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Master the Best Business Analytics Courses in India

India has become one of the hubs for businesses across the globe.  Now there is an ease of doing business in  India.  In today’s competitive business environment, companies that can effectively use data to drive their decision-making have a significant advantage over their competitors. Organisations can save substantial money using data to optimise operations and identify inefficiencies. In return demand for business analytics professionals is increasing in the market. It makes sense to do a professional course in Business analytics. Here you will find the top business analytics courses in India. 

Business analytics means using data, statistical analysis, and other quantitative techniques to derive insights and inform decision-making within an organisation. It involves collecting and analyzing large amounts of data from various sources, such as customer transactions, sales records, social media platforms, and other relevant authorities, to identify patterns, trends, and relationships that can provide valuable insights into business performance.

Aspirants for this highly lucrative job or futuristic job can choose from the following institutes which are the best 5 institutes offering Business Analytics Courses in India. 

Best business analytics courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an online education platform offering courses covering all students of all ages. They entered into training and education in 2013 and since then delivering training courses in multiple fields. Along with certification courses in more than 600 courses, they offer gold membership. It’s one of the best platforms to learn business analytics in India. This Business Analytics course will make students capable of exploring, analysing, and solving business problems by using analytics tools like advanced excel and R.

Key Highlights of Business Analytics course

  • Duration – 32hrs Training  along with  24hrs Brush up Sessions  and  50hrs E-Learning Access
  • Mode of Classes- Online live instructor-led classes
  • Course Fee- ₹ 29500
  • Industry professionals with ample experience in business analytics working as trainers and domain experts with henry Harvin. 
  • Get one year’s membership of FInanace academy
  • Access to e-learning portal
  • Get an option to do an internship with partner firms or Henry Harvin.
  • Get assistance in preparing for the interviews. 
  • Work on 5+ projects to get hands-on experience. 
  • Address: Henry Harvin House, B-12 Sec-6 Noida (UP)- 201301
  • Phone- +91 9891953953

Syllabus covered

  • Understand the concept of analytics
  • Get an Introduction to R programming
  • Know about Data Structures & Operators, Data Management
  • And learn to Apply Functions in R
  • Also, get to know about  Aggregation and Table Functions
  • get In-depth knowledge of Data Manipulation In R
  • Get to know about Graphs and advanced Graphs
  • Also learn about Linear Regression, Classification, and Analysis

There are many other courses also offered by the data science and analytics academy of Henry Harvin. For Instance 

  1. Financial Analytics with R
  2. Tableau course
  3. Power BI course 

2. Excelr 

Another name for the best analytics courses is Excelr institute. Started in 2014 this training and consulting institute has become a leading name in the industry now. They are the business partner of the top leader of the IT industry TCS. They do offer many courses in the field of data science and data analytics. Business analytics course by Excelr will make candidates ready for the job. Till now more than 15,000 students have got benefited from business analytics courses by Excelr. 

Key Highlights of Business Analytics course

  • Duration – 180+ hours of classes( 6 months)
  • Mode of classes-Live Virtual Classroom
  • Course Fee-  ₹49,999
  • The course has been designed based on industry trends. 
  • Learn directly from the experienced faculty of IIT, IIM & ISB
  • Work on more than 10 capstone projects.
  • Attend guest lectures and webinars for free. 
  • Its a 3 in 1 certification course- get certificates from Ecxelr, IBM and AIvariant

Syllabus Covered 

  • Learn Database concepts 
  • Get to know about Pivot tables, function charts and slicers.
  • Know about data visualisation.
  • Learn MySQL, Tableau, Power BI, SAS, and Fundamentals of R programming.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Python programming and Agile

3. Great Learning 


The next best institute for business analytics courses is Great learning Institute. In the last 9 years, they have made a  presence in more than 170 countries and have trained approximately near to 7 million learners across the world. The business analytics course by Great learning is in collaboration with TexasMc combs and great lakes. They offer post-graduate programmes in data science and Business analytics which make you ready with industry-ready business analytical skills. 

Key Highlights of Business Analytics course

  • Duration – 11 months course
  • Mode of classes- Online classes
  • Course Fee- Not Available
  • Get mentorship directly from industry experts.  
  • It’s a dual certification course. 
  • Learn from the Great Lakes, UT Austin and Stanford, ISI faculties.
  • Get a dedicated programme manager for every student. 
  • Work on real-life projects in the field of business analytics. 

Syllabus Covered

  • Learn Python, Tableau and data mining 
  • Learn Machine learning
  • Also, get to know about SQL and predictive modelling.

4. IIM, Calcutta

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta which is India’s one of best management schools offers a senior management programme in business analytics course. This course is for people from senior management who are seeking to upgrade their business analytics skills regarding customer value creation and business transformation. 

Key Highlights of Business Analytics course

  • Duration – 9 months course
  • Mode of classes- classroom and  Online classes both.
  • Course Fee-  ₹ 6,00,000 + GST
  • Get a certificate and alumni status from IIM Calcutta.
  • Learn and build a network by attending guests lecture by leading industry experts. 
  • Learn through hands-on training including group discussions and simulations. 

Syllabus covered 

  • Learn about the business value of data analytics.
  • Understand the statistics of data science.
  • Get to know descriptive analytics and experimentation. 
  • Learn concepts like Data sources and predictive and prescriptive analytics. 

5. Amity International Business School

 Amity University is one of the top universities across the globe ranking in the Top 3 % of universities globally. They have more than 150 institutes and centres offering more than 300 courses. The Noida campus of Amity university offers a post-graduate programme in business analytics and data science. The students of amity university have filled more than 100 patents. That shows the success level of the alumni of Amity university. 

Key Highlights of Business Analytics course

  • Duration – 2 years
  • Mode of classes- Physical classes at  Greater Noida centre
  • Course fee-  ₹ 2.085 lacs ( Non sponsored)
  • Selection is done by taking a personal interview.
  • Students having minimum 50% aggregate marks in B.E, and graduation.

Syllabus Covered 

  • Learn Accounting for managers
  • Know about disruptive technologies in business and their application
  • Learn everything about R programming
  • Learn managerial economics, market management, and organisational behaviour.
  • Understand the statistics for management along with professional and business communication.

Why do Business Analytics Course?

Doing Business analytics courses in India is very fruitful nowadays because Business analysts play a  very critical role in organizations. They are an important part of the organisation in bridging the gap between business objectives and technical solutions. Some of the 

key reasons why business analysts are important to include:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Project management
  • Data analysis
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Risk management

Overall, business analysts are important because they help organizations ensure that technical solutions are aligned with business objectives, identify areas for improvement, facilitate communication and collaboration, and manage risk. They are a key asset in helping organisations achieve their goals and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


There is no doubt about the future aspect of the business analytics profession. Business Analysts play a very important role in organisations. They are a key asset in helping organisations achieve their goals and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. One can open the door to many opportunities after doing Business analytics courses in India. Many institutes offer certification courses, diploma courses, and bachelor’s and postgraduate courses also in Business Analytics. It depends on the candidate profile, accordingly one can choose the course and institute for Business Analytics courses in India. 

Ques 1-  Who can enrol on Business Analytics Courses?

Ans-  Anyone with an IT, Finance, management, sales and marketing and healthcare background can enter into Business analytics. 

Ques 2- Is there an entrance test to get admission to Business Analytics Courses?

Ans- There are written tests and interview rounds to get admission to some institutes. But with Henry Harvin which is the top option for doing a Business analytics course don’t take any exam for enrolment into the course.

Ques 3- What are the future aspects of Business Analytics?

Ans- Professionals with degrees or certificates in business analytics courses are in high demand because they are an asset for the organisation because they can take decisions which are helpful for the growth of the company. 

Ques 4- What are the four types of Business Analytics? 

Ans-  The types of Business analytics are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. Most of the courses focus on all types of Business analytics. 

Ques 5-  Does knowledge of Maths mandatory to do a Business analytics course?

Ans-  This course does not involve extensive coding, computer knowledge and even maths. So anyone willing to learn can go for the high-paying profile which is of Business analytics. 


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