Artificial Intelligence

Let AI take care of your bookkeeping needs

Revolut Business has revolutionized expense management with its state of the art Expenses product. This innovative tool empowers businesses to streamline and automate their expense tracking processes effortlessly. With Expenses, uploading, approving, and tracking expenses is as simple as possible for everyone involved – on web and mobile apps. That means everything’s accounted for. No more MIA receipts, and every penny, cent, and franc accounted for. Important information is logged, synced, and ready to submit to accounting software of your choice or reviewed by your accounting team.

Revolut uses computer vision and machine learning to match financial documents to transactions. Such a capability not only saves time but also ensures accuracy, reducing human errors significantly. With Expenses, Revolut Business is leading the charge in reshaping how businesses manage their money globally

“Driving Real value for our customers has always been the motivation behind everything we do at Revolut” says Karun Singla, who has built the AI behind this feature. Our products are built with a clear focus on eliminating manual efforts. With money being digitized, businesses can track their team’s expenses at the palm of their hand. Let AI do your bookkeeping.”

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