Top 12 Project Management Courses in Delhi

Task, event, duty, and resource organization for a business,   are something that you’re seeking. All of these abilities are learnable in one course. Project Management Course, what you just heard is accurate. A study provides you with further information, covers all of these areas, and gives you a thorough education. And not just that, the Project Management course offers a valuable certification. Delhi offers some of the top project management courses. The online Project Management certification confirms your knowledge, experience, and competence in successfully leading and managing projects.

Project Management Courses in Delhi

For more than three million professionals worldwide, institutes offer Project Management courses that make it easier for them to obtain their Project Management certification online. Enrolling in online Project Management courses can help people advance their career paths. Employers want to hire or go candidates with an online Project Management certification since it will increase company success. Online communities created by Project Management provide enormous resources, top-notch tools, wider networks, and unique viewpoints.

The Project Management exam includes the following components:

  • Number of questions: 200 multiple choice questions
  • Duration: 240 minutes
  • Web-based/Paper-based delivery
  • Closed-book format

I’ve compiled a list of several prestigious institutions that provide excellent project management courses below.

1. Henry Harvin

Project Management Courses

In Delhi, Henry Harvin Education provides one of the best Project Management courses. Project managers can obtain the highly regarded Project Management certification online from Henry Harvin Education. It establishes the comprehensive knowledge and skills that project managers must possess. Additionally, it addresses the fundamental skills necessary for project management professionals to succeed.

The following advantages of taking the Henry Harvin Project Management course:

  • emphasizes the importance of project management
  • focuses on enhancing professional and strategic understanding
  • Boost your standing within the organization and in the global context.
  • Take lessons from events in various industries, including manufacturing, IT, finance, healthcare, etc.
  • focuses on enhancing professional and strategic understanding
  • Boost your standing within the organization and in the global context.
  • Take lessons from events in various industries, including manufacturing, IT, finance, healthcare, etc.
  • aids in developing the abilities necessary to lead and manage large, successfully, complex projects
  • Implement education in line with global norms.
  • ties you with a vast network of professionals and organizations
  • And helps you use Project Management strategies to achieve your personal or professional goals

Why Henry Harvin’s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • 36 hours of online instruction
  • Virtual tour of the methods, values, and implications of project management
  • most recent study materials
  • The ability to access the learning management system (LMS)
  • The recorded sessions are available in your account for review at a later time or in case you missed a class.
  • 100% project, internship, and placement support
  • Adding Project Management to your resume or online profile after your name
  • exceptional familiarity with social media marketing across all platforms
  • Possibility of employment with well-known businesses
  • Lifetime Membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy

Henry Harvin also provides these courses


Project Management Courses

The tagline for Excelr is raising greatness. The training is available online as a Project Management course through virtual classrooms or self-paced courses. As soon as the ExcelR course is over, you can also get a Project Management certification online. Some significant benefits of taking a Project Management course, whether online, in a classroom, or self-paced.

Why EXCELR’s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • Obtaining a certificate for 35 contact hours, a requirement for taking the Project Management test
  • Crack (PMP)® with 3,000+ Practice Questions and 5 Simulated Tests follows the organized study schedule.
  • Classroom instruction over two weekends in a row (4 Days) in all major cities
  • Free templates for project management
  • Expert and licensed professor support on WhatsApp
  • After-training assistance until you earn the Project Management certification, whether online or in person.
  • For any queries, a trainer serving as a mentor is assigned.
  • Project Management videos with lifetime access to the LMS system
  • For optimal learning, a live online instructor-led Project Management course is offered.
  • With a single enrollment, a blended learning model provides classroom instruction, instructor-led live online instruction, and recorded sessions for e-learning.
  • Interactive education that will stick with you
  • many strategically placed offices

ExcelR believes in fostering and fostering future entrepreneurs through its franchisees in addition to these offices. It has won several awards. The company’s most recent project is the unique JUMBO PASS, which grants access to attend any number of batches for an entire year. You have a few options. The project management credential Project Management is the most sought-after. Your profile will be more valuable if you have a Project Management certification, whether online, offline, or through classes. According to the Global Knowledge Survey, one of the top five qualifications in the world, Employees with and without the Project Management Certification earn 20% more money.


APTRON Delhi provides thorough project management courses. The broad range of practical training includes live projects and simulations. This comprehensive training, an online Project Management course, has helped our students earn attractive job offers. Corporate personnel with specialized knowledge in the taught subjects serve as instructors. This program provides reliable instruction so students can earn their Project Management certification online. Professionals with credentials have access to a wide range of employment options.

Why APTRON’s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • There are options for flexible duration Project Management courses in the classroom, online, in fast-track, and one-on-one settings.
    Weekday and weekend training
  • modern laboratories with the most recent technology
  • assisting students with online Project Management certification
  • modules for novices, professionals, and experts
  • a pricing structure that is affordable and appealing to both new and seasoned professionals
  • Following the Project Management course, multiple sample interviews with various questions are available to help candidates prepare for interviews.
  • The placement team coordinates recruitment drives.
  • The pupils are hand-selected by elite companies.
  • The essential component is placement aid.

APTRON Delhi provides innovative professionals. The Project Management training offered in Delhi complies with current IT industry standards. Schedule customization is an option for students. The instructors are professionals with more than ten years of training experience. The labs are accessible all year long. The website is straightforward to use. Books and digital copies that contain projects, technical and HR interview questions, and sample papers are included in the course materials. APTRON Delhi assists students in developing their resumes by the most recent business trends.

4. Knowledgehut

Project Management Courses

In some ways, The Knowledge Hut is superior to the others. You gain knowledge from active practitioners who share their experience by applying project management principles across various businesses. They have a large array of resources that support ongoing learning. The comprehensive learning materials include up-to-date articles, case studies, and practice exams created by professionals in the field. More than 100 courses are accessible without charge. Given the restrictions of comprehensive classroom instruction, Knowledge Hut placed additional focus on their online Project Management course to make it possible to obtain Project Management certification during the epidemic. The online Project Management course is among the available free e-learning courses. These courses are an alternative if some students cannot attend regular classes’ live sessions.

Why Knowledgehut’s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • 35 hours of instructor-led, live classes
  • Gain 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs) once the course is finished.
  • Six practice examinations with more than 1,200 practice questions
  • assistance with exam application completion
  • support while pursuing certification
  • ongoing help after the workshop from knowledgeable practitioners
  • Guaranteed 100% PMP money-back (terms and conditions apply)

5. Skillogic

A well-known provider of training is SKILLOGIC. The major Indian cities are home to training facilities for this company. Skillogic has already finished 6000 Project Management certification courses. It is an assortment of current samples. The teachers are enthusiastic about teaching and passing on their knowledge. Thanks to their solid industry backgrounds, they have successfully delivered training and workshops, including an online Project Management course. Participants in the online Project Management course come from various businesses and genres. Participants can also earn the Project Management certification online. Skillogic has been training in Project Management for more than ten years. It has educated around 15000 Project Management.

Why Skillogic’s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • The best-trained teachers give case study-based instruction with a practical approach.
  • Never-ending Classroom Revision
  • Five simulations practice exams
  • 35 hours of contact
  • assistance from a committed staff to complete the application procedure
  • Flexi-pass to attend classes at any time for three months following the conclusion of the course
  • Free training on business analytics for project managers
  • only applies to the Skillogic training amount
  • There is no Project Management exam fee refund.
  • The applicant needs to show up every single day.
  • Exam mode, registration information, and evidence of exam failure must come from a registered email address.
  • From the date of the claim, the refund can take up to 15 business days to process.

 6. ISEL GLOBAL ISO 9001 Certified

Project Management Courses

A 45-day challenge and a Project Management roadmap training program are features of the online and in-person Project Management course ISEL Global offers to help students succeed. ISEL Global provides early 30 years of experience in project management transformation and Project Management coaching. The PMBOK reference book is used as the training manual. The instructors are qualified professionals with a range of industry experience. The Project Management certificate aspirant has the opportunity to tailor the course to enhance speedier comprehension and clarity of Project Management standards and test patterns. ISEL Global considers the candidates’ backgrounds when they request flexibility.

Why ISEL GLOBAL ISO 9001 Certified Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • longer than 24 hours of live, interactive instruction in a virtual classroom
  • Sunday classes
  • More than 30 lectures and LMS-based e-learning materials
  • Downloadable electronic books of the most recent PMBOK Guide and other supplementary resources
  • Support from the trainer via phone calls and letters
  • 1500 most recent inquiries
  • Formula Use a worksheet and flashcards at any moment to study concepts.
  • 200 MCQ (Process wise) 35 Hours of Contact After the course is over.
  • providing guidance and assistance to make it easier to complete the Project Management application form
    Connect with Project Management-certified individuals to clarify questions and gain insight from their experiences.

7. Koenig Solutions

Koenig provides a selection of in-person and online training programs for Project Management certification. They are consistent with the values and ideas of Project Management. These courses will be pretty helpful for aspiring project managers. There are various choices, including:

Certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certification as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Certified Agile Practitioner by PMI (PMI-ACP).

You can be confident that what they offer with their online Project Management course, various online Project Management training options, and online Project Management certification is among the best in the industry. Studying from the convenience of your home is a huge benefit. One-on-one instruction is done distinctively at Koenig Solutions. The online Project Management course is of the highest caliber and allows for flexible scheduling.

Why Koenig Solutions Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • online instruction led by a teacher
  • classroom instruction
  • private instruction
  • topical instruction
  • Six practice examinations with more than 1,200 practice questions
  • assistance with exam application completion

8. Projectingit

Longer class times are available for this course. It offers the 35 contact hours/PDUs needed to sit for the Project Management test. These are the essential things to remember: explore the knowledge areas necessary for passing the Project Management test to

Identifies the PMBOK’s inputs and outputs.

Clearly explains concepts and definitions

A.ids in the analysis of PMBOK guide tools and methodologies

Using sample papers for practice and routinely taking mock exams

Why Projectingit‘s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • A study and reference guide for students
  • Memorizing Formula and Kit Pocket Manual
  • Mind maps and the Project Management Exam Study Guide
  • Crossword puzzles, homework, workouts, and prpracticeuestions
  • List of Exam Readiness Checks
  • access to a learning platform with mock exams
  • assistance with application submission
  • as serviced direction following the course
  • trained more than 5000 experts and certified more than 2500 professionals
  • Certified and Skilled Trainers
  • Real-world projects-based practical training
  • Significant pass rate
  • It was specifically created to be more engaging.
  • An ideal fusion of theory and practice handouts and templates to help you with your projects
  • Free help filling out the application
  • a successful fast-track training program.

9. Vinsys

There are many credentials behind Vinsys’ Project Management certification course. The following benefits would be available to participants.

  • Take on the essential project management procedures.
  • Learn how to simplify procedures like quality, risk, and resource management.
  • increase communication and purchasing skills
  • Collaborative, practical examples for learning
  • Make a significant contribution to future initiatives
  • Test your level of preparedness by taking several exams on various subjects.

Why Vinsys Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • Registered Education Provider International
  • Subject Matter Experts with certification and experience
  • specialists that have been trained for more than 20 years and are Project Management certified
  • MoFacilitators led more than 500 Project Management BootcampsglGloballyducated more than 600,000 professionals
  • High-quality training materials that have been approved
  • The notable high passing rate of the test
  • authorized consultation with organizations and professionals
  • Authentication for Vinsys Learning Labs
  • Adaptive training schedules

10. Coursera

Problem-solvers come naturally to project managers. They establish the strategy, lead the team, and control changes, risks, and stakeholders. Gain in-demand skills that will equip you for an entry-level position throughout six courses. Learn from Google employees whose careers were launched by solid project management foundations. You can finish working less than ten hours per week in less than six months.

Why Coursera’s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • Build the abilities to be job-ready through practical projects.
  • 100% online courses to help you advance your career
  • Adaptable Timetable
  • It took about six months to finish

11. Emeritus

The Eruditus group of Emeritus collaborates with leading universities in the US, Europe, Latin America, India, and China to provide world-class business and professional education. Emeritus, which has sites in six different countries, 650+ employees, and more than 50,000 students enrolled in the most recent academic year, is a market leader in the $280 billion professional education sector.

Why Emeritus Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • 12+ Years of Career Enhancement
  • Over 55 Universities Worldwide
  • Over 250,000 Learners Worldwide
  • 300+ Faculty
  • 450+ Programmes
  • six months duration

12. ProThoughts

Given Delhi’s high demand for this qualification, obtaining a project management certificate from this institution can help you develop all the necessary skills. ProThoughts, a Premier Authorized Training Partner (ATP) certified with PMI, has established locations in the Middle East and Mauritius and is already a market leader in India for Project Management Certification Training. ProThoughts began its adventure in Mumbai city to offer Project Management training in late 2014 and has since expanded into various courses and solutions in the project management space.

Why ProThought’s Project Management Course in Delhi? Key Features

  • Online Learning
  • Crossword puzzles for excitement
  • Free counseling with the project instructor in person
  • Rapid-fire quizzes with multiple-choice questions
  • And sample tests in a pro-metric simulation setting.


The online Project Management course is tailored to allow you to focus on your needs for training and growth. These elements are fundamental to any organizational culture and keep the business objectives in mind. ISEL Global makes an effort to hasten learning outcomes. Experts in the field instruct the courses to help your team perform better on upcoming projects. They create learning routes that are relevant and effective. Utilizing the tools and strategies, participants achieve outstanding achievements. The advanced online Project Management course that results in a legitimate Project Management certification focuses on increasing employee engagement. A happy workforce derives from increased employee engagement. These approaches offer steady ways to boost output, avoid budgetary limits, and achieve immeasurable project management success.


Q-1. Why is the Project Management certification required?

The Project Management certification helps project managers advance their careers. Project managers with certifications are valuable to a business.

Q-2. How can I obtain a certification?

You must fulfill the criteria for eligibility set forth by the Project Management Institute. Then, in order to get certified, you must pass the Project Management test.

Q-3. How can I apply to take the Project Management exam and receive certification?

All certification-related applications are accessible online. To prevent any delays, details must be accurate.

Q-4. What other materials should I enclose with my application?

Any supporting materials should not accompany the application. There are occasionally random audits. You will have to supply the following if your application is accepted.


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