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Top 10 TEFL Certification Online: 2023 ( Don’t Ignore)

Do we remember the famous dialogue from the movie Namak Halal where Mr.Bachchan is heard saying “English is a fuunny language”. I am sure many of us do. But ever wondered how this English language can change the course of one’s career or help jumpstart another opportunity in your professional life? This becomes more so relevant when one opts to take teaching the English language as a career option. Well, we will see how the English language can set your boat sail with the TEFL Certification. The TEFL Certification can be done both online as well as offline. With the current pandemic scenario, an online teaching platform has emerged to be the best option to upgrade skills. Come join me in this journey of exploring the Top 10 TEFL certification Online.

About TEFL: Teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) certification is required if you are applying overseas for a teaching job. This TEFL certification can also come in handy in case you want to start teaching as a new career option. The five elements, i.e. reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the most important part of communication pronunciation are covered. The importance of each skill is taught, keeping in mind business communication. The Top 10 TEFL certification online are as follows:

Henry Harvin

With affiliation to the prestigious American Association of EFL (AAEFL), this course is the most sought after in TEFL Certification Online. This course is one of the most sought-after programs by Henry Harvin. Let us see the key features of this course; learn more about the gold membership and all about the trainers at Henry Harvin                                                                   


  • An interactive session spread over 40 hours, where concepts are deliberated and cleared.
  • Over the period of 1-year, various community, sessions are conducted to keep abreast with the topics.
  • There is much more like our unique 56 hours of E-Learning Access which includes videos, tests, and tools which will help you brush up on relevant topics
  • And that is not all; in case you wish to relearn the concepts, you can do it with no extra cost for up to a time frame of 1 year.                                

Certification and cost

  • The course is a testimonial of our association with AAEFL
  • You can further upgrade and get a Cambridge TKT test after taking the relevant test
  • Take additional exams and clear TEFL Certification from Training Qualifications UK
  • You can avail Microsoft certification under the Microsoft Certified Educator Program.
  • The cost of the program is 299 USD 


  • Our trainers are experts with international exposure. Backed with 10+ years of teaching experience. They bring onboard the best techniques, helping the students bring out the best in them.
  • Our trainers have knowledge about the topics like the back of their hands. They have helped 900+ students globally to become proficient English language users. 
  • Our trainers help students clear their concepts even if they have been trained by another fellow trainer.

Alumni Status

Henry Harvin® illustrious Alumni Club helps to network more than 300000+ members globally 

Gold Membership Benefits

Henry Harvin® TEFL Academy has an exclusive Gold Membership Program. Its benefits are as follows:

  • Access to HD videos, projects, and case studies
  • Helping you clear interview by providing various mocks
  • Get confidence by interning with Henry Harvin and get ready
  • The support is extended to getting a placement too with assistance on a regular basis via mail. 
  • Brush up and Boot camps on periodical intervals making you industry-ready. 
  • Our LMS portal is your anytime, anywhere brush-up place.
  •  We help you with other things too like resume writing and other things

Recognitions of Henry Harvin Education

  • We are recognised and awarded by various prestigious agencies as the Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, the best Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the 40 under 40 Business World Award.
  • Affiliated with many prestigious names like American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 certified.
  • Best reviews on all platforms like Google reviews, Youtube, Trustpilot, Gooverseas to name a few 

Top Benefits of Henry Harvin’s TEFL Course

  • TEFL Certification Exam on successful completion of course
  • Become aware of how to teach English to non-English speakers.
  • Be confident with the English language
  • Learn the skills that enhance teaching skills
  • Techniques that help you understand your learner better
  • Learn to devise your own teaching style to help students.
  • Learn tools that enhance your time management skills and management techniques.
  • Learn the Think out of the box tool to connect with candidates

International TEFL Academy:

When you do a TEFL Certification with this institute you can be qualified to teach the English language in 80+ countries in the world. The course duration is 120 hours on the online platform. This course is preferred by people who want to teach the English language in countries like Spain, Costa Rica, and Thailand. The course starts at 1,440 USD. The academy also called ITA has an alumnus of 35K who are placed in various sectors. The feedback from the alumni is very positive. All the graduates receive a lifetime of support from ITA. in terms of placement support.

One of them is published below: 

  “Loved being at ITA, Not only is it a wonderful program to get  TEFL certification online, but also a great way to connect to the strong alumni and also various other resources. 5 years ago, I passed out and after that too till now I am making connections and adding resources from all over the world.”- Delia Nugent (teaching English in South Korea).


The course offered ranges from beginners (basic) to masters. The entire gamut of the English language is covered. The most preferred TEFL certification online course has courses that finish in 40 hours (Basic) to 140 hours (Masters). The most popular among them is a Professional TEFL instructor course. This TEFL certification online course  has the following salient features:

  • Fully certified course
  • 24×7 tutor support
  • Technical support as and when needed
  • Skilled based units that help in the clear understanding
  • Access to a fully equipped library
  • Intensive grammar units and methods included
  • Understanding phonology
  • Teaching using online modules
  • Various testing systems upgradations

Cost of the TEFL certification (Professional) is 299 USD and is 120 hours long.             

Testimonial by alumni: “My experience with the online course was exciting and exhilarating; I thought I knew a lot about the English language but the course helped me pick up the pieces that were missing. Not only did the course make me a better teacher in the classroom, but helped me implement my knowledge in the actual world. The planning, scheduling lessons, and other details helped me become effective as a teacher. ” – Alice. S (Maryland USA)

Teach Away:

The institute offers OISE TEFL course. This TEFL certification online course has been designed by expert teachers and professional coaches. The TEFL certification is available in 3 options currently as follows:

  • 100 hours – suitable for new teachers who want to learn the language on a low budget. Fees 995 Dollars. Includes 6 core units. The course takes 6-8 weeks to complete.
  • 120 hours – suitable for new graduates and for students who intend to teach abroad. They can choose 2 units as specialisation. Fees 1,295 dollars. Includes 6 core units with 2 specialisations. The course takes 8-10 weeks to complete.
  • 150 hours – Ideal for serious teachers who intend to bring new career opportunities in the teaching segment. They too can choose 2 unit specialisation along with extended curriculum and teach abroad in the category. Fees 1,495 dollars. Includes 8 core units with 2 specialisations. The course takes 10-12 weeks to complete. Though the course needs to be completed in a year in case you choose to take a break in between.

UNI-Prep Institute:

This institute becomes the ideal choice when you want to get a TEFL certification online quickly with adequate knowledge. The unique 120-hour program comes with these highlighted features:

  • Certification recognised by global bodies
  • The online self-paced program, do it at your suitable time
  • Tutor mentor support through the program
  • Lifetime assistance for placements and brush-ups
  • Electronic certification 

Ideally, it takes 2 – 4 weeks to complete though the online library is available for up to a 

Year. The topics that are taught are as follows:

  • Managing the class
  • Planning lessons in a systematic way
  • Test the language skills
  • Basics of reading and writing techniques and phonics for spelling and pronunciations.

The starting cost of the program is 195 USD. 

Testimonial by alumni: “The material was easy to access, simple to follow along with, and helpfully summarized by unit tests to check students’ understanding of course content. I especially enjoyed the helpful examples of teaching methods and tools to use in the classroom that were provided with each unit lesson.” – Jane

TEFL Pros:

The 120 hours online TEFL certification online program is one of its kind. It provides HD instructional videos and flexi timing tutorials. The key features of the program are given below:

  •  Training videos that give you a classroom feel due to their quality
  •  Instructor-led live sessions on a weekly basis 
  •  Recognition from renowned global bodies
  •  The amalgamation of theory and practical
  •  Work and learn at your pace program
  •  Convenience at its best, learn from any part of the world anytime as per convenience.

Program Highlights

  • Seeing is believing, based on this concept they give a free 2-day trial to see the actual course material. So you are sure what you are learning and go ahead.
  • As a TEFL candidate, the requirements of each individual may be different. Keeping this in mind, a candidate can have a Hop on a Strategy Session and get an in-depth evaluation on a particular aspect of TEFL certification
  • Since you learn at your pace so you can get weekly assistance from our trainers via calls that are pre-fixed. 
  • Learning and putting into practice what is learned is a different ball game. Practical knowledge in form of managing the classroom, preparing for the career, and planning
  • Get a reality check before you step out by feedback sessions by the trainers, who have   industry and teaching experience

Cost of the program: 1,600USD

Premier TEFL:

To teach the English language. Premier TEFL certificate is planned to keep in mind the requirements of the trainer and the candidate. They have programs starting with 120 hours to a special program which is of 230 hours. The course program in detail with the cost is a follows:

  • 120 hours Advanced TEFL course – Duration 3-6 weeks. Cost 175 USD
  • 168 hours regulated Level 5 TEFL course – Duration 5-8 weeks. Cost 305 USD
  • 230 hours regulated Level 5 TEFL course – Duration 5-8 weeks. Cost 347 USD

The program is conducted with help of 54,000 trained certified experienced trainers worldwide. It is government regulated and has good placement thanks to the partnership with channel partners. It is recognised by 95 percent of graduates.

i to i TEFL:

They are the pioneers in TEFL certification online with 26 years of experience to back. Their globally recognised and affiliated course has thousands of members who share a positive experience in learning TEFL certification online. The courses offered are at 3 levels, these are explained below as the level of proficiency will change

  • TEFL certificate: Ideal for beginners with a 99% pass rate. 110 hours online with fees of 270 USD 
  • TEFL Diploma: 300 hours online with a 99% pass rate that opens the door to high-paying jobs and opportunities. The cost is 385 USD
  • TEFL Advanced diploma: 420 hours of online learning and the cost of these programs is low due to special discounts. The cost is 263 USD.      The basics that are covered in any of the above programs are as follows:
  • In-depth knowledge-based 180 hours dedicated to Level 5 TEFL training
  • The level 5 qualifications is as per UK Government-regulation
  • Recognised in the USA as it is approved by the DEAC
  • Add a feather to your cap and earn more and boost your potential
  • DELTA-qualified tutors who support and help to clear doubts that may arise
  • Self-paced online experience from any device at your suitable time
  • The program is highly acclaimed by employers all across the globe

Bridge TEFL:

This program gains popularity due to its Flexi learn option. This TEFL certificate program helps a candidate choose either a beginner level program of 40-60 hours and an advanced program from 100-150 hours. A candidate can look at the whole range of the programs offered, know his/her requirement, and enroll in any of the TEFL certification online. The modules are designed to keep the learner’s capability and the ease of exploring the English language concepts. The TEFL certification online program comes in the following categories:

  • Foundation 40 hour certification, with 6 modules costing  11,441 INR
  • 60 hours Introductory educator TEFL course with 13 core teaching modules costing 17,384 INR
  • 100 hours Introductory educator plus TEFL course with 13 core teaching modules costing 22,882 INR
  • 120 hours master certificate advanced programs for in-depth knowledge costing 36,923 INR
  • 150 hours Bridge IDELT program costing 66,491 INR                                        The program benefits are as follows:
  • Accreditation globally
  • Easy to complete the course on any device 
  • Success stories speak plethora about the teaching
  • All courses have tutor support who clear doubts 
  • HD videos that allow teaching as real-time as a classroom 
  • Choose and pick as per your capability to pursue the English language 
  • Earn university credit points

ITTT International TEFL and TESOL Training:

  • The training offers both Online and classroom certification or hybrid i.e. a combination of both courses. This is a unique feature thus makes it popular and affordable. The TEFL certification online becomes affordable due to Flexi options. For example, if a candidate enrolls for a 120 hour TEFL certificate course that offers tutor support as well as videos and if he/she feels she does not need tutor support, they get a straight 100 dollar discount. The TEFL certificate online courses range from a basic 120 hour for teaching abroad to an extensive 550 hours expert diploma course. Phew! this makes it so exhaustive and extensive. Depending on the readiness a candidate can dive straight into these courses. The benefits offered to the TEFL certification online courses are as follows:
  • International accreditation
  • The combination benefit and flexible benefit
  • 40 location to learn from 
  • Choose as per convenience from the 60/120/220-hour option 
  • ITTT is operational since 1990s, hence a pioneer in TEFL certification online

We choose to agree or disagree, but the English language has become the global language in communication, especially business. Knowing the English language helps boost a person’s profile not only in the domestic segment but also in the overseas job scenario. At an individual level knowing the English language boosts his/her self-worth and confidence. In many scenarios, people do not have proficiency in this language. The easiest would be to learn the English language with a  TEFL certificate. Not only does the TEFL certificate add a new dimension to your professional growth but fuels your personality too. I am sure with the information on the TEFL Certificate Online, the decision to upgrade and rejuvenate one’s professional life may become easier.

Before choosing the right TEFL certificate online program, make a proper list of the objectives you wish to fulfill, go through the reviews of various sites, and look at the cost and benefit offered ratio. While the TEFL certification online is a better option, it is appreciated when the cost of earning and the opportunity ratio become equivalent. Keeping these parameters while choosing a TEFL certificate course so that the program becomes easy breezy. Make that researched, informed, analysed, and reviewed call today and join the TEFL certificate online course. 


Q 1. Who is eligible for the TEFL certificate course?

Anyone who is interested in learning or teaching the English language can do the TEFL certificate online course. A housewife who wants to teach for extra income or a retired professional who wants to earn and teach due to free time on hand or a student who wants to teach English to fund his/her education can do the course. Fortunately, learning has no age hence there is no dearth to learning the English language.

Q 2. Is there an expiry date for the TEFL certificate?

The certificate has a lifetime validation and does not expire. With the certificate in hand, you can get better job opportunities, and then one can do advanced learning in the TEFL certificate advanced segment. The previous certificate will act as a good base for the upgrade course.

Q 3. What is the scope for a TEFL certificate online course?

The sky can be a limit if you want to teach abroad and if you are armed with the TEFL certificate. A TEFL certificate opens doors to many countries that require teachers to teach the English language. Sometimes the demand exceeds the supply. A TEFL certificate is an ideal choice for people who have a good command of the English language and have a flair to teach.

Q 4. Is there a demand for TEFL certified teachers worldwide or is it country-centric?

We live in a world with no virtual boundaries. Businesses have expanded and English has become the language of business communication. Keeping this in mind, it is safe to say that the demand for TEFL certificates is worldwide. Any and every country today needs English-speaking professionals. This has thus opened the door to teaching and learning the English language.

Q 5. Why is it necessary to get a TEFL certificate with global accreditation?

Well, the answer is simple. An international accreditation means certain levels of stringent parameters of learning as well as teaching have been met. These parameters act as a yardstick to know proficiency in the language. This accreditation also helps to open newer options to teaching the English language abroad

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