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Business finance and accounting standards are constantly evolving, making it necessary to elevate your skills to new heights. Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) are SAP FICO terms. Accounting and reporting need to be handled by these modules of the ERP solution. By clicking a button, you can gather information, prepare financial statements, analyze, report, and generate charts that can present to management with greater accuracy and relevance. Accounting and controlling are carried out smoothly and on time with it as the go-to buddy. In addition to storing a large amount of financial data, both FI and CO modules provide the required tools for processing the different transactions, generating essential reports, and maintaining a highly reliable financial system.

With SAP FICO courses training, the business is changed and is more responsible in its operations. In addition, it offers a wide range of possibilities for editing the data in any way you need. With SAP FICO, you will enjoy more reliable, secure, and excellent reporting. You can also gain an online certification in SAP FICO to attain a competitive edge and catch the attention of recruiters.

FI stands for Financial Accounting, while CO stands for Controlling. Let’s look at the terms in more detail to understand the meaning better. Financial and Cost Control refers to SAP FICO, and it is a core ERP module that screens all financial transactions of a business in a single step. Many people consider this module the most important. You can oversee all internal activities using SAP FICO’s plans, etc. 

We have compiled a list of the 10 best SAP FICO courses online

1. Henry Harvin Education

SAP FICO online course offered by Henry Harvin Education is ranked as one of the top 3 by Financial analysis, accounting, and cost estimating are emphasized in this course which Masters the art of using the software successfully. Aside from offering highly advanced lab tools, Henry Harvin Education provides the most current course content that meets industry standards. In addition to training on SAP FICO ECC, Henry Harvin Education delivers one year of free access to the LMS. Getting hands-on experience with live projects will give you a clear idea of how SAP FICO is applied in the industry.

Why should you choose Henry Harvin Education?

After completing the SAP FICO course with Henry Harvin Education, you will be eligible for 100% placement assistance for a year after graduating. Several tools and techniques, video content, and assessments are available to you throughout the E-learning experience. With this certification, your relationship with the client’s target businesses and professional growth will be improved. Gain knowledge of SAP FICO implementation by taking monthly brushup sessions and getting placement assistance.

Duration of course: 

In addition to self-paced courses, Henry Harvin Education offers instructors. It includes lifetime support and access to the course for 24 hours a day and free upgrade. In addition, online live classes provide an alternative 44 hours of training in interactive classroom sessions conducted by certified industry professionals.

  • INR 20250 for the self-paced course.
  • INR 22500 for instructor-led classes  

The following are the USPs: 

  • SAP FICO modules enable your organization to improve its financial activities by setting up and implementing SAP Business analysis modules.
  • Understanding SAP FICO, SAP MM, and SAP SD integration.
  • Here, you can gain an in-depth knowledge of SAP modules and become both an SAP end-user and a consultant.
  • To understand SAP FICO’s syntax, programming, and how to solve problems programmatically, numerous complete exercises after each class.
  • Every concept and module is designed in a simple format and structure for easy learning.
  • Learn practical navigation and development techniques for SAP NetWeaver Application Server Architecture with this course.
  • You will learn SAP processes, procedures, and modules that will help you become an SAP-certified professional.
  • Construct a general ledger, enter fast data, calculate interest, reverse a document, and more.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of Accounts Payable with topics such as Down Payment, Noted Exams, Dual Control, Flexible payment terms, and One Time Vendors.
  • In addition to covering business processes, journal entries in EBS, files formats, algorithm concepts, EBS configuration, test cases, and posting journal entries.
  • Understand the MT940 file format and various algorithms used to clear check, reference, and document based on a complete test file.

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2. Multisoft Virtual Academy

With the SAP FICO course online from Multisoft Virtual Academy, students learn to use SAP ERP software to manage their financial accounting and regulating transactions more effectively than they have in the past.

The course teaches participants how to create balanced and reconcilable financial statements for the entire organization or specific units, such as profit centers, regional offices, or continent-based departments. In addition, the course will provide students with an understanding of Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), and other financial concepts.

The topics covered in the SAP FICO course are interest calculation, payment terms, and carryover balances. In addition, students learn how to acquire, allocate, and analyze costs in order to compute profits received from various market segments and customer groups.

There is a 24-hour course duration.

Course Fee: INR 22500 for instructor-led courses.

3. ZaranTech

With its SAP FICO courses online and certification programs, ZaranTech is one leading global E-Learning platforms. A role-based paradigm is used in developing SAP FICO Courses. Whether you are new to the field or seasoned, the training programs are suitable for you. The training program covers critical accounting and reporting topics, such as credit control, tax code maintenance, and assigning a chart of accounts with a firm code.

It is not necessary to have any previous accounting or finance experience to enroll in this course. Those interested in learning about Finance and accounting can also take advantage of their Finance Domain Materials. Alternatively, video training can be completed at your own pace with live instructors. Depending on the schedule, live online instructor-led training sessions will last about 2-3 hours. Depending on the candidates’ needs, they offer weekday or weekend schedules. You can view recorded classes (available on the LMS) if you miss a class. Each video training topic will be recorded for you.

Course duration is 60 hours.

4. Udemy

SAP FICO modules are taught in an online course offered by Udemy that covers configuration and end-user processes. The Udemy course helps you understand how to optimize financial activities by utilizing SAP business analysis. It is necessary that you have some familiarity with Accounting and Finance Business Processes before you can take the course.

Udemy provides lifetime access to course material, including articles, and the ability to view it via mobile or television. It provides students with knowledge of the end-to-end strategies for implementing SAP FI and CO modules in any firm. The second advantage of Udemy is that it has a 30-day refund policy.

The course lasts 40.5 hours.

The course fee is INR 8640.

5. TechVidya

TechVidya has been offering SAP FICO training online in India for more than 12 years now. Both beginners and advanced-level students can benefit from the SAP FICO curriculum. Additionally, the SAP FICO Online Course is designed to conform to current industry standards. Students can also take an online SAP FICO training course with one-on-one instruction.

A practical and straightforward approach is taken to the presentation of SAP FICO-related topics. With this SAP FICO online course, candidates can quickly and easily understand the overall SAP architecture. In addition, you will learn to perform basic to advanced level tasks in the SAP FICO online course provided by Techvidya.

6. Besant Technologies

Having trained over 2000+ students every year, Besant Technologies has offered globally accredited SAP FICO online training by industry experts for over 7 years. It will also teach you Cash Management & Treasury Management with Real-Time Industry Projects, SAP Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Management Accounting. An SAP FICO course certification is provided upon successful completion of the training and practical projects. This is an ideal book for beginners who want to learn how SAP FICO modules and methodologies work. 

Course Fee: INR 23000

7. ShapeMySkill

Throughout ShapeMySkill courses, students learn to understand and implement SAP FI and CO modules in any company. Additionally, the SAP FICO online course emphasizes the documentation and techniques necessary to implement SAP FICO. A particularly noteworthy SAP ERP module is SAP-FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling). Financial management is maintained with this module.

As the popularity of SAP-ERP grows, SAP FICO expertise is in great demand, and candidates with this expertise can find a wealth of employment opportunities. From basic SAP FICO training to very advanced SAP FICO training, ShapeMySkills’ SAP FICO online training provides you with experience in everything there is to know about this SAP FICO.

8. Ravh IT Solutions

Certified SAP FICO specialists teach the SAP FICO course online at Ravh IT Solutions. In SAP Financial Accounting, FICO is a core certification that verifies the candidates’ knowledge and skills. By providing expert career assistance, Ravh IT Solutions offers a simple SAP FICO course online that will enhance your resume and make you more marketable to top companies. By working with industry specialists, you will also be able to access 15+ tools and skills that are in demand.

If you want to start your journey as an SAP Consultant from the ground up, then this course can help you. SAP Financial Accounting is an integral part of SAP ERP, and completing this course will help you learn how to analyze the financial conditions of a company in the market. 

Duration of the course: 35 hours.

9. Kits Online Training

One of the leading institutes that offer SAP FICO courses online is Kits Online Training. In addition to receiving LMS access to all sessions, you will receive a live demonstration of each topic by expert instructors after completing the course. The SAP FICO Online Training program will allow you to earn the certification required to be an expert in various FICO topics, including general ledger accounting, cash management, and account receivables and payables.

Learn everything you need to know about SAP EBS configuration and MT490 configuration in this course. This course will teach you how to update, monitor, display, and process a bank statement electronically.

10. GangBoard

Online SAP FICO courses from GangBoard rank among the world’s top providers. Gangboards will teach you SAP FICO fundamentals such as general ledger accounts, cash accounts, and bank accounts when you are certified. You will spend 30 hours on the course, including 15 hours on assignments. Our instructors are the best in their field and will assist you with 100% placement, which will lead to theoretical knowledge that will increase your professional prospects.

In addition, you will gain insight into electronic bank statement objects, interpretation of payee notes, bank statement overviews, and enhancements to applications. You will also find multiple videos, lectures, quizzes, assignments, and practice exercises for SAP FICO Electronic Bank Reconciliation, all designed to give you a thorough understanding of it. 

Course duration is 30 hours.

Fees: INR 30,000.

SAP FICO: The importance of implementing it

In today’s world, companies must manage a robust level of complexity in their business processes. It has led them to demand more software to help run their businesses more efficiently. In addition to helping you run your business today, appropriate software can always keep you at the forefront of technology. Companies can effectively manage their financial resources and control costs with SAP FICO. Corporate operations are significantly impacted by these mechanisms, resulting in a range of beneficial changes.

Additionally, SAP FICO integrates easily with other SAP modules, including sales, distribution, and materials management. It can be used to perform tasks like paying and collecting accounts, management of bank accounts, general ledgers, and cost and profit centers, as well as managing various financial assets. Because of all these cases, businesses have begun actively incorporating this module into their operations and are looking for skilled workers who are familiar with it. Because organizations rely heavily on the SAP FICO module, there has been significant growth in the demand for SAP FICO consultants.

  • Individuals need to have a basic understanding of SAP financial accounting before being able to work efficiently with SAP FICO.
  • The finance module interacts with other SAP modules.
  • Become familiar with SAP Financial Accounting.
  • Know the importance and features of General Ledger.
  • Sub-Ledgers, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Asset Accounting Roles, and SAP FICO Consultant Responsibilities are just some of the essential elements of the SAP FICO module.

FI Module for SAP

In SAP Financial Accounting (FI), financial transactions are reported in highly sophisticated ways, and accounts are managed more efficiently. In line with their specific needs, banks increasingly rely on the external reports generated by SAP FICO, administrators, Tax Administrations, stockholders, and managers. Integration of different modules and the generation of one system for the organization is the responsibility of SAP Fi. Generally, the SAP Controlling Module (CO) focuses on data for internal users, whereas the SAP Reporting Module (PRM) draws data for external reporting.

  • SAP Financials subcomponents
  • Accounting for General Ledger in SAP FI
  • The Accounting of Assets
  • Managing funds
  • Receivables (A/R)
  • Payables
  • General Ledger
  • Reconsolidation
  • Managing travel
  • Accounting for banks
  • CO Module for SAP

Organizations have access to SAP Controlling (CO) as well. Using it, an organization can monitor, coordinate, and optimize all of its processes. An organization is required to record both its consumption of production factors and its services in SAP CO.

  • The sub-components of SAP CO
  • Adding Value to a Business
  • The Accounting of Profit Centers
  • Accounting in Cost Centers
  • Ordinances internes
  • Analyzing profitability
  • Cost-controlling of products

Benefits of Getting SAP FICO Certified

As a result of the Financial Accounting module in SAP, a company’s business transactions are represented in a way that simplifies external reporting requirements. This allows tracking and reporting for multiple companies in various countries. Additionally, the software enables integration with sales and distribution, materials management, and purchasing, as well as drill-downs to the original transaction, such as a sales order or purchase order or the movement of materials.

In an integrated SAP system, SAP FICO is the core module because all transactional data pertaining to Finance is automatically flowing into FICO. FI is the recipient of the financial impact of other modules. In this way, it is essential to configure the FI/CO system as soon as possible, and it will serve as a foundation for the whole system.

SAP’s most significant advantage is its system integration. SAP FICO is one of the world’s most comprehensive financial management solutions. Companies can increase their performance by implementing SAP FI/CO. Additionally, SAP FI allows you to assess business situations quickly, devise effective strategies, and respond to them. Furthermore, organizing, consolidating, collaborating, and workflow processes can be simplified. SAP systems improve corporate governance, as well as allowing for better transparency within departments and across units. Also, SAP improves the overall administration of internal controls and adherence to federal regulations.

As well as automating credit and collections management, SAP FICO also handles disputes. Additionally, SAP FICO allows you to create invoices and bills electronically and make payments electronically, which improves the traditional accounts payable and accounts receivable functions.

In addition to better cash management in different locations, countries, and continents, SAP FICO is also efficient in managing cash in other areas. Moreover, it provides real-time cash allocation, analysis, and report capabilities, as well as the ability to establish your own payment centers or banks.

As well as improving financial and managerial reporting, SAP enhances the integration of finance and treasury processes by enabling users to report performance according to the organization, cost center, or business unit. Additionally, accounting and financial reporting functions can be integrated with risk management and treasury.

The SAP financial management software allows you to improve your cost of Finance, collaborate with partners across the supply chain, and expand your service offerings globally.

The advantages of SAP FICO training

  • Obtains a better understanding of the latest financial developments.
  • Provides the most advanced software solutions to manage your firm’s financial activities.
  • Enhances value-adding with improved coordination across various activities in the workplace, resulting in smoother company processes by improving financial processes in your organization.
  • It improves your career prospects and improves your professional development.


For those who work in financial and managerial accounting, the SAP FICO training will add to their professional skills as well as increase their insight into business operations and strategic approaches. If you wish to progress in your career by accepting additional management roles, then you should learn SAP FICO. The SAP FICO application can be mastered by completing a variety of training modules and certification programs. You get access to a new world of opportunities by studying SAP software

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