TOP 15 Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad with Salary for Freshers: 2023

Nowadays, in the work-from-home scenario, small-scale businesses have taken a considerable leap to move forward from a career aspect. This required upskilling ourselves for the skills in demand which includes content writing among the most preferred career option. 

The basics of Content Writing can be learned through various content writing courses available. Learning this skill online is a benefit so that one can comfortably take the classes by simply sitting at home. 

Content is the information about anything or everything and content writing or content creation is the process where information is provided through writing on the different topics in form of stories, articles, blogs, or any web content. Content can also be written for social media platforms where it can reach a large amount of audience. 

The city Hyderabad is among the top growing IT industry in India and are many content writing courses in Hyderabad available. Further, we will discuss the different content writing courses in Hyderabad.

Here we will discuss the top 15 content writing courses in Hyderabad that holds the highest ratings and reviews for the quality and detailed content training:

1. Henry Harvin

“Henry Harvin Education” is a training hub that is among the best upskilling educational institutes. It offers more than 150 online as well as offline courses, diploma/degree programs, certifications, etc. throughout the globe. Henry Harvin is ISO certified and recognized by UK Cert, UKAF, and Content writing association of India, EFL, and Govt. of India. It has won many awards and has been highlighted in media platforms such as Daily Pioneer, India Today, Aaj Tak, and many more.

Henry Harvin conducts a unique 9 pointers of content writing course which includes:

  • 36 hours of live training which has the online interactive classroom sessions.
  • Projects of learning skills like Research Writing, Academic writing, technical writing, etc.
  • The internship provided after the completion of the course for practical experience.
  • 100% guaranteed placement after successful course completion.
  • Consistent Bootcamp sessions for the next 12 months.
  • E-learning access including tools and techniques, assessments, presentations, recorded video content, and many more.
  • Certification of Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) which is globally recognized.
  • #AskHenry Hackathons free accessibility and various competitions.
  • 1- year gold membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy for CDCW

The training certification process of Henry Harvin:

There are 4 stages of content writing certification:

  • Counselling: Counselling to be done for the eligibility criteria and which batch will be suited right. After which can be proceeded to register for the Certified Digital Content Writing (CDCW) course.
  • Gain Credits: Attending 32 hours of live training sessions that are instructor-led. These sessions are recorded so can be viewed later in case missed any live sessions.
  • Deliver projects: During the sessions, different mini-projects or assignments will be assigned for practicing many ways of content writing that need to be delivered.
  • Earn CDCW certification from Henry Harvin: After successful completion of the course, earn the CDCW certificate from Henry Harvin which will help get internships or freelance projects and can also be posted through social media platforms.

2. RISECO (Ramesh Institute Spoken English and Content Writing)

RISECO is a renowned institute that is reliable for content development and E-learning services. It is been registered as a Sole proprietor for MSME business. The RISECO institute provides Business Website content and also offers writing support for the business content like Flyers, brochures, articles, company profiles, etc. 

RISECO institute has all online training programs. Currently, there are 4 E-learning programs such as PEPC (Professional English Proficiency Certification), PSSC (Professional Soft Skill Certification), PELC (Professional E-Learning Certification), and PCWC (Professional Content Writing Certification)

PCWC is a career training program. From the beginning, assistance for placement is provided for the full-time Content Writer or freelance content writer positions.

For availing this course:

  • All graduates (Btech, BSc, BCom, BA, MBA, etc.) are eligible. 
  • Admission is given only after a screening test.
  • LMS-based training is simple and manageable.
  • 16 nos. of modules and 5 nos. of reading modules
  • Course fees are Rs. 4200 for 16 days and Rs. 3600 if enrolled for 8 weeks
  • Job interviews get started from the very 1st day of the program
  • Salary packages that start 15,000 to 22,000 per month

3. TechTotal Technical Writing Training & Instructional Designing

TechTotal is a leading Technical writing firm based in Hyderabad which proves to be a perfect solution to learn all about Technical writing. This firm also provides a solution for Instructional designing. It consists of a team that design, implement and handle the websites with the use of different graphic design tools and website design tools. 

TechTotal has the professional experience as well the technical expertise to fulfill the requirements of corporates or individuals in the area of Technical writing. A group of technical writers & engineers handle the writing projects for small & large-scale industries or organizations. 

TechTotal organizes learning sessions on the latest tools and techniques to help to get through a Technical writing career. Customized training is provided as per the need of beginners and expert professionals. Around 7 different online courses are conducted for learning Technical Writing by TechTotal, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • TWC (Certificate course in Technical Writing): The duration of this course is of 30 days with weekend classes (Saturday and Sunday). Any graduate is eligible.
  • CCTW (Crash Course in Technical Writing): Duration of this course in of 15 days with weekend classes. Any graduates, technical writing trainees, Freelancers/Writers are eligible.
  • MTW (Mastering technical writing tool): The duration of this course is 1 week/tool with weekend classes. Any graduate is eligible.

4. Ace Web Academy

Ace Web Academy is among the top IT training institutes located in Telangana and AP. This institute consists of a group of about 30 professional and highly qualified teams involved in web development and services. Ace Web Academy also provides one-to-one counselling and training in the area of technical, non-technical as well as interpersonal skills.

Many different courses are conducted such as Web designing, Web development, Digital marketing, mobile application, etc. Content writing course also comes under the list of the many courses available. 

Content Writing course here includes:

  • 25 hours of learning
  • The strategy of content marketing 
  • Web contents
  • Blogs
  • General articles
  • Press releases
  • Social media postings

Along with the training, live projects are given to get practices on the modules of the sessions and post completion of the training, a Course completion certificate is awarded which holds goodwill in the market, as well as there, are job placement opportunities provided with many of the associates. 

The whole training module is worked upon with the personal mentoring where the mentor guides with all the aspects of the subject, a Career coach who guides from training to counselling, and Peers where the best team of peers help with any area of the modules to bring out one’s best potential.

5. Clockworkwriter.Inc – Content writing services

Clockworkwriter.Inc is a firm that offers digital services as well as content development services to clients. The firm also provides other services like Website service, Social media service, SEO writing service, and Blog writing service. 

Clockworkwriter also conducts a content writing course with the title “Essential Writing Course” that offers an opportunity to learn all the basics of content writing for starting a career in Content writing. This is a certified training course along with an internship as well as a job guarantee. 

“Essential Writing course” is 180 minutes duration course, 45 lessons, and 6 quizzes which is eligible for all levels. Take-away from this course are:

  • Concepts and strategies for content development
  • Improved Writing Skills
  • Effective writing ways from business to casual writing
  • Certificate to showcase your writing skills
  • Eligibility to an exclusive internship opportunity
  • Guaranteed employment after course completion
  • Lifelong accessibility to the course and its content
  • 3 hours of learning materials

Hence, this course from Clockworkwriter proves to be very useful for learning all about Content writing.

6. Web Trainings Academy

Web Trainings Academy is a digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad, India whose main focus is to provide quality training in marketing. The institute offers skill-based programs in digital marketing courses, SEO training, Social media marketing, Google AdWords, and Web designing course.

Some of the many Certified Digital Marketing Courses provided by Web Trainings Academy are:

  • Digital Marketing Course: This course will help to become a successful digital marketing expert in domains like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM), affiliate marketing, content marketing, and many more. This course will help through all the concepts of content writing and marketing.
  • Certified SEO Course: This course helps to understand the concepts of Search engine rankings and algorithms. This includes both technical and non-technical aspects of SEO implementation. This course is broken into 7 nos. of modules.
  • Google Ads Certification: This course is designed to help to understand paid marketing strategies. The course includes Video Ads, Mobile Marketing, Display Ads, etc. 
  • Online Money Making Course: This course provides individuals to earn money online using content creation skills and others. This Digital program is suitable for earning through online ways like WordPress, Social media, Email marketing, SEO, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, etc. 

Hence, multiple ranges of course availability make Web training Academy ranked among the top 15 for content writing courses.

7. Skills Upgrader

Skills Upgrader is a consultancy firm as well as counselling firm that delivers a variety of programs for corporates & companies, career enhancement programs, etc. It also provides training materials for personal and career growth. Skills Upgrader also conducts a Content writing course which includes:

  • Live online training of 4 weeks
  • 16+ hours of classes
  • 70+ hours of practical assignments
  • Tools internship worth Rs. 40k and lifetime support
  • 3 months of guaranteed internship in Content writing
  • Dedicated support in placement
  • Content Writing certification

There are 15 modules of this course which includes topics like:

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Web hosting
  • The connection between Content marketing & UI/UX
  • Website creation
  • Content creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Call to Action
  • Freelance content marketing
  • Understanding the Writing process
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Writing SEO optimized content
  • Lead generation using content marketing
  • Content marketing using Email marketing

8. NestSoft Technologies

NestSoft technologies is a company providing innovative IT solutions. It has been providing SEO services and currently focusing on Intranet/Internet technologies such as Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), E-commerce software solutions, Website development, and design, Web hosting, Multimedia presentation, and Web database applications. 

NetSoft is also providing training such as internet/intranet technology, Programming, Web designing, SEO specialization as well as software testing. Among all these trainings, the Digital marketing training course includes all the aspects of the digital world including content creation or content writing concepts.

Digital Marketing training consists of:

  • 1 week to 6 months of training duration.
  • Internship training on real projects 
  • Online live classes and direct classes
  • Training by Industry experts
  • Fees are Rs. 2500/- onwards
  • Placement assistance within their job portal

There are 2 units of this course that covers several concepts of Digital marketing. A few of the concepts are:

  • Introduction of Digital Marketing 
  •      and SEO
  • Keyword Analysis / New trends
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • E-mail marketing
  • Blogs, youtube, websites, etc
  • Blog optimization
  • SEO tools and many more.

9. British Council

British Council is a firm that provides to people globally through Art and culture, English language skills, and education. The British council is also a co-owner of IELTS and delivers IELTS as well as other English language courses throughout the globe. Many teaching courses like Masterclass for IETLS trainers, MA ELT online, and Cambridge CELTA is been provided British Council. 

This firm also provides a Creative writing course where all the concepts of creative and content writing are covered. This course will help:

  • Develop your own writer’s voice, style, and perspective
  • Stimulate your unique thinking
  • Develop an appreciation of various writing styles

British Council’s “Introduction to Creative Writing Course” includes:

  • The duration of the course is 36 hours for 9 weeks
  • Weekend online training sessions
  • Digital Certification after completing the course
  • Rs. 10,000 per participant course fees. 

The content of the course covers topics such as Short stories, fiction, dialogue, and poetry. It also teaches how to write News reports, feature articles, travel writing, screenplays, Children’s fiction, Blogging, and social networking, etc. 

10. Lead Academy 

Lead Academy is a leading training institute providing online training, professional training, and practical courses. The courses provided covers a wide range of areas from software expertise to creative arts to business administration. The popular courses of Lead Academy are:

  • Leadership and management
  • Writing
  • Massage therapy
  • Web design and development
  • Photography
  • Health and Fitness
  • Health and safety

The different Content writing courses provided with the course fees of Rs. 2162.80:

  • Copywriting Masterclass
  • Movie Script Writing diploma
  • Freelance Writing –Success secrets
  • Academic Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Novel Writing
  • Creative writing
  • Fiction writing and many more

Lead Academy is a great option to choose for learning content writing as it provides Lifetime access, E-learning study materials, Self-paced course, and no fixed schedule, learning most in-demand skills, 24/7 customer support through email, students can avail it anywhere in the world, advanced online learning platform, Certificate of Achievement. 

11. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab is an education hub providing training and certification in various areas such as Digital Marketing, Content Writing, and Web analytics. Online Idea Lab has an online platform and has 4 institutes. 

It has various Content writing courses that are divided into live online, classroom, self-paced, and boot camp. One of the many live online courses for content writing is “Content Writing 101” which includes:

  • Live interactive classes for 10 hours
  • 6 months of accessibility of the whole course
  • Live session recordings
  • More than 15 additional resources for better learning
  • 6 activities as well as assignments
  • Q&A live sessions
  • Final project with trainer’s guidance and feedback
  • Course fees of $99

The syllabus of this course includes:

  • Introduction to Content writing
  • The Role of a content writer
  • Traditional writing vs Web writing
  • How to read a blog as a writer and reader
  • Creating SEO-friendly content
  • Keyword research
  • Ethics and content writing

12. IIM Skills

IIM Skills is the world’s leading online knowledge imparting institute which came into existence after the foundation of a successful educational blog. The institute started with the Content writing master course which got transformed the whole Content education industry.

Currently, IIM Skills provides a Content writing course, Digital marketing course and GST Practitioner course, and CAT coaching. The “Content Writing Master Course” includes:

  • Live e-learning for a duration of 4 weeks
  • Lectures consisting of 16 hours along with 60 hours of practical assignments
  • Free tools worth Rs. 35000
  • Freelance opportunities and dedicated placement cell
  • Master Certification from IIM Skills & preparation of CONTENT MARKETING CERTIFICATION from Hubspot, Cambridge.

This content writing master course teaches all forms of content such as articles, SOP, blogs, commercial pages, Copywriting, product descriptions, academic writing, E-book writing, press releases, etc. 

13. AIITA (All India Ideal Teachers Association)

AIITA is a well-known education hub that conducts programs to create an educational and moral environment in the institutions. The institute is a national association of teachers in India which provides intellectual, Academic, and moral leadership for teachers. 

AIITA conducts programs such as:

  • Educational institutions and the teachers:
  • Educational awareness programs
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Training camps
  • Critical study and developing skills:
  • Establish a library of suitable books and periodicals
  • Essay completions
  • Publication of the educational topic articles
  • Content writing skills

They also conduct content writing courses in Hyderabad. The course provides a better understanding of all the concepts of Content writing and helps through the content creation or writing career.

14. Harappa Education

Harappa Education is a learning institute that provides educational training courses on various topics such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, leadership, management, and problem-solving aspects.

Harappa Education also provides a content writing course that helps to write clear, compelling, and concise content. The course uses storytelling techniques to captivate and engage users. 

This course titled “Writing Proficiency” consists of:

  • 4 modules of writing
  • Module 1: Structure your writing
  • Module 2: The Harappa GRT framework
  • Module 3: From theory to practice
  • Module 4: A Writer’s checklist  
  • Course duration is 4.5 hours of online training
  • Couse fees of Rs. 899

15. Adwants Digimac

Adwants Digimac is a leading Media studies as well as Digital marketing academy that offers various courses on Digital marketing. The Academy has a content writing course in Hyderabad which helps through many concepts of writing.

The “Content writing course” provided by Adwants Digimac includes

  • Short and intense 15 hours of training
  • Writing assignments
  • Tips and tricks to improve grammar as well as language skills

There are 9 modules included in the course:

  • Scope of content creation
  • Writing for social media
  • Blog writing
  • Significance of SEO and SEO favorable content
  • Email marketing
  • How to improve English grammar
  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Introduction to content strategy 

The duration of the content writing course is less but the training is rigorous and intense and covers all the topics and understanding in detail. Hence, Adwants Digimac proves to be useful considering the top content writing courses available in Hyderabad.

Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad with Salary for Freshers

Freshers in content writing who work for leading newspapers and magazines get an annual beginning pay of Rs 3 lacs to Rs 4 lacs. As you gain expertise and spend approximately 6-8 years in the organization, you may expect remuneration in the range of Rs 10 lacs to Rs 12 lacs per annum as a result of your specialization in content writing.


Content Writing is nowadays becoming an in-demand skill and occupation which helps unleash the creative side of an individual and also boosts to take up a high-earning career in the digital world. In current times, almost all type of business whether it is small scale or large scale needs a presence on social media platforms or run their business through online marketing. 

The market of Content Writing is in boom due to the ever-growing requirement for high-quality content. Hyderabad being an IT hub city, is having ample numbers of content writing courses which gets a bit tough to choose from. Hence, the above list of “15 Content writing courses in Hyderabad” imparts an overall and quick idea of the best courses available in Hyderabad city.


Q1. Why should I select content writing courses online and is this profession good?

Ans. Content writing can be the best profession in India if you have the essential skills regarding language and the category of writing. This profession will benefit you in discovering a lot about SEO, online commerce and the digital world.

Q2. As a content writer, why do I have to do the analysis?

Ans. Content writers are required to create blogs, articles and more. To write engaging content, concepts need to flow in. This is where analysis plays a significant role. Analysis broadens the writer’s proficiency about a topic and also benefits in gathering information.

Q3. What is SEO Content Writing?

Ans. SEO writing is the procedure of planning, building and optimizing content with the major purpose of rating your content in search engines.

Q4. What is adequate online content?

Ans. Online content should include the most searched terms for keywords. These keywords confirm that your content has a favorable opportunity at increased rankings on search engine results and help grab in more readers to your website.

Q5. Is the content writing course worth it?

Ans. Yes, if you are enthusiastic about writing and know how to convey ideas in phrases then this career industry can give you sufficient money and openings.


  • I am a housewife. Once when my children were independent and started to be in their world slowly I was pushed into depression. My husband motivated me to take this Content writing course. Now I am exploring a lot in this digital marketing field.

  • The modules are carefully designed by professionals and they provide training from theory to practice. It provides tips to be a successful blogger.

  • I am very much interested in writing articles for the magazine. But most of them usually bounce back. My friend suggested this Content writing course and now I have improved the readability of my content.

  • I am a housewife. Once when my children were independent and started to be in their world slowly I was pushed into depression. My husband motivated me to take this Content writing course. Now I am exploring a lot in this digital marketing field.

  • This Content writing course offers rigorous training in research writing, academic writing, and technical skills. They train us to capture the audience through our writing.

  • My job required me to share a lot of messages with my clients. I am not from a literature background and I will always fall short of words. I did this Content writing course to enrich my vocabulary and writing techniques. Now I have an amicable conversation with my audience.

  • This is a wonderful list of a top rated Content writing course in Hyderabad according to the student requirements.

  • All blogs are working on top rated education centers. Awesome list of Content Writing training in Hyderabad. Thanks for sharing!

  • This Content writing course offers rigorous training in research writing, academic writing, and technical skills. They train us to capture the audience through our writing.

  • I am very glad that I found this blog post when I was searching for the content writing course as this post helped me in learning more about the topic as well as finding the right place to do the course as well.

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  • Content writing is a very demanding skill and I am a content writer but i wanted to improve my skills in this field particularly in Hyderabad. This knowledgeable post have mentioned all the best 15 courses along with salaries also for freshers. Thank you for your effort

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