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Top 10 Content Writing Courses In India (Exposed)

Do you want to pursue a successful career in content writing with unlimited opportunities and freedom to work from home or do freelancing any time you want? Then you have landed on the right page!!! Here, you can choose-out the top 10 content writing training programs currently available in India to help you learn the skills to make you employable.

Before jumping into the list of best online content writing programs, let’s glance at the importance of Content Writing.

Let’s get started! 

Top Content Writing Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy – Content Writing Courses In India

Henry Harvin first institute in South Asia to provide content writing courses – Online & Offline mode. The training programs offer by Henry Harvin have been Top-ranked in the market by Trainings360. Institute has affiliations from Content Writing Association in India, UK Cert, American Association of EFL, UKAF,  MSME & Govt of India. According to India Today 2021 survey, this course has ranked amongst the top 5. To date, Henry Harvin has trained over 5,00,000 + students and has a presence in over 25+ cities in India, the USA, Sri Lanka. 

Positive Points About Henry Harvin Education

  • Trusted by 150+ Top Corporates like Hero Group, Apollo Tyres, Abbott, Stanley Consultants etc.
  • More than 60+ colleges are trusted training partners of Henry Harvin, including IIMs, FMS Delhi, IITs, Institute of Chemical Technology, NIT.
  • Content Writing Association(CWA) Membership
  • Recognition from 20+ media platforms like Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer etc.
  • Excellent teacher who have more than ten years of industry experience.
  • 1000+ google reviews and average 4.5 rankings on portals like Trustpilot, Goabroad, Edugorilla, GoOverseas, Edugoril.

Highlights of Content Writing Course

  • Online interactive classroom session of 36 hours with best in industry trainers. 
  • CDCW Certification, which is globally recognized that can you add in your CV or resume.
  • The course covers over 30 types of content.
  • 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Education Writing Academy
  • Guaranteed internship with partner firms as well as 100% placement assistance after the course completion.
  • E-learning access of educational videos, case studies, assessments, and 1-year free monthly brush up sessions for one year worth Rs 6,000 free.
  • Access to 50+ tools worth Rs 35,000.

Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Fee Structure

Course fee including E-learning access and gold membership is Rs15,000/-. After taking the first introduction class, Henry Harvin provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like the curriculum.

This course will help you learn essential language skills, basic website and blog skills, identify the target audience and develop an effective content strategy, advance research skills to write more than 30+ types of content, and earn online.

2. ECT

Education and career times(ECT) is a 10-year-old organization that started its first batch in 2018. The government of India recognizes it, and their certification is globally recognized and will surely boost your career. ETC provides three major online and offline courses in content writing, digital marketing, communication skills, & personality development. ECT has been recognized by major media platforms like Indian Express, India Today, The Hindu, and many more.

Highlights of Content Writing Course

  • ECT give 32 hours of the live online interactive session with personalized attention and feedback to each student 
  • Course duration is three month
  • 100% placement assistance and lifetime support is provided to students after completing the course
  • Get access to 50 hour-long e-learning videos
  • The course consists of 7 assessments, 5 Projects, and 10 Quizzes.

Course Modules –  The course has total of 13 modules as mentioned below:

  1. Introduction to content writing 
  2. Boost your vocabulary
  3. Avoid standard grammar errors in your writing 
  4. Learn writing tools, tips, and techniques
  5. Hone your non-fiction creative writing skills
  6. Master business writing skills
  7. Learn fiction-writing
  8. Learn technical writing
  9. Learn to write specific pieces of content 
  10. Hone your academic writing skills
  11. Master content marketing
  12. Monetize your marketing skills
  13. Publish your book

Fee: Complete course fee is INR 15,000/- with e-learning access as well. 

3. Skills Upgrader- Content Writing Courses In India

Skills upgrader is one of the best career consulting firms, and they specialize in content writing courses. The course is provided through online interactive sessions; Skills Upgrader provides a comprehensive content writing course and shapes your skills according to market requirements. According to the Skills Upgrader website, students, aspiring writers, digital marketers, bloggers, business owners can take this course. 

Highlights of Content Writing Master Course

  • 6 hours of live online training along with 70 hours of practical assessment 
  • Three months guaranteed blogging internship. Candidates can earn a certificate of internship as well after providing ten approved blogs.
  • Instant content writing certificate after completing the course
  • A dedicated placement support
  • Get access to writing tools worth Rs 40,000/-
  •  Skills upgrader provides students with lifetime free access to their training material.

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction
  2. Web hosting
  3. Connection between content marketing and UI/UX
  4. Understanding the Writing Process
  5. Content Creation & Call To Action
  6. Keyword Research & Writing SEO optimized Content
  7. Content Marketing Strategy using Social Media
  8. Content marketing using E-mail Marketing
  9. Lead Generation using Content Marketing
  10. Freelance Content Writing

Fee: The course fee is Rs.6,999 + 18% GST for the complete training program.

4. Digital Academy 360

Digital academy 360 is a Bangalore-based institute founded in 2015. They have been awarded the “Best digital learning institute” by Indian Education Award in 2019. Their courses are suitable for beginners and professionals who want to advance their skills. They have more than 250+ hiring partners like Google, Yahoo, Genpact, UrbanPro, etc.

Highlights of Creative Content Writing Certification Program

  • Two months online training program, classes on weekdays .
  • The course contains a total of 20 modules and 54 hours of online training.
  • Weekly assessment on a various domains along with project and case studies.
  • Placement support and job notifications with career counseling. 
  • Certification from Digital Academy 360 after completing the course.

Refer to their website for fee details.

5. Udemy – Content Writing Courses In India

Udemy is a US-based open online course provider. Udemy has thousands of courses available online. Udemy allows you to select what you want to learn from their vast selection of 1,55,000 courses on each subject available in 65+ languages. Industry experts from around the globe design courses. You can browse through their website and can selectively choose classes. Each course has a rating given by other users, and the fees of the courses are also very reasonable. 

Bestseller Courses of Udemy on Content Writing:

  • The Complete Content Writing Course for 2021 
  • The Complete SEO Content Writing Course For Web Promotion
  • Ninja Writing- 4Levels Of Writing Mastery
  • Web Content Writing Masterclass with Power words eBook

Udemy also provides certification once the course is complete and lifetime access to the content writing course. Some courses also include downloadable resources, and you can easily access the course through your laptop and smartphone.

6. Inventateq- Content Writing Training 

Inventateq is a Bangalore-based institute providing job-oriented training courses like digital marketing, Content writing, Big data, Python, Data Science, etc. Courses are delivered with hands-on and practical application. The trainers at Inventateq are from leading companies like IBM, Google, etc.

Highlights of Inventateq  Online Content Writing Course 

  • 35+ hours of online or offline training
  • Small batches of students so that each student have proper attention
  • Hands-on experience throughout the training with a practical approach
  • Placement support with interview training and mock exams

For course fees and demo class information, you can visit the Inventateq website. 

7. Coursera – Content Writing Courses In India

Coursera is also a US-based open online training platform like Udemy. They have tie-ups with 200+ universities and companies. They provide flexible and job-orientated online training to individuals and organizations around the globe. You can access the courses through their mobile application as well. 

Some popular courses are:

  1. The Strategy of Content Marketing
  2. Content Strategy for Professionals 
  3. Good with Words- Writing and Editing Specialization

They have an enormous collection of 100+ courses on content writing and marketing; each course is labeled as beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can custom select the course you want to pursue. After completing the project and course, you get a certification to help you land an internship or job very efficiently.

8. Online Idea Lab

Online idea lab is a next-gen training institute. They specialize in building practical skills and knowledge in individuals who can secure an excellent job in the market. They have various courses like content writing, python, amazon web services, digital marketing courses. 

Highlights of Online Idea Lab Content Writing Course

  • You can choose between online training and classroom training.
  • The course covers content research, content writing, and content promotion.
  • Learn over 20 tools that help in writing, research, and promotion of content.
  • Lifetime support from trainers and career guidance.
  • Placement assistance.
  • Certificate after course completion.

9. Futurelearn – Content Writing Courses In India

Founded in 2012, Futurelearn is a British education platform providing 100% online courses. The educators at Futurelearn are from one of the top international universities. They have different levels of courses like short courses, specialized courses, and online degrees as well. On their website, you can find 12 courses on content writing and can choose any of them. Certification is available only in the upgrade and unlimited version of the course.

10. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online training community-based in America. Skillshare has a plethora of free content writing classes for beginners to advance levels. You can also access the courses through subscription; after subscribing, you can browse through any course and get unlimited access to more than 30,000 classes. Sessions are not interactive but provide enough information, and you can choose suitable lessons by reviews and rating.

What Do You Mean By Content Writing & Its Importance?

Content writing is strategically planned reports and editing information for web and print media targeted to engage a set of audiences. It can be an article, social media post, web content, journalistic writing, blogging, white papers, newsletters, SEO writing, copywriting, business writing, creative writing, etc.

Regardless of what they do, every company needs a website or presence on the internet to stay afloat in today’s time. 65% of the world population have access to the internet now.

India is a  developing country with more than 560 million internet users, which will be 900 million by 2025.

After the covid-19 pandemic, we all witnessed that most businesses suffer losses and many people lose their jobs, so digitalization is now more than ever crucial for the growth of any business. The Internet is now commoditizing everything; as long as this happens, companies, whether new or old, will find the need to interact with their audience/consumers via websites, blogs, emails, etc. Therefore businesses need the single most crucial thing, which is content, and they are paying good money to content writers to write for them to engage the audience/consumers with excellent quality content, which can be used as a marketing tool to generate quality leads and sales.

Content writers help brands increase their visibility, customer retention, build credibility, and influence decision-making. The Internet has made it easier to access information, people skim over the information provided on websites quickly, and hence content should be engaging so that the user can get the answer of their query in a streamlined manner. There is no point in having a marketing strategy if the content is not good.

It’s wise to choose content writing as a career because it gives you the flexibility to work remotely and any time you want with great freelancing opportunities. Also, the future in content writing is auspicious as there is high demand for skillful content writers in the industry. While there is no specific degree required to become a content writer, skills like precise writing, research, document formatting, correct use of words and phrases, and strong vocabulary can be beneficial.

To learn all these skills choosing a perfect content writing course is crucial. Whether you are a fresher or a beginner in content writing, or a professional content writer who wants to brush up on their skills, a well-designed course can be a gamechanger for you. There are many institutes and organizations which provide content writing courses. It can be a tad overwhelming to go through them one by one, but don’t worry!!!  After going through these below-mentioned courses, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Few Closing Thoughts On Top 10 Content Writing Course in India

The content writing industry is flourishing & the demand for skillful content writers is all-time high now. Now you can choose the best course for yourself based on the list as mentioned above. According to reviews and alumni feedback, the Content writing course by Henry Harvin Education is an exclusive deal. Their certification is recognized worldwide, and they provide excellent placement support, which will give you a boost in the prior stage of your career. 

Now you can make an informed decision and explore the world of content writing!

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Q1. What skills do you need to be a content writer?

Ans. The skills that a successful content writer needs to have are Adaptability, Good Research skills, Originality of matter, Search engine optimization, Time management, Communication and Editing skills, Technical skills and Knowledge of social media.

Q2. How can I improve my content writing skills?

Ans. To improve your content writing skills you should practice writing regularly, take a writing class or attend a workshop, read books and online articles.

Q3. How can I be a good SEO writer?

Ans. A writer who is aware of what keywords to use best so that their write-up strategically can raise the traffic of their website is a good SEO writer. SEO writers ought to have a command over the language and write content that is grammatically right and clear.

Q4. As a content writer, why is research so important?

Content writers have to write blogs, articles and a lot more. To write down attention-grabbing content, ideas have to naturally flow in. This is where research and analysis play a very important role. Research expands the writer’s awareness about a topic and additionally helps in gathering the right data.

Q5. Do you think doing an online content writing course is helpful?

There are quite a few decent online content writing courses offered by coaching institutes. Online courses also cover all concepts like every offline coaching session. The advantage of an online content writing course is that one has the flexibility of gaining knowledge within the comfort of their homes.

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