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Top 10 Business Analytics Course in Kolkata

Business Analytics Course in Kolkata are running in the first line in the educational market for its spike in demand. Knowledge of Business Analytics helps companies generate organizational data to increase business value. Business Analytics fosters data-driven planned decisions for organizations that adhere to the change in the market.

With online educational services taking over today’s learning structure; it has become easy for learners to bag any course from almost any university by sitting in the comfort of their homes. Getting hands on a good Business Analytics Course is not difficult and today we will discuss the same. 

Business Analytics Course in Kolkata is a lookout now for budding learners and here we will help to discover some promising Business Analytics Course that is easy to find, easy to access, and most importantly provides high-end services to make the journey of any learner easy. 

Let’s now start with some of the challenging Business Analytics Courses in today’s market. 

1. Henry Harvin : Business Analytics Course in Kolkata

You probably must have already heard about Henry Harvin. Ranked among the top 100 Edtech companies in India has to swoop the educational market with challenging courses that have made learning so easy. With easy-to-access, easy-to-pay, high-quality trainers, students find Henry Harvin as a one-place solution for all problems. 

With a 4.8 customer rating, Certified Business Analytics Course (CBAP) by Henry Harvin is a 32-hours trainer-led online program that focuses on helping students explore, analyze, and solve educational problems with the use of popular analytics tools like R & Advanced Excel. 

Henry Harvin focuses on 100% practical training that exhibits hands-on training using R, a real-life project, following the popular GCAO pedagogy. 

The students also receive capstone projects, guaranteed internships, Weekly Job Support, recorded videos, and career services.

2. Udemy : Business Analytics Course in Kolkata

Udemy has a 575, 406 learner base with Business Analytics Course covering Business, IT & Software. 

Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z and Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis are the two most popular courses opted for by over 10,073 & 33,823 customers respectively. 

The other popular courses on Udemy include Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Business Intelligence. There are other popular courses the learners can opt for depending on demand. 

Udemy has teamed with Nasdaq, box, NetApp, eventbrite scoring its place with good points from the leading companies. Signing in with Udemy easily gives you access to the top 17,000+ courses. 

3. Upgrad : Business Analytics Course in Kolkata

Learners are not new to Upgrad. For people in Kolkata looking for Business Analytics Course in Kolkata, already know Upgrad is another safe place to venture for learning. Upgrad provides 300+ hours of learning with a recommended 12-14 learning hours/week. The program highlight includes a model for working professionals, 300+ hours of learning, 8+ case studies and assignments, a Programme Completion Certificate from LIBA, 100hours+ live sessions, hands-on Capstone Projects, and offer other crash course programs to help through ML Concepts. 

Upgrad aims to provide” We strive to create high-impact, hands-on experiences that prepare students for meaningful and productive careers.” says Ronnie Screwvala, Co-Founder& Chairman. 

4. Google Data and Machine Learning : Business Analytics Course in Kolkata

 Google Data and Machine Learning comprise data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers. The data analyst track deals with collecting information from GCP (Google Cloud Platform) with one-three modules centered on skills to make a successful business analyst or BI professional. The data engineering track comprises two one-day modules and one three-day module that includes ML, and data engineering fundamentals with one module dedicated to exam prep. The data scientist track has a one-day module on GCP and MP along with two five-day modules on ML and TensorFlow.

5. MNIT : Business Analytics Course in Kolkata

This Business Analytics Course in Kolkata is co-constructed with EICT, MNIT (Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur), and is minutely constructed by MNIT and Industry experts. The course aids learners to become Business Analysts by learning UML, path analysis, product life cycle, etc. 

The program includes 130 hrs Instructor-led Training with 240 hrs Projects & Exercises, 120 self-paced videos, 24* 7 trainer support, and 3 guaranteed interviews by Intellipaat. 

The courses bag 4.7 stars from Trustpilot, 4.7 stars from sitejabber, and 4.4 stars from 

6. Wharton’s Business Analytics 

Wharton’s special Business Analytics Course was created by Wharton school and designed for learners in learning big data to make business choices. The course recognizes how data analysts analyze, organize and forecast business decisions. The course is developed to help learners get in-depth knowledge about prime areas like marketing, Human Resources, talent management, operations, and finance. The course demands 20 weeks with 2-5 hours per week.

7. Advanced Business Analytics Specialization (Colombo University) 

Advanced Business Analytics Specialization by Colombo University focuses on examining how data is employed for Airbnb, Uber, and Amazon. This course is identified for the summary of best practices and spotting important KPIs and more. This course is open for learners with no former understanding of business analytics.

The course duration is about 5 months with 4-6 weeks for each course and 3-5 hours per week. 

8.  Coursera 

Another very popular online educational network Coursera has a 4.6 rating from 15,219 learners. Coursera Business Analytics Course elucidates the use of data for recruiting and performance evaluation, providing data-driven solutions to resolve business problems and understand tools used to analyze customer behavior. 

With Coursera, you learn skills like Customer Analytics, Business Analytics, Decision Tree, Predictive Analysis, Regression Analysis, and Marketing Performance Measurement and Management. 

You will learn how Data Analysts describe, analyze, and predict business decisions in specific areas of human resources, marketing, finance, and operations. 

9. Harvard Online Classes 

Now learn from the prestigious Harvard Business School in the comfort of your home. The Business Analytics Course by Harvard is an 8-week long course with 5-6 hours per week. This is a self-paced learning course that focuses on business intelligence, business analysis, career development, professional development, and self-improvement. This course helps learners identify trends, spot outliers, and sum up data. The course additionally helps analyze the relationship between variables, generate and test hypotheses to produce managerial decisions, evaluate the precision of statistics by calculating confidence intervals, execute single and multiple regression studies using Excel and understand the output. 

Harvard disregards rote memorization of equations and facts and focuses on polishing on understanding the basic concepts, managerial judgment, and the capacity to execute course concepts to real business problems. 

10. IBM 

You’ll be probably wondering why IBM is listed at the end. The reason is IBM is the best option to cap the other course providers because IBM is the monster course provider. IBM is the leading Business Analytics Course trainer that helps an analyst to take better strategic decisions, and access updated high-quality data and analysis. With IBM’s business analytics, learners are sure to make confident decisions inducing real metrics and insights and also make assumptions out of decision-making. 

IBM, excluding the business areas like finance, HR, supply chain, sales, marketing, or IT also focuses on planning, budgeting, forecasting, and Business Intelligence (BI). The learners can improve decision-making by predictive analysis, form future outcomes efficiently, and modify organization to what is coming ahead. 

Why is Business Analytics important? 

Business Analysis helps to generate and test hypotheses to produce managerial decisions, examine the relationship between the variables, build and test hypotheses to conclude managerial decisions, construct a sound survey and conclude decisions on the samples of a larger population. Analysts apply real-life skills to interpret data and make suitable business decisions. Professional courses like CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional, CBDA (Certification in Business Data Analytics), Data Visualization using Tableau, etc help consultants to become leading professionals. 

With such skills, the professionals help businesses to optimize performances by inducing it into the business model helping companies to reduce costs by noticing competent ways of performing business and preserving large data. 

Why go for online courses? 

Most online courses follow the standard curriculum that one would find in any offline course. It also allows learners to opt for any university in the comfort of their home with the best prices. The online mode also ensures 24×7 support by the trainers. Most courses are self-paced which you won’t get if you take regular classes. And with growing competition, learners are also looking for courses that are easy to access along with work. Online education helps in serving this purpose as the classes are timed as per the learner’s choice. 

Moreover, brushing up on any skill is a necessity these days. So without getting into the hassle of going to university, you can opt for online courses. 

The training certificate received after the course is widely accepted and opens new doorways to better jobs. 


So, without further delay, go for any of the above-mentioned courses and soon begin your journey as a professional Business Analyst. 

For further details on the course, visit the respective sites. All the details are given on the website of the courses. Make sure you apply only to authentic courses. 

1. Can beginners apply for a Business Analytics Course? 

Yes, beginners can apply for a Business Analytics Course.  

2. Is online certification good? 

Yes, you can go for online education. Online certification is widely accepted by leading organizations. 

3. Is Business Analytics a good career? 

Yes, Business Analytics is a demanding career. 

4. Can professionals apply for an online Business Analytics Course? 

 Yes, it is demanding for professionals to apply for Business Analytics Courses which can accelerate their career options. 

5. How to choose the best Business Analytics Course? 

There are plenty of courses now available for all levels of learners. Good research can help you bag the right certification for your needs.  

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