts, and objectives, & social impact

Employment Levels

Where there’s demand for Consumption, that industry thrives, and typically has higher hiring, which also extends out to Writing jobs.

Just so, the statistics also show that Tech, Retail, Media, Entertainment & Services (Architecture, Consulting etc.) are the predominant employers of Writers.


This article was composed based on the writing opportunities in the real world. Creativity is a highly recognized (soft) skill by hirers. Combine it with the love for Writing, and a Creative Writer is born. It remains to be seen without actually witnessing how this piece of composition makes a difference. Well…

… the feeling is of euphoria, coming to an end here. The wish was to stoke fires of creativity for it to become a continuously accessible and present part of life through this tiny attempt of an article. Hopefully, just any or some part of it stays on with the readers coming back to them as a reminiscence or recollection provoking a pursuit of Creativity, forever and of Creative Writing, for as long as they can.


1.       What is the difference between content writing and creative writing?

The two can be mixed up, because content writing needs to be creative. A search for writing opportunities for creative writing brings up content writing postings; although, not interchangeable, content writing and creative writing can be used collectively.
Strictly separating, creative writing, just by itself, is more imaginative, story-telling, artsy type of writing, whereas, content writing is more a purpose-based writing.

2.       Can some courses for creative writing be specified?

At a glance,
·         “Getting Started in Creative Writing”, “Inspired by New York”, “Writing Fiction: Developing Voices & Style” – online courses by Department of Continuing Education – Oxford University”
·         “Creative Writing Specialization” – at Coursera; there are also 2 screenplay/script writing  project oriented courses here
·         “How to Write a Novel”, “Writing for Performance and Entertainment Industry” – at EDX
·         “30-Day Creative Writing Challenge”, “Complete Creative Writing Course” – at Udemy
Also, is worth considering.

3.       Is a Creative Writing degree necessary for creative writing?

No, a straight answer that is. A degree in creative writing is not required. Active writing practice, good short courses, & creativity will do wonders.

4.       Who is considered the best creative writer in the world?

There is not one. To mention, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Scott F. Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, are the very few from the crème-de-la-crème.

5.       Is creative writing as a profession, taken seriously?

Creative writing, as such is not a separate tag. But creative writing is the component of any kind of serious work of writing. It has made people into famous writers – those that produced great works in the form of novels, books, films (screenplays), creative copies, plays, poems, songs, musicals.


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