10 Best Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Courses in Yamuna Vihar

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What is Emergency Medical Training?

Emergency Medical Technician or EMT is an expert when responding to medical assistance. EMT professionals are the ones who provide the first-aid to patients who suffer from one to several injuries, in particular, the basic life support level of injury at the spot and time of emergency.
The goal of emergency medical technicians is to either provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care, with the goal of satisfactorily treating the illness, or arrange for timely removal of the patient to the next point of standard care. This is most likely an emergency room at a hospital or another place where physicians or doctors are available.
An EMT professional needs to be well versed with the procedure and medical instruments in order to perform an operation.

Emergency Medical Training(EMT) courses in Yamuna Vihar

As each year the number of students graduating in the 10th and 12th grade, the probability of them getting a fulfilling job is quite uncertain. With the growth and demand for EMT courses in Yamuna Vihar is on the rise, it is an option to be considered while pursuing a career.
Government and private hospitals are recruiting more and more qualified students to pursue this profession as there is a need for staff in the field. There are quite a number of training institutes that offer EMT courses in Yamuna Vihar, which range from Certificate, Diploma, and Graduate-level courses.

Top 10 EMT Courses in Yamuna Vihar and around Delhi

All of these courses offer the best they can to equip the student to perform all the requirements from them to be an EMT professional. So these are :

1. Henry Harvin

When it comes to the Emergency Medical Training (EMT) Course in Yamuna Vihar, Henry Harvin tops the list. As this institute has been recognized by the Government of India and it also bags an award as being the best institute in providing academic and training courses. Henry Harvin caters to and nurtures a student to be well versed with the terms, tools, the procedure of operation when it comes to real-life medical emergencies. This course offers practical sessions as well, and each student must have hands-on experience while pursuing the course.
In case a student misses a class, they can have access to a recorded video through a Mobile App to an E-Learning Portal which they can watch as many times as they want but until a period of one year upon the completion of the course. The curriculum of the course has been planned in such a way that it corresponds with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Program. With Henry Harvin being recognized and possessing experience in this field, thousands of students have graduated from this course being it from Yamuna Vihar, and have benefited a lot of students around the area in their pursuit of this profession.

Henry Harvin course details for EMT

To further understand the course, here is a video which you can watch below :

The duration of the course provided by Henry Harvin is for 6 months and it is being held in an online session with live classes and it is an interactive session. Though there is also a Self-Paced course that one can attend this course at his or her available time but on a recorded class presentation. Theory classes are being held on an online platform whereas practical classes are being held on offline training.

Theory classes are being held on an online platform whereas practical classes are being held on offline training.
Towards the end of the course, an examination is held in order to judge the student’s perception of the subject, so that the student can have a chance to either be awarded or not with a certificate from the institution. In addition to the exam, a student can appear more than once but he or she must complete the exam within the period of one year from the date of enrolment of the course.

He or she will be certified for the completion of the course from the institution as this certificate will help them in ensuring it is useful while applying for a job in this field of profession.
Another addition regarding the course which will benefit many is that; after completion of the course, boot camp sessions are held every month for 1 year in order to brush up students with their preparation so that they are ready for the exams and their upcoming interviews as well.

Course Content :

  • To be well versed in the Anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • To be equipped with Medical Terms or language and Medical Ethics
  • To get familiarised with patients’ questions and respond to their requirements
  • To transfer patients who are in critical condition to a medical facility
  • To assess and treat Medical Emergencies

Course details :

  • 6 months the duration of the course and is held in a Live Training Session
  • Recorded videos of the classes
  • Study Material
  • Gold Membership for 1 year
  • Bootcamp for Brush-up sessions is held on a Monthly Basis
  • Accredited as a Certified Emergency Medical Technician
  • Internship is Guaranteed

Course Fee :

  • Live Online Classes (this profession is required for this course), the fee is Rs 66,000 and there is an EMI option as well.
  • Self-Paced learning course, the fee is INR 59,400.


Here at Henry Harvin, trainers are Well Qualified Healthcare Professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field and they are being very careful about the selection of the trainers. Over the years trainers have trained and delivered lectures more than 500 and are currently continuing to do so at Henry Harvin.

Benefits of a Gold Membership

Student gets access to 1 Year of Gold Membership of Henry Harvin with Healthcare Academy which includes a form the E-Learning through recorded Classes, Projects. To become one among the 3,00,000+ Alumni across the world, with Guaranteed internships through the partner firms. Weekly job opportunities are being offered through the Website from various partners of Henry Harvin during the course.

Henry Harvin Emergency Medical Training other location

Apart from the location at Yamuna Vihar, there are also other locations that Henry Harvin provides. There are:

  • Kolkata
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Gurgaon
  • Chennai
  • Pune

2. Vivo Healthcare

Vivo healthcare is another institute that offers EMT courses in Yamuna Vihar and in Delhi as well. It offers other courses as well apart from the EMT course but they are related to the healthcare industry. Vivo healthcare aims to help students become equipped with EMT professionals and to help students be well versed with paramedical procedures and to treat patients.
Vivo healthcare has a curriculum that will be taught through theoretical classes, simulated training, and internships are provided as well. The curriculum covers topics like patient evaluation, trauma care or handling, ambulance medical procedure. The curriculum is aligned to that prescribed by National Skill Development Council (NSDC) norms.

Duration: 14 months which is equivalent to 1800 hours of both theory and practical sessions. 1000 hours of theory and simulation and 800 hours of internship. The institution provides Certification and Placement support.

Eligibility: Any student wanting to pursue this course must have completed the 12th standard in order to be eligible to get into the institution.

Certificate qualification: After completion of the course, he or she must acquire 70% of the lectures and 85% attendance during a clinical internship. Also, the candidate must secure 70% marks in the pre-internship exam. The student will get a VIVO-NDSC certificate upon completion of the internship.

Fee: INR 30,000 approximately

3. Virohan Institute of Health and Management Sciences

Virohan Institute of Health and Management Science is another among the top institute which offers the Emergency Medical Training (EMT) course in Yamuna Vihar. The institute provides both online and offline modes of classes. The course enables the students to grow and acquire the skills to respond to situations that require medical assistance.

Course Content :

  • Learn about the human anatomy and physiology
  • To inform and teach about different Medical Terminology
  • Taking heed of Medical law and Ethics
  • Learn methods for Infection Control
  • Learn to evaluate the patient’s condition
  • Learn to deal with first aid in times of emergencies

Course details :

  • Eligibility: Class 12 and must have acquired the age of 18 years
  • Duration: Advanced Diploma INR 1.49 lakh – INR 1.69 lakh
  1. Diploma INR 66,000
  2. Certificate INR 35,000 – INR 47,200
  • Fee: An Institute offers a fee of around INR 35,000 for the course and it is for a period of 6 months with that being provided with a certificate after the end of the course. For more information visit the institute website.

4. GD Goenka Healthcare

GD Goenka Healthcare is another institute that ranks in the Top 10 EMT courses in Yamuna Vihar. This institute offers vocational training to students right from new entrants to educate and upskill students for the existing healthcare workforce and to re-skill them to stay intact with the current up-gradation of the current standard of the profession.
The course offers live online classes, practical teaching sessions, case studies, internships, and much more.

Course Content :

  • Introduction to Emergency Medical Training
  • To learn and provide pre-hospital care to a patient
  • To carry out the process from basic life support and monitor pulse rate
  • To take charge of a patient’s condition and to plan and perform what’s required to be taken care
  • The internship is provided to equip a student from handling Medical and Trauma Emergencies like bleeding, burns, heart attack, fractures, etc.

Course Details :

  • Eligibility: Class 12
  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Theory and Practical: 200 Hours + 200 Hours
  • Internship: 600 Hours
  • Fee : INR 1,30,000

5. Tech Mahindra Smart Academy

SMART Academy is an Institute which provides Emergency Medical Training (EMT) courses in Yamuna Vihar and around Delhi, where students are groomed to react quickly to emergency medical urgency and provide prehospital medical care to patients. The classroom course of study is constituted with practical training, as well as hands-on training with equipment, where a student will be able to handle all kinds of critical and emergency situations from accidents, heart attacks, heat burns, etc.
As a trained EMT professional, an individual will have to handle the sick or injured person and then shift him or her to a nearby medical facility for further examination or operation. The students will require and expect to be able to assess an emergency situation and offer assistance like life support.

Course Content :

  • To React to an emergency call
  • Patient triage is based on the defined critical area of illness
  • To manage patients with allergies, poisoning, or medical overdose
  • To manage bleeding, burns, muscular injuries, head, spine, and bone fracture
  • To treat patients with respiratory assistance

Course Detail :

  • Eligibility: Class 12 or a minimum of 18 years
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Internship: Provided
  • Fee: INR 30,000

6. Cradle of Management Institute

Cradle of Management Institute also offers Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) courses in Yamuna Vihar and Delhi. It is considered to be ranking among the top 10 in the category of EMT courses in Yamuna Vihar.
Here Cradle Management Institute also offers similar courses as compared to the above-mentioned curriculum. The Institute is recognized by Health Sector Skill Council and National Skill Development Council (HSSC-NSDC)

Course details :

  • Eligibility: Class 12
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Admission: Based on marks obtained in Class 10
  • Fee: INR 27,000

7. Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute

Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute is also quite renowned in the field of healthcare as it also provides the Emergency Medical Training (EMT) course in Yamuna Vihar and in Delhi. The institute offers a Diploma Course for students graduating with class 12.
To be able to qualify for admission to the institute, one must complete a written test exam so that he or she can appear for the course.

Course Content :

  • To prepare a student to respond quickly to any urgency when required medical attention
  • To learn and attend to patients from basic life support and pre-hospital attention to patients
  • Provides hands-on training for real-life exposure to deal with different kinds of emergency

Course details :

  • Eligibility: Class 12 or at least 18 years of age or more
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Fee: INR 25,000

Additional Information, the institute also assists students to get on-job training and job placements.

8. National Institute of Management and Technology

Here at this Institute, it offers not a Certificate or Diploma course but instead offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Services. The aim of the institute is to produce competent and qualified medical technicians with the required knowledge, skill, and mindset for a wide range of medical emergencies.
As a result, the institute expects its students to be professional and capable of handling medical operations for their patients in times of emergency. In order to be considered a qualified Emergency Medical Technician, one must have humanistic qualities, as it is considered a key element when working with patients because a bond is needed to develop between the healthcare and patient. This Institute also ranks among the Top 10 EMT courses in Yamuna and Vihar.

Course Content :

  • Awareness of skills required in Prehospital Medical care
  • To adapt and effectively deliver medical care
  • To be able to assist emergency Physicians effectively in prehospital emergency and emergency room
  • To be able to observe and perform medical care as per the up-gradation of tools and types of equipment for a medical procedure
  • To be aware of the various techniques in managing the Airway, Defibrillation, Breathing, Lifts, and Carrying the patient.

Course details :

  • Eligibility : MBBS/BHMS/BAMS/BDS/B.Sc (Nursing)/B.Voc in EMS or equivalent
  • Duration : 1 year (2 semester)
  • Fee : INR 77,000 yearly (Instalment – 1st is INR 38,500 and 2nd is INR 38,500)

9. Institute of Paramedical Science and Management

The Institute of Paramedical Science and Management (IPMS) offers the course Emergency Medical Technician curriculum and the intention is to be equipped with advanced studies and courses with the goal of providing quality education at an affordable fee. The institute is managed and run by the Intellectual Society of India and it is also an ISO-certified paramedical institution.
The Mission of the institute is to provide a platform for students with an exceptional education that prepares them to excel in the profession. With everything, the Institute stands for its ranks among the Top 10 EMT courses in Yamuna Vihar.

Course Content :

  • To observe the initial evaluation of the situation before performing any medical treatment and to cater to patient requirement
  • To recognize the severity of the patient’s condition and decide on the following step to proceed with the patient
  • To gather information and interact with paramedical staff at the hospital

Course details :

  • Eligibility: Class 12
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Fee: INR 64,000

10. Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University

Here at the University, the course for Emergency Medical Training has been planned and designed in such a manner that its sole purpose is to enable a student to work as an Emergency Medical Technician at the basic pre-hospital level and to treat various health conditions by applying appropriate procedure and equipment. For those looking for the EMT course in Yamuna Vihar, the University is providing the course in that area.

Course Content :

  • To respond to an emergency call
  • To note down information required for further interpretation and preparation of the patient’s health condition
  • To provide aid based on the defined critical pain or injury of the patient
  • To manage patients with allergic reactions, bleeding, and burns. poisoning or medicinal overdose, muscular injuries, injuries to the head and spine, bone fracture, and others
  • To manage patients with cardiovascular emergency and cerebrovascular emergency

Course details :

  • Eligibility: Class 12 or 18 years above
  • Duration: 2-year diploma course and 6 months of internship
  • Fee : INR 50,000 – 60,000

Why is there a need for an Emergency Medical Technician in this generation?

According to the department of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, Govt. of India; with the number of events where there is more suffering than an unexpected loss of life or permanent disability caused by either physical violence or accidental injury. In particular, it is the injury where a potential salvageable patient dies without need through delay in saving, incapable assessment, or unproductive treatment.
The pandemic of COVID-19 has brought many challenges with serious significance to the lives and livelihood, businesses, and the economy across the globe. Given the magnitude of vital and increase in the number of cases, the healthcare sector has been under huge pressure to deal with the shortage of medical tools, essential supplies, and trained personnel to provide appropriate healthcare delivery to citizens.
So with the introduction of Emergency Medical Service (EMS), the Emergency Medical Technicians(EMTs) have a platform to take on a career in this area of healthcare. Where the goal of EMS is to either provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care or arrange for the timely removal of the patient to the next point of definitive care.


On successful graduation from this course, they become Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) professionals. Which provides them the platform to opportunities in the health sector like :

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • EMS Call Centre
  • Academics/ Training Institute
  • Government Ambulance Service
  • Volunteer Ambulance Service
  • Private Ambulance Service
  • Company Ambulance
  • Fire or Police Linked Service


The purpose of this article was to research and composed based on the increasing demand for Emergency Medical Training (EMT) courses in Yamuna Vihar, especially for students wanting to have a career in the field of Healthcare. As in the case of the recent pandemic which hit the whole world including India, there seems to be an increasing demand for EMT professionals. Also, the number of accidents is on the rise on a daily basis which reminds us that medical attention is of utmost importance.
Every now and then we hear in the news about the health sector, it can be about the lack of equipment, medicine, manpower, etc. So to say that the scope of Emergency Medical Technician is on the rise and it is highly recommended for students wanting to opt into this field of healthcare that being the Emergency Medical Technician. That being said especially for the EMT course in Yamuna Vihar.
So the courses which have been listed above are the ones which can provide you the education, the experience and also the assistance of a job position. If you are a person from Delhi, you are lucky enough to know that Emergency Medical Training courses are available near you and you can get in touch with them through their website.


Q.1 What is an Emergency Medical Technician(EMT)?

EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians are the health care professionals who provide medical support to the patients and determine the necessary course of action.

Q.2 What is the eligibility to apply for an Emergency Medical Technician course?

To be eligible for the EMT program one must attain the age of 18 years and complete class 12. As most training institutes do require aspirants to attain these two requirements.

Q.3 How long is the course for Emergency Medical Technician?

So for the duration, one can choose from the above-mentioned as they provide different lengths and time spans for the course. As each institute is different from the other and has a well-planned curriculum, it seems as if the academy will work well for the students.

Q.4 What is the average income for the entry-level Emergency Medical Technician course?

With less than 1 year of experience, one can expect to earn an average total of 167,763. With 1-4 years of experience, one can earn an average total of 136,682. A mid-career (EMT) – with between 5-9 years of experience earns an average total of 140,201. An experienced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – with between 10-19 years of experience earns an average total of 214,000. These are approx values.

Q.5 What kind of personality suits you well to be an Emergency Medical Technician?

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is an excellent career choice for people who are calm under pressure, like to be active, and want to help others.

Q.6 What is the best institute to choose for the EMT course in Yamuna Vihar?

Henry Harvin tops the chart for the EMT course in Yamuna Vihar. It is not to brag about the institute, but it does prove itself from time to time and stands up for what they say.

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