Top 10 Best PMP Certifications in Singapore

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The Project Management Professional (PMP) designation is a project manager’s credential accepted throughout the industry. The PMP certification demonstrates the knowledge, training, aptitude, and competency needed to lead and manage projects. The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. It’s the gold standard of a carrier in management. The PMP Certification is regarded as project managers’ global de facto credential. It is genuinely global since it transcends all boundaries of region, domain, industry, and approach. Obtaining the PMP certification validates your expertise in your field. Additionally, it might demonstrate to potential employers that you have the relevant experience.

According to a market study, having a PMP certification positions you for senior-level roles and results in compensation that is 25% more than that of non-certified PMPs. A candidate must hold PMP certification to be considered for a project manager role in many sectors. Whether you are working as a project manager in Singapore or preparing to work as one, the certification is a requirement that sets you above the others in the field. Varied certification courses are available to attend to your quest to acquire a PMP certification. The best course helps you understand every aspect of a managerial post, from time management to challenging management projects.

We present 10 PMP certifications courses with intrinsic details. Their course structure, the benefits, and the lags in each course are mentioned to help you take the course that best suits you. Blatant details are presented without any feedback or reviews.

1. Henry Harvin PMP certification course Singapore
Henry Harvin is one of the leading certifications, with the credibility of acclaimed industry leaders and the top companies as hiring partners. The course emphasizes developing strategic and business knowledge while highlighting a project manager’s function. You can gain lucrative jobs in various industries, including manufacturing, IT, finance, healthcare, etc., by taking the PMP certification course from Henry Harvin.
Key features of the course
• Instructor-led 36 hours teach a virtual tour about the methods, values, and implications of project management.
• Five modules of detailed management training with two complementary modules for soft skill development and resume writing.
• Live projects as a facility for managing projects’ scope, timeline, and other aspects.
• Regular Bootcamps will be held during the ensuing 12 months.

What sets us apart and above others ?
With the best trainers for the PMP course and other leading courses in marketing, content writing, law, TEFL, etc., we have high approval from the industry leaders like HP, Accenture, and Walmart, among others.
Showcasing the excellence of our courses, the Henry Harvin TEFL course has ranked number 1 in courses across more than 50 nations. Our comprehensive and flexible learning aim sets us at the top of our league.
Our page provides detailed information on every aspect of the course, the curriculum, the training structure, and other benefits of taking our PMP certification course.
Our website: https://www.henryharvin.com/pmp-certification-training-online

2. Institute of Singapore Project Management
The course provides training in soft skills development along with management training. It also offers courses like personal development and sales mastery to help improve your chances of a distinguished career in management. Various other courses are provided in project management alongside PMP, such as PgMP, CAPM, OPM3, etc.
Key features of the course
• The classes are conducted in offline mode, two days a week, from 9 AM to 5 PM.
• There are support classes available for 30 days on weekdays and weekends.
• An online workshop offers one day 100% money-back guarantee.
The drawback is that the offline mode makes it highly unavailable for working individuals as they would have to take days off for training.

3. QT&T Consulting (Asia)
It was incorporated in Singapore as a global consulting and training provider. Project management training and instruction in process management, technology, business, data management, IT service management, and soft skills are available. Corporate banks and IT service providers favor this firm.
Key features of the course
• Classroom training PMP training
• Soft copy and 36 PDUs are provided, meeting the requirement of PMP certification.
• The course is costly; also, they provide only one mock exam, making the learner look for alternative material sources.

4. Compass
Another Singapore-based training company, this one specializes in subjects like Big Data/Data Science, Android Programming & Training Workshop, PMI-ACP, Software/Web Development, IOS Training, and Project Management.
It offers four days of in-person PMP training and six months of online instruction from 9 am to 5 pm.
Key features of the course
• In most cases, learning is case study-based rather than genuinely concentrating on the PMBOK Guide, which is necessary for PMP exam preparation.
• Weekend and weekday batches are both available.
• It provides a refund policy, providing a second attempt training cost coverage on the condition that the learner scored 70% in the mock tests.

5. Strategy Execution
This Singapore-based training company provides instruction in project management, program management, lean and agile methodologies, business analysis, and other related topics.
Key features of the course
• The 4-day instructor-led lectures make up the PMP Exam Power Preparation program.
• It provides both a public classroom course and an online course through E-training.
• The public classroom is held only once every three months.

The once a three-month class session is a highly uncomfortable settlement for the learners who must rearrange their schedules. The online and offline training is costlier compared to other PMP courses in Singapore.

6. Intelli Soft Systems
This organization operates in Singapore, Asia, and the Middle East to promote education and training. They are experts in teaching soft skills, project management, Microsoft Office, and IT courses. It teaches the courses via lectures, case studies, discussions, and hands-on activities.
Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation, Risk Management Professional, and Best PM Practices-Project Management are among the certifications for which training is offered.
Key feature of the course
• It provides a 2-day PMP Blended Program.
• The training includes classroom instruction and viewing more than 35 hours of online training videos.
• The PMBOK 5th edition, rather than the most recent PMBOK 6th edition, is used in this course.

7. Knowledge Method
It is a Singapore-based education and consulting company with expertise in project, program, and portfolio management. It offers two kinds of project management courses, the project management foundation and the PMP certification course.
Key features of the courses
• Project Management Foundation is a two-day course that teaches participants how to manage, monitor, and control projects using organized processes, practical tools, and methodologies.
• PMP Certification Course offers training five days a week. It provides 37 PDUS covering 35PDUS required.

There is no online training program making it highly inflexible for office goers.

8. Temasek Polytechnic
This educational facility provides various diploma programs in project management, applied science, design, business, humanities, social sciences, and information technology. Participants in these courses will leave with the information and skill set needed to manage projects. There isn’t a course specifically for preparing for the PMP certification. However, it provides the following two kinds of project management courses.
Key features of the courses
• A Professional Certificate in Project Management is a short-term course that has classes only on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 7 AM.
• The Project Management course is a six-month course with classes once a week. On weekdays from 7 PM to 10 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 12 PM.
Both the courses are offline and with long classes, making them highly inaccessible to people already working. There is no online training to substitute with.

9. NTUC Learning Hub
A social enterprise called NTUC Learning Hub assists businesses with organizational alignment, processes, and systems that support learning and HR departments. Project management is not its only area; it also strongly emphasizes employability, soft skills, security, and learning programs. Its project management course is called NICF-PMP.
Key features of the course
• The course has a 5-day classroom format.
• The printed handouts from the instructor are included in the courseware.
The drawback of the course is that PMBOK Guide is not included along with the courseware and no online training is available for project management.

10. Master of Project Academy Inc.
The New York-based enterprise has courses that are majorly focused on project management. It has operations across 180 nations and is accredited by Better Business Bureau. Being central to project management, its PMP courses are available in all three formats: Self-paced online PMP training, Virtual PMP training-live classroom, and in-person PMP training.
The key features of the courses in three formats
• The self-paced PMP training has discussion rooms with lecturers available 24*7 and more than 300 lectures.
• The Virtual PMP training has weekdays and weekend sessions for four days and 32 contact hours.
• The classroom sessions have four-day classes in different locations.

Numerous courses are available for PMP training, but the comfortability of the individual determines the final choice. If an individual is starting his career, they will go with the offline training sessions for the comprehensive training. Online training is best for individuals already working.

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