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Top 12 German Language Courses In Mumbai


German language courses in Mumbai: This article will give you more insight into the importance of the German language and the top German language classes available. Some people have a keen interest in learning new languages. It is a skill to grasp and learn any new language. Knowledge of different languages not only helps you in developing your social skills but may also prove to be a good career option.

Learning a foreign language like German, French, Spanish, etc. has become a good career option as it can yield you jobs in different industries like travel, fashion, academics, hospitality, content, etc. It is also useful if you wish to travel or settle abroad.

You can discover many career avenues if you wish to have a career in a foreign language.

German Language

German is one of the top 5 languages spoken worldwide and a widely spoken native language in the European Union. Apart from Germany, It is most commonly spoken in countries like Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and other countries. There is a lot of scope and demand for people with proficiency in the German language globally. Moreover, you have a great chance to land a job in Europe if you wish to make a career abroad.

There are different levels in the German language course as per the proficiency like A1-beginners, A2- elementary, B1- intermediate, and so on till C-2 which is highly competitive.

Let us find the top 12 institutes which provide German language classes in Mumbai.

1. Henry Harvin: German language courses in Mumbai

Henry Harvin is a renowned education provider with a presence in more than 97 countries. Based in US and India, Henry Harvin provides a variety of courses in different fields like technical, Management, writing, Accounts & Finance, Digital marketing, etc.

It also provides group training programs in form of Corporate programs, College programs, skill development programs, and many more.

In addition to the regular training, Henry Harvin offers resource support to its learners like an E-learning portal, boot camp sessions, Internship opportunities, Gold membership, career support, placement support, access to a job portal, etc.

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes that offers training in the German language.

The German language curriculum is designed such that it covers the understanding of the language at the grammatical level to achieve proficiency in the German language. Henry Harvin also trains you to master the German language exams like DSH, the TestDaF, and Goethe- Institute Examinations.

German language courses in Mumbai

Learning benefits;

Apart from the general methodology provided by Henry Harvin, the other benefits of learning German from Henry Harvin are;

  • Live online interactive training
  • Industry-recognized trainers with rich experience.
  • Projects – opportunities to do projects in the German language
  • Internship assistance
  • Certification in course completion
  • Placement guarantees up to 1 year after course completion.

After completing the German language course from Henry Harvin, you will be able to start a conversation in all the tenses in german, describe feelings in german, learn the formation of basic sentences and word building, express your thoughts and opinions, etc.

Fee and duration;

There are different levels in the German language course as per the proficiency with different duration and fees as mentioned below;

LEVEL         Duration       Fees
     A1      56 Hours   INR 12500/- 
     A2      56 Hours                INR 12500/
     B1      66 Hours              INR 15500/-            
     B2      66 Hours             INR 15500/-   
     C1      66 Hours   INR 17500/- 
     C2      66 Hours   INR 17500/- 

2. Cambridge Institute: German language courses in Mumbai

Cambridge Institute is one of the top foreign language training institutes. It specializes in foreign language training and offers courses in all the widely spoken languages in the world like German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.

For the last 13 years in the industry, Cambridge institute offers both online and offline training. However, for the German language, it provides training till level B2 which is the upper intermediate level.

The course curriculum is designed to accommodate the dynamic demands of the industries and businesses between the two countries. It prepares students for the Goethe Institute Certification and ZD exams which are the most common international exams for the German language.

Below are some benefits of learning the German language at Cambridge Institute;

  • Flexible timetable – several batches available throughout the day (weekdays and weekends) allowing students to choose as per their comfort and schedule.
  • Internship program
  • Placement assistance
  • Personal attention
  • Certificate on course completion

 The duration of the course is 2-3 months depending on the batch type that you opt for.

3. Goethe Institute: German language courses in Mumbai

The Goethe Institute is a global body that is specially built to promote and spread the German language across the world. It is one of the oldest and top training institutes for German language courses with over 60 years of teaching experience.

The curriculum for the German language courses at the Goethe Institute is comprehensive, standardized, and culture-based. It helps students to relate to the German language more.

Below are the advantages of learning the German language from the Goethe Insititute;

  • Highly experienced and specially trained faculty
  • Access to library and resources.
  • Quality management service is applied to training programs to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Opportunity to participate in cultural events.
  • Q- mark quality sealed exams standard-
  • Deutsch für dich service – Practise German free of charge with level-wise tutorials and also get a chance to interact with other learners.
  • Maximum 18 students in a class.

The duration for one program that includes levels A1 to B2 is around 16 weeks and the course fee is INR 25000/-

4. Yes Germany: German language courses in Mumbai

Yes Germany is an education consulting company providing guidance and counseling to aspiring students wishing to study in Germany.

Starting in 2004, Yes Germany provides assistance to students with their visas, colleges, admission, accommodation, and other support needed to study in Germany.

They assess the students and shortlist the suitable colleges for them in Germany.

Yes Germany also provides training in the German language for levels A1 to B2.

They offer both online and offline classes with a duration of 60 days.

5. Republic schools: German language courses in Mumbai

ReSOLT- Republic School of Languages & Training is one of the top language training institutes. It provides training for a variety of languages including foreign and Indian regional languages.

ReSOLT provides training on various platforms like classroom training, online training, and even home tuition. It imparts training in the German language too for all levels from A1 to C2 and also prepares you for the Goethe Institute Certification. Besides, ReSOLT also offers several back-to-back batches giving full flexibility to students to choose as per their convenience.

Takeaways from learning German from ReSOLT;

  • Globally renowned trainers
  • Digital study material
  • Creative exercises
  • Doubt solving & revision sessions
  • Flexible timings

6. Seven Mentors: German language courses in Mumbai

Seven Mentor is an acclaimed US-based training institute. In India, it has a presence in Mumbai and Pune. It offers courses in multiple fields like IT (Networking and Software), SAP, HR, Fashion Designing and Languages.

Seven Mentor too provides both classroom training and online training. It is also engaged in corporate training.

German language is one of the languages taught at Seven Mentor and covers all the levels. It has well-experienced trainers, who have rich corporate experience and thorough knowledge of the German language.

Some of the key features of the German language course from Seven Mentor are;

  • Course duration – 90 hrs to 110 hrs
  • Real-time projects
  • Certificate on course completion
  • Additionally provide ISO certificates to the students
  • Cover up classes available
  • Placement assistance

7. University of Mumbai: German language courses in Mumbai

The University of Mumbai is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in India. It is run by the Maharashtra government and controls the education board of colleges in Mumbai.

Also known as Mumbai University, it has grown considerably over the years with 56 departments for studies in different streams and 781 affiliated colleges. It has a huge campus spread across 230 acres of area. You will find hundreds of courses available at Mumbai University right from HSC to graduate programs to PHDs.

The department of German at Mumbai University offers a wide range of courses in the German language. You can find degree and post-degree courses in the German language and even Ph.D. Apart from the regular courses, there are also part-time and short-term courses available for the German language. Moreover, these courses are also available both online and offline mode.

Below are some details of the part-time programs in the German language offered by Mumbai University;

  Sr. No.Course nameModeFeesDuration
 1.Certificate in German(for beginners- A1)Offline and OnlineINR 4100/-9 months
 2.Short-term intensive Basic Certificate in German(Beginners A1)OnlineINR 7600/-120 hours
3.  Diploma in GermanOffline and OnlineINR 4600/-1 year/ 165 hours.
4.Short-term intensive Basic Certificate in German(A2)OnlineINR 7600/-150 hours
5.Advanced Diploma I in German(Level B1)OnlineINR 5100/-240 hours
6.Advanced Diploma II in German(Level B2)OnlineINR 8100/-240 hours  
7.Advanced Diploma III in German(Level C1)OnlineINR 8100/-240 hours  

8. International Academy of Languages

International Academy of Languages also known as IAOL is a leading training center specializing in foreign language courses. It is based in Mumbai and offers high-quality training with global standards for languages like German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and English.

Its curriculum is designed to help its students prepare for all foreign language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.

IAOL imparts German language courses with its course curriculum aligned with the standards and requirements for Goethe exams.

Takeaways from learning German from IOAL;

  • Personal attention with a batch size of 6 students per batch
  • Certified Indian and Native trainers
  • Placement assistance
  • Thoroughly designed course material and workbooks
  • Crash course and mock tests
  • Student support like Visa guidance and exam registration help
  • Flexible batch timings

9. Excel Academy

Excel Academy is a Mumbai-based training center delivering training in foreign languages. Based in Mumbai, it offers courses in 10 different foreign languages, with an average of 80 students training every month. The methodology of courses covers all the linguistic aspects like speaking, reading, writing, and understanding.

Excel Academy offers German Language courses, however, it provides only 2 levels i.e. A1 and A2 levels.

Below are some key features of the German language course from Excel Academy;

  • Highly experienced and dedicated trainers
  • Batch size limited to 6 students ensuring personal attention
  • Individual personalized courses
  • Well-designed course materials with audio sessions
  • Flexible batch schedules with normal and fast-track batches
  • The duration of the course is 30 days.

10. Institute of Languages

Institute of Languages, also known as IOL, is a leading training institute that imparts training in foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, and many more. Established in 2011, IOL also provides soft skill programs like personality development and corporate grooming. It provides both online and offline training.

The German language course at IOL covers all the levels from A1 to C2.

Course benefits of learning German from the Institute of languages are;

  • Certified and experienced faculty
  • Time-tested methods of teaching
  • Access to the library
  • Preparation for international exams
  • Curriculum designed as per international standards
  • Course materials with workbooks for practice
  • Certificate on completion of the course.

11. FITA – Focus’d IT Academy

FITA is a Chennai-based fast-growing Training and Placement Company. It has branches in many cities including Mumbai. The institute offers a variety of training in the fields of software, digital marketing, Android, Cloud computing, soft skills, and others.

FITA also provides both classroom and online German language course programs. The German language courses are designed as per the CEFR standard and cover all the levels of the German language.

The course benefits of the German course program from FITA are;

  • Language expert and experienced faculty
  • Live online interactive classes
  • Hands-on training with practical examples and exercises
  • Audio visual sessions for an easy and interesting way of learning
  • Helping in preparing students for the global certification programs
  • Placement support
  • Certification in course completion

12. ipromise Academy

ipromise Academy is another training and placement company based in Mumbai. It is primarily into English-speaking courses, but also offers training in French, German and Spanish and even personality development training.

Started in the year 2011, ipromise provides classroom training and currently has two branches in Mumbai. The academy has grown over the years with the help of its student-oriented methodology. The training methodology at ipromise includes below features and learning style;

  • Technology-based learning
  • Personalized one-to-one coaching
  • Mock sessions
  • Games and activity-based learning
  • Simulations based on real-life experience
  • Guest lectures by industry experts

The German language classes are conducted on both weekdays and weekends with several batch options. Hence students can choose according to their schedule.


We have seen the importance of the German language and how it can be a good career option for people. Germany is one of the highest economies in the world and the largest economy in Europe.

Since Germany is a developed country, the per capita income there is high, making the standard of living in Germany quite high and advanced. Hence many people who want to work and settle in Germany, learn the German language and its culture so that they get the eligibility status to work in Germany.

Aspirants can choose from several options for their training needs in the German language and get well versed in the language. They can learn the language to make a career in their country or Germany or just for a hobby.


Q1. What kind of jobs can I get after learning a foreign language?

A.1. If you have good knowledge of a foreign language, then you can work as a translator, Mediator, interpreter, trainer, tour and travel guide, Flight crew member, freelance writer, etc. There are many companies that look for candidates with proficient knowledge of a foreign language and pay them handsomely.

Q2. How easy or difficult is German to learn?

A1. German may look difficult to learn but it is one of the easiest languages to learn.
It is a phonetic language and easy to figure out the pronunciation as it’s similar to English. Moreover, the German language is based only on the form of tense which is present tense which makes it even easier.

Q3. What are the certifications for the German language which are recognized globally?

A3. Top recognized certificates by the German education board to test the proficiency in the German language are;
·        Goethe Zertifikat
·        DSH Certificate
·        TestDaf Certificate
·        GDS Certificate

Q4. What are the minimum eligibility criteria to learn German?

A4. There are no such minimum eligibility criteria to learn German or any other language. However, institutes demand at least 10th or 10+2 as a minimum qualification to ensure an understanding of the basic fundamentals.

Q5. How long does it take to complete all the levels of the German language?

A5. Normally, it takes around 2 months to complete one level of the German language course. There is a total of 6 levels in the German language training. Hence it would take around one year to complete the German language course at all levels.

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