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Hola lectoras !!!!! Espero que estés bien de salud. The Spanish language is a beautiful language to perceive and adopt. Maybe, this is why a lot of people learn and embrace the language. Likewise, many institutes and colleges teach Spanish online and offline as well. Here, in this blog, I’ll walk you through the top 15 Spanish language courses online. More than 300 million people speak Spanish as their first language, of which only 40 million are Spaniards. We can feel the significance of this language from these stats.

But first, let us know some awesome and fun facts about this Indo-European aka Romance language.

Trivia and fun facts about the Spanish language:

  • More than 7 % of Spanish lexis is taken from the Arabic language.
  • There are more than 30000 words containing all the vowels.
  • 21 countries employ Spanish as an official language.
  • Spanish takes the second position among the most spoken languages globally.
  • The most imperative fact is that it takes 24 weeks to attain proficiency in Spanish.
  • It is considered the first democratic language in the world.
  • If you are in The USA, you can earn up to $120 teaching the Spanish language.
  • You can find The question marks and exclamation marks inverted in the Spanish language.
  • Since Spanish and English share the same ancestry, both are a bit similar.
  • Long sentences are one of the most peculiar features of this phonetic language.
  • Spanish is among the top 3 popular languages in the web world.

Top 15 Spanish Language courses Online

1. Henry Harvin


Learn Spanish online from Henry Harvin Spanish course.

Henry Harvin is a prominent name in the edtech industry both in India and abroad as well. They offer courses in multifarious fields like Law, writing, Management, Analytics, Finance, Languages, etc to name a few. Its wings are spread far and wide with a customer base in over 97 countries. Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course is one of the finest Spanish language courses online in India. By far, the course and the certification are regarded as the No.1 among its peers.

About the Spanish language course online at Henry Harvin: top 15 Spanish language courses Online

  • As many know, there are two major proficiency tests in the Spanish language viz the SIELE Exam, and the DELE Exams. Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course online is sculpted by dabs from the domain so that the curriculum fits appropriately with these exams. There are six levels of proficiency in the Spanish language viz The Beginners level A1, The upper Beginners level A2, The Intermediate level B1, The upper Intermediate level B2, The Advanced level C1, and The upper Advanced level C2.  Henry Harvin provides training for all these levels.
  • The 9 elements in 1 course is an exceptional concept from Henry Harvin. This Spanish language course online consists of 9 elements namely the training, certification, Internship, Placement, Projects, hackathons, Bootcamps, 1 year Gold membership, and e-learning.
  • The trainers here are adepts from the industry. And, through intense training sessions, they impart skills and knowledge effortlessly.
  • The list of career and learning benefits points toward the fact that Henry Harvin’s Spanish Language course online is a blue-ribbon course among others.
  • The training duration for each level is different based on the intricacy of these levels.
  • Henry Harvin provides placement support and exposure in the domain which is unparalleled and matchless.

Other language courses from Henry Harvin:

2. Instituto Cervantes

This NewDelhi Spanish Institute offers both online as well as classroom Spanish courses. They follow a curriculum explicitly designed to make the learner well-versed with the different dialects of the Spanish language. They give training for all the six levels of proficiency in the Spanish language through diverse plans like Regular 1/2/3 courses and Intensive and Super-Intensive courses.

Each plan has a different duration for the Spanish language online course and you can find the details on their website. In addition to this, they also offer the same plans in classroom teaching as well.

3. Institute of Spanish Studies

The Institute of Spanish Studies is not only an institute for providing Spanish language courses online but also an authorized SIELE center. This institute has both native and non-native trainers who are highly qualified in the domain. Above all, they do the training sessions in small groups facilitating the upskilling of each learner to the apex.

Spanish for Young Learners ( for ages between 5 to 12), Employment-Oriented Spanish( From levels A1 to B2 Package), and C1 to Advanced level are the three main plans for learning Spanish online provided here.

4. Eurekly- top 15 Spanish language courses online

Eurekly is more like an online portal for online learning through online tutors. One of the most alluring features of this is that the learner can select the best tutor through a set of filters. On top of that, free trial lessons help you understand the process better. Three major steps viz find the tutor, fix the schedule, and start learning. This process, according to me, lies somewhere between online Spanish language courses from an institute and self-paced courses, though Eurekly blends them both smoothly.

Eurekly’s Spanish language course online is available for all three levels of proficiency. They have put details well on their website.

5. Learning Lingos

Can we teach Spanish to a 2-year-old? Yes, it is possible according to the Learning Lingos. They provide Spanish language courses online for all age groups. For ages 2 to 6, The Spanish courses include daily words and numbers 1 to 100. For ages 7 to 12, body parts, objects, animal names, etc are included. And for adults, the Spanish language course online pronunciation and Grammar are the main focus. Regular assessment, homework, and offline worksheets are add-ons to these courses.

6. Instituto Hispania-top 15 Spanish language courses online

With over 20 years in the Spanish language training domain, Instituto Hispania is one of the reputed Spanish language course providers. Their main focus is to remove the cultural barrier and promote the Spanish language. They provide study material designed and printed explicitly for their courses. Moreover, they follow the same curriculum for their online training as well as classroom training.

The Spanish language course online at Instituto Hispania has courses for all levels of proficiency in Spanish. Also, placement support and private tutoring are the other pluses of this course.

7. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most innovative ways of learning foreign languages, including the Spanish language. They use software with images, videos, and sounds for learning and practicing the language to perfection. Their strategic and step-by-step approach to learning Spanish is one of the most sought-after methodologies followed in this domain.

Also, they have special programs for corporates and students and provide different plans based on the period of access to the course as well. Speech Recognition Software and an engrossing curriculum are their assurances.

8. Langma School of languages

Another prominent name in the domain of foreign language courses is the Langma School of Languages. This Institute provides courses tailored to train each learner at his/her own pace. The Spanish language course online is one of the 150 foreign language courses at Langma School of Languages.

The General Spanish language course at Langma provides training to corporates, students, and Government bodies as well. They provide training for all the six levels of the Spanish language.

9. Udemy

Udemy is a huge and prevailing name in the domain of online courses. They have more than 52 million students and a stream of 2 lakh courses in various fields like IT, Science, Art, music, etc.

There are more than 7000 different courses in the Spanish language and you can choose according to your need. The course fee and duration are different for different courses and different levels of proficiency are also available. 

10. Memrise

Memrise is a language learning app that mainly focuses on real-life learning of the language. It is an unconventional yet successful method of learning the language. Videos, audio clips, and listening are the methods employed to train in the Spanish language.

 The most awesome feature of this app is that if the learner wants to take a break from the learning process, the app saves the progress, and they can start learning again from where they stopped. Additionally, you can download the content and go offline when there is no network.

11. Duolingo- top 15 Spanish language courses online

Duolingo is an app developed for language learning. The major distinction of this app is that it provides a certificate of training after the course. Duolingo’s app for Spanish language courses online loaded it with challenges, game-based learning, etc for practice. 

They update the bite-sized lessons for the learner to get a good grip on the language. On top of this, they also tailor the lessons to meet the caliber of the learner. The learner can also try to remove ads through Duolingo plus, which is the paid version of the original app.

12. CLIC (Centro de lenguas e Intercambio Cultural) 

CLIC is one of the best Spanish language schools based in Spain. They offer Spanish language courses online as well. A flexible schedule, small group size, and certification are the major points of this course. In addition, They also provide a practice platform to revise and refine your Spanish language skills.

One of the most interesting facts is that they teach through games, Theatrical techniques, and music. Grammar and listening, both are emphasized in the course.

13. Lengalia

Lengalia is a language school for Spanish language courses online.@4 self-paced Spanish language courses online with 8 learning tools, lengalia offers extensive training in the Spanish language. Moreover, from beginners to Advanced, the courses are divided into 7 levels. Grammar. Vocabulary, Travel, Professional, etc are the main areas of focus. 

Bengali provides a virtual teacher who guides the learner through the learning process and gives explanations. Podcasts are also made available to make the learning process easier.

14. Lingoda

Lingoda is a language school highly accredited by Linkedin during its’s early days of inception. The school started as Easy Languages for 1-to-1 German classes and later introduced other foreign languages into its depository. Lingoda’s Spanish language course is an online live interactive lesson led by experienced tutors from the domain. They offer 5 levels of proficiency in Spanish courses online up to level B5.

15. Babbel

Another preeminent name in Language learning apps is the Babbel. With more than 15000 lessons in 14 languages, Babbel is one of the first and foremost providers of language learning through apps. But, now they have upgraded to live online sessions in these languages. The Spanish language course from Babbel includes all the levels of proficiency from Beginners to Advanced. Additionally, they offer diverse plans for the learner to choose from according to their convenience and need.


There was always a limitation to the content and resources for language aspirants in the past. Moreover, huge diction and lexis involved bg and bulky books. But, with the advent of the digital era, these limitations and bounds were erased and new and improved online language courses were born. The list of top 15 Spanish language courses online employs various tools and techniques to teach the learners along with excellent content and resources for improvement. You need to invest a little money and time to become fluent in the language through these online courses, but believe me, they are worth it!


Q 1. Are there Spanish courses for kids in the list of top 15 Spanish language courses online?

Ans: Yes, there are courses for kids as young as two years old in the above list of top 15 Spanish language courses online.

Q 2.  Can I become fluent after doing a Spanish language course online?

Ans:  Yes, you can become fluent in the language through a Spanish language course online.

Q3. What is the course fee for the online Spanish language course?

Ans: The course fee, as well as the duration for these, is different for different platforms and levels of proficiency. The details are available on their web portals.

Q 4. Do language learning apps help attain fluency in the language?

Ans: Yes, most language learning apps help attain a good grip on the Spanish language through the newest tools and updated content. Moreover, Spanish language courses online provide practice tools as well to refine your skills.

Q 5. Is beginner level good enough to converse in Spanish?

Ans: The beginner’s level Spanish language course includes basic conversation skills relevant for that level.


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