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Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

Medical Coding Course – Sounds interesting? Read on…

I can understand you are based out of Mysore and keen to pursue Medical Coding. This may be because it is a comparatively new domain of study and promising. So, through this blog, I will guide you on the top 10 Medical Coding courses in Mysore to help you make an informed decision.

However, before I start talking about the Medical Coding courses, let me ensure that you are clear on what this career option is all about.

To be honest, when I first started exploring this upcoming field, I was genuinely confused. After some amount of research, I realized this has got nothing to do with coding that programmers do in the IT space. Then what is this medical coding all about?

Well, put simply, Medical Coding is the translation of documentation prepared by healthcare providers into standard codes. Explained otherwise, the purpose of this translation is to provide information about:

  •       Patient’s diagnosis
  •       Medical support requirements of the patient
  •       Any unusual medical condition that impacted the patient’s treatment

Undoubtedly, therefore, Medical Coding is a critical service. This explains why this is a promising career opportunity.

Let us now examine the Medical Coding courses in Mysore that can help you pursue this lucrative career option. In other words, the details of the top 10 courses listed here will help you decide the one that best suits you.

1. Henry Harvin

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

Medical Coding Course Training: This Course trains you on all aspects of Medical Coding and familiarizes you with Medical Terminology. You gain a clear understanding of Anatomy, diseases, procedures, the tools and tests used for diagnosis, and finally the treatments. At the end of this course you will:

  • Learn about Medical Terminologies and their usage
  • Understand the significance of documentation in Medical Records and the various dictation formats
  • Realize the importance of maintaining Confidentiality when dealing with Medical Records
  • Gain initiation to the actual Coding process and history of the ICD-10-CM Coding System (International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision Clinical Modification)
  • Grow familiar with various infections, diseases, and neoplasms and how to code them
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of V-Codes, E-Codes, and ICD-10-CM Coding Practicum, which includes coding guidelines, manuals, and standards for improving the business of medicine through education

Additional Benefits

Apart from the training you receive as part of this course, you enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Projects: Opportunity to work on projects related to HCPCS, ICD-10 CM, CPT etc
  • E-Learning: Access to the e-learning portal loaded with video recordings, assessments, and other tools
  • Masterclass: Entry to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for developing your soft skills
  • Internship: Gain hands-on knowledge of Medical Coding as part of the internship assignments
  • Placement: 100% Placement Guarantee up to 1-Year post successful completion of the course and internship
  • Membership: Enjoy 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Medical Academy for the Medical Coding Course

About the Institute

Established in 2013 and currently operational in 11 cities across India, the US, and UAE, Henry Harvin is now positioned as a leader in providing training and advisory services. It is worth noting that powered by a brilliant team of 400+ employees and 650+ consultants, the institute has a rich portfolio of 400+ training programmes spanning 27+ fields of study.

Importantly, the institute is driven by the vision to fuel the growth of individuals and organizations across the globe through its world-class training solutions.

Overall, enrolling on this course can be the best decision if you are genuinely interested in pursuing Medical Coding as a career option.

You can also go through some of the related courses offered by Henry Harvin:

2. Akode Medical Coding Institution

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

This Medical Coding Training course has been designed to train you on the basics of Medical Coding. To emphasize in particular, enrolling in this course will help you learn:

  •       Procedures of Anatomy and Physiology
  •       Usage and meaning of Medical Terminology
  •       Abbreviations commonly used in Medical Coding
  •       Basic Coding guidelines and practices as defined by the ICD-10 CM standard

Additional Benefits

Apart from training you on the basics listed above, the institute will also offer:

  •       Excellent Job opportunities in the Middle East including Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.
  •       100% placement guarantee in leading MNCs located in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore etc
  •       Access to digital learning opportunities
  •       Six free mock exams to clear the CPC Certification examination
  •       Special care for Beginners through AAPC Certified trainers possessing 15+ years of experience

About the Institute

Akode Institute is a leading organization providing Medical Coding training in Pondicherry and Mysore for more than 5 years. Its AAPC-Certified faculties provide in-depth training and personalized attention to each student.

Currently, the institute is offering both classroom training as well as online sessions. Important to note that the institute is driven by its objective to prepare each student for a lucrative job offer in India and the UAE. Understandably, therefore, they support each student through interviews unless they are satisfactorily positioned.

3. Udemy

About the Course

Medical Coding and Billing – Covering the fundamentals of medical billing and coding, this course provides a brief overview to students willing to pursue this career but who have no idea about the tasks involved.

To clarify, enrolling on this course helps you:

  •       Assign appropriate codes using ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS, in a family practice setting
  •       Understand the tasks typically performed by a medical biller
  •       Gain familiarity with the tasks commonly executed by medical coders
  •       Learn about the basics of Diagnostic Coding
  •       Comprehend the fundamentals of Procedural Coding

Important to note that on completion of this course you will be clear about the education and work experience you need to possess to become a successful medical biller and coder.

About the Institute

Founded in May 2010 by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani, Udemy is a global provider of teaching and learning solutions online. Catering to more than 54 million students, its powerful team of 71K+ instructors offer a wide bouquet of 204K+ courses in 75 languages.

In other words, anyone willing to teach and learn any subject can find a place with this international brand driven by its passion for transforming lives by connecting with people across the globe and sharing with anyone caring to learn.

4. Acusis

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

A self-paced online course, Acusis Medical Coding Training (AMCT) is designed to train you in Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, and Physiology. The course also covers ICD-10 CM and CPT-4 standards along with specialized training in the fields of Radiology, Surgery, Evaluation & Management, Anesthesia, Pathology, and Medicine coding. Interestingly, the aim is to prepare you for career opportunities in US healthcare BPO.

In addition to training you on the basics of Medical Coding, Acusis provides job offers to the course toppers. In case you are one of them, you can:

  •       Join Acusis as a medical coding trainee from home
  •       Crack CPC/COC certification exam within 3 months
  •       Continue to work from home, post completion of the training period, on a salary plus incentive model

About the Institute

Acusis India, operating since 2001, has established itself as a leader in the field of medical transcription.

Over the last 20 years, powered by its technology backbone, AcuSuite, Acusis has contributed towards building sustainable home-based medical transcription career options across India, the US, and the Philippines.

Significantly, fueled by its vision to be a leader in the clinical documentation industry, the organization is dedicated to carving out promising careers. They do so by nurturing exceptional talent and maximising their contribution by leveraging technology.

5. Elate Academy

About the Course

The Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Training course aims at preparing you to become a certified Professional Coder. Quite understandably, therefore, this course is the highest in demand. This is because, upon completing this course, you get initiated to physician-based coding, used primarily in the healthcare industry.

In other words, CPC is very handy for medical offices, walk-in clinics, telehealth groups, and even labs.

At the end of this course, you will learn:

  •       Correct usage of CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM codes and their applications
  •       Basics of Medical Coding
  •       What it takes to pursue advanced types of medical coding

About the Institute

The first institute in India to be approved by AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) for medical coding, Elate Academy has carefully curated study modules on medical coding. Note that, joining this course allows you to gain access to its rich online portal loaded with study materials, video recordings, assessments, and PowerPoint presentations.

Discount vouchers for the CPC Exam are also available here. Another interesting feature is that being the biggest online portal for medical coding, the Academy offers flexible timings to learners for pursuing the course. Finally, you gain a 1-month free externship training after completing the course.

6. Academy of Medical Coders India (AMCI)

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Medical Coding – Carefully designed by industry experts, this course aims to prepare you as a full-fledged Medical Coder. Realizing the importance of the role of a medical coder dealing with the lives of patients, this course trains you with the necessary knowledge and skills together with hands-on experience on the tools commonly used by medical coders.

This course is:

  •       Loaded with examples and citations from real-world scenarios
  •       Reviewed regularly to ensure it says updated with the latest in the industry
  •       Finely punctuated with case studies to facilitate a better understanding of the modules
  •       Offered in Regular as well as Online and interactive modes for the ease of students

About the Institute

AMCI operates as a constituent academy under the aegis of the Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI). Important to note that registered as a non-profit society with the Government of India and a member of the Quality Council of India (QCI), AMCI is committed to providing education and training on medical coding.

In particular, Its dedicated team of highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the healthcare industry ensures that each student is fully geared up for making a successful career as a medical coder.

Additionally, the institute releases newsletters covering national and international news and analysis on all facets of medical coding.

7. Apex Medcom

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

Professional Medical Coding & Billing (PMCB) – Students willing to pursue the Medical Coding & Billing career option but lack the necessary educational background find PMCB-A a good choice. Important to note that for such students the knowledge of medical terminology and Anatomy is very crucial to crack the CPC exam.

Interestingly, PMCB-A achieves exactly this objective.

The course includes:

  •       Medical terminology
  •       Anatomy
  •       Physiology
  •       Pathological Conditions
  •       Coding Guidelines procedures, and standards for ICD 10 CM, CPT, and HCPCS standards
  •       Basics of Medical Billing

This 3-months online Medical Coding course also features chapter-wise practice papers and mock exams to prepare you for the CPC exam.

In case you are good at Medical Terminology, Anatomy, and Physiology, you can enrol yourself for the PMCB-B course as well.

Skipping the basics covered in the PMCB-A course, this course primarily caters to doctors, nurses, and transcription students. Well-versed in Medical Terminology, Anatomy, and Physiology, these people next aim for advanced concepts of Medical Coding.

About the Institute

Apex Medom is a specific expertise centre for Medical Coding. Renowned in the industry, Apex Medom has already successfully completed 500+ batches and trained 6000+ students. Armed by its brilliant team of highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty members, the institute is the right choice if you want to pursue Medical Coding as a career but do not possess the right academic background.

8. Xpert Healthcare Group

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

Xpert Healthcare Group offers a Medical Coding Course, which is essentially a bouquet of courses. The offering includes CPC (Certified Professional Coder), COC (Certified Outpatient Coder), CIC (Certified Inpatient Coder), CPCO (Certified Professional Compliance Officer), and CPPM (Certified Physician Practice Manager) courses. To clarify,

  •       CPC prepares you for the job of a professional medical coder specialising in services offered by physicians and non-physicians. It also grooms you on the coding guidelines defined by the CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM standards
  •       COC trains you on reimbursement and outpatient payment as well as CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II coding skills
  •       CIC enables you to extract the required information from inpatient records and perform ICD-10-CM Volume 1-3 coding
  •       CPCO coaches you to manage Healthcare compliance requirements imposed by the demanding Federal healthcare laws
  •       CPPM teaches you service management of various processes eg revenue cycle, health information, human resources, business processes etc. Note that this serves as the logical next step if you have experience in other healthcare fields and considering furthering your career in physician practice management.

About the Institute

Set up in 2010, Xpert Healthcare Group has established itself as a leader in the field of Medical Coding and Billing. In particular, guided by the firm belief that customer satisfaction is at the core of a successful business, this Group focuses on delivering top-quality training programs through its highly committed team of experienced faculty.

9. Cigma Medical Coding Academy

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

As the name suggests, this Medical Coding Certificate program aims to deliver academic and clinical education to you in inpatient and outpatient coding. Furthermore, this program trains you in Medical Terminology, Anatomy, and Physiology along with disease procedures, treatments, medical supplies, implants etc.

The program has the following modules:

  • Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology
  • ICD Coding
  • CPT Coding
  • HCPCS Coding
  • Medical Billing and Reimbursement
  • Software Training
  • Mock Test
  • AAPC Exam Preparation

About the Institute

Cigma Medical Coding Academy enjoys international recognition as a medical coding training and placement provider. In particular, the organization prides itself on global training standards, world-class infrastructure, and a battery of vastly experienced and knowledgeable faculty.

No wonder this organization, therefore, offers a rich bouquet of innovative and engaging certification programs and diplomas in medical coding.

10. American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Mysore

About the Course

Medical Coding and Reimbursement Courses – The unique feature of this offering is that it is a consolidation of 13 courses constituting a self-paced program. Note that the idea behind designing this course bouquet is that each course is carefully curated to suit your career aspirations.

Important to note that you have the flexibility to start with any course by paying a course fee of $299 or buy the entire course bundle in one go. In the case of the latter, you obviously enjoy some discounts.

In other words, you can earn the AHIMA Medical Coding and Reimbursement micro-credential either when you complete the course bundle or when your customized learning program with individual courses comes to an end.

About the Institute

A global non-profit organization, a team of committed health information professionals is the backbone of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). In fact, driven by the vision to transform health and healthcare by connecting people, systems, and ideas, these AHIMA-certified professionals ensure that sensitive health stories remain accurate, accessible, and confidential at all times.

Now, you have a fair idea of the top 10 Medical Coding courses in Mysore. Also, you can appreciate the fact that this field is now witnessing growing demand. Therefore, it may be helpful to note the cost of pursuing this career option.

Eligibility for Enrolling in Medical Coding Courses

Anyone from the following fields of study is eligible to pursue this training:

Physiotherapist, Nursing, Pharmacy, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Micro, Nutrition & Dietitian, Medical transcriptionist, Ayurvedic, BDS, Bsc, Msc, Degree or Diploma in life science graduates, final year students etc.

How much do you pay for Medical Coding Courses?

In India, the standard course fee for medical coding courses ranges between 25000/- to 50,000/-. Important to note that this course fee usually includes Internship and Placement Assistance as well as CPC Exam Preparation. As part of Job Assistance, the courses offer support and guidance on resume writing and conduct mock interviews to help place students in satisfactory positions as medical coders.

Well, if you eventually decide to enrol for any of the courses and undergo the medical coding training, then the obvious question arises, how much do you make?

Average Salary of a Medical Coder in India

Industry statistics show that in India, the average salary of a medical coder is 3,50,000/- at an hourly rate of 179/-. Important to note that, at the entry level, you can expect to receive an annual salary in the range of 3,00,000/- Over time, as you gain experience, your average salary can go up to 1,335,000/- per annum.

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To know more about this promising career option so that you can make an informed decision, you can read the following blogs:

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What next?

In summary, Medical Coding is an upcoming field of study that offers a promising career. The best part is that you do not require any specialized educational qualification. And, finally but most importantly, the course fees are reasonable.

Hence, make up your mind without any further delay. In case you still have some doubts, pick up any book readily available in the market. Once you resolve your doubts, go ahead and enrol yourself for any of the Medical Coding courses listed above that suits your requirement. Remember these courses prepare you for the CPS certification exam.

So, post-completion of the course, become an AAPC member and schedule your CPC exam, at your convenience.

On successful completion of the CPC exam, undergo the required apprenticeship, post which you emerge as a Certified Professional Coder.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take to become a medical coder?

It can take 1-3 years to complete a Medical Coding course.

2. What does medical coding have to do with medical billing?

As part of medical coding, the coder extracts relevant information from the medical prescriptions or doctor notes. Next, these codes are then printed on statements or insurance claim forms. It is then that the medical billing process starts. In other words, these two processes are entwined.

3.  How many times can you take the CPC exam?

You can take the CPC exam as many times as you want. However, remember that each time you apply for the exam, you need to pay a fee of $390. Hence, the sooner you clear the exam, the better.

4. Who is eligible to write the CPC exam?

You must possess at least two years of work experience with CPT, ICD and HCPCS codes to be eligible for the CPC exam.

5. Do I need any formal qualifications to become a medical coder?

No formal qualification is needed to become a medical coder. Interested candidates in medical coding must have a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, preferably from a life sciences background.

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