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Hi! I am Reshmi. An educator by profession and a writer by passion. I trust that every new day comes with new possibilities and I am always ready with a beginner’s mind to make the most of it. What I Do? My qualification includes M.A. (English) and M.Ed. I am Cambridge University certified trainer and Program Leader for Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications. My professional journey started as a teacher and went on to become the Head of a Teacher Training Centre and Regional Manager L&D for an EdTech. With a rich and enjoyable experience as an academic content specialist working with the best in the industry, I now spread my wings to other branches of content writing. In my leisure time I enjoy travelling, reading, dancing, music, connecting with friends, and interacting with people on various digital platforms
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Medical Writing

Top 12 Medical Writing Courses in Mumbai

History of Medical Writing Courses in India Sushruta, who is called the father of surgery in India, wrote the Sushruta Samhita. The ancient Indian medical text is truely a testimonial of his brilliance in surgical knowledge and innovation.  Moreover, it reflects his foresight to write the medical procedures, surgical instruments,...

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