20 Best Platforms That Pay Freelance Writer Pay Per Word

20 Best Platforms That Pay Freelance Writer Pay Per Word

We frequently have a big question on our forehead when it comes to internet writing. This blog will guide you in choosing one among the best platforms that pay each freelance writer per word Many websites are available on the Internet. Choosing the best platforms that pay every freelance writer per word becomes incredibly tough.

Are you eager to show the world your writing abilities but unsure where to begin?

Freelancing is the greatest option for you if you desire a career that allows you to work without being pressed by a customer or management.

Why are individuals choosing freelance employment in greater numbers these days?

  • One of the most important benefits of working as a freelance writer is the freedom to select your themes.
  • Unlike traditional 9 to 5 occupations, every freelancer writer may work from anywhere at any time. On your projects, you can work alone.
  • A freelance writer may swiftly advance professionally and financially if they have an excellent grasp of English, are dedicated, and have incredible talents.
  • Humans enjoy dressing up, yet wearing formal attire every day may be exhausting. In Freelancing, this isn’t the case.
  • When applying for leave during your 9-to-5 employment, you confront hurdles, although vacations may be taken at any time.

While freelancing opens up a lot of doors, it also has its drawbacks.

  • Sometimes, each Freelancer writer may feel compelled to make more money than they did previously.
  • You may encounter days when you are short on cash.

Your search for the finest venues to write on as a freelance writer is done.

There are plenty of work-from-home opportunities in this industry if you have outstanding grammar and research abilities.

There may be several possibilities available in this age of the Internet. Furthermore, legitimate websites are difficult to come by.

Relax. Plenty of writing jobs is still available. For good material, a variety of internet outlets pay quite highly.

Let’s get started on our quest for the greatest online platforms.

Many internet sites pay per word to writers. However, there aren’t many.

So, how much should a word cost a freelance writer?

The majority of inexperienced freelance writers have no idea.

Furthermore, many freelance writers are unsure about how much they should charge. It’s impossible to estimate an exact figure because excellent authors are generously compensated.

1. About.com/dotdas.com

It’s a well-known website in New York. Publisher of the Year was just given to this site. They have around 19 professionals on staff.

The following are some of their trademarks:

  • Very Well – Know More. Feel Better.
  • The Spruce
  • The Balance – Make Money Personal
  • Investopedia
  • Lifewire
  • Liquor.com
  • Treehugger.com
  • Thought. co

They cover every subject and provide professional guidance on every subject.

They don’t disclose their fees, however, it ranges from $300 to $700 a month for six to ten articles.

There are constantly openings in the industry.

2. Mastersreview

  • Mastersreview.com is a website dedicated to every new freelance writer.
  • It provides you a forum to write on vast themes, including critical essays, debut author book reviews, contest deadlines, submission information, and author interviews.
  • They can submit in a variety of ways.
  • To begin with, they have New Voices. It is open to aspiring authors. For chosen articles, they pay up to $200.
  • Second, from February 1 to March 29, they invite fiction and nonfiction entries from the country’s greatest new writers.
  • A short story prize is given to a new freelance writer. This website also allows you to write flash fiction.

3. WritersWeekly

  • This online marketplace buys articles from freelance writers and authors all around the world. Freelance writers must follow their standards, ideas, and website subscriptions.
  • Poetry, book reviews, product reviews, and advertorials are not accepted.
  • Furthermore, they do not publish “how to write” pieces.
  • Freelance authors are welcome to contribute to Marketing Secrets. For 600 words, they pay $60.
  • They also pay for Backstories and Feature Articles.
  •  This internet platform allows writers to promote themselves by posting their own stories. 
  • They don’t charge anything to publish.

4. Oyester.com

Only experienced writers are permitted to write about travel advice and site offerings on this web platform. They provide $50 for each blog article.

5. Crackled.com

  • If you enjoy making others laugh with your writing, I have some excellent news for you.
  • This online platform is for you if you are a freelance writer who is clever, witty, and imaginative.
  • They also urged you to write about science, technology, movies, and video games.
  • You can gain a lot of exposure if an editorial staff likes your content. The first accepted piece will earn $100.

6. SitePoint

  • This is a platform for programmers alone. You must complete their form if you want to share your technical expertise with the rest of the world.
  • This platform is for you .
  • If you are devoted, timely, and have original content you can try this platform.
  • They permit articles to be written about:
  • CSS and HTML
  • UX and JavaScript Design
  • PHP
  • Microsoft Technology, 
  • WordPress, and more

This website does not specify how much they are paid, although it is stated to be above average.

7.  Fiverr.com

Fiverr is for you if you want to make money as a freelance writer faster.

This website is the most important marketplace for freelancers. Joining Fiverr is as simple as signing up on their website. Freelancers can make 80% of the total, with the remaining 20% going to Fiverr’s wallets.

8. Upwork

Many times, the writer must consider the possibility that they will not pay.

Many freelance sites do not treat you well or even abandon you. Upwork is one of the most well-known websites for freelancers. Depending on the articles, the quantity may differ. Every day, jobs are posted on this site, and authors can bid on tasks that interest them.

This internet platform, on the other hand, may be quite challenging for new authors. The more labor you put in, the better your chances of winning the project.

Upwork takes a part of your earnings, so freelancers don’t get the full amount.

Brand marketing, programming, and the website design are examples of types of freelance work.

Payment security, dependable clientele, and budget-based projects are all advantages.

Cons: long selection procedure, expensive service price

From web design to software development to customer service and bookkeeping, the platform covers a wide range of topics.

Clients and freelancers may interact in a variety of ways: clients can post a task and recruit talent, or they can purchase a predetermined service from the project catalog. Similarly, freelancers might use the job board to promote their services.

To begin working as a freelancer with Upwork, create a profile. Keep in mind that your customers will be demanding.

You can write on the following topics:

Design for Web Development and Mobile Development

  • Although Upwork has a reputation for delivering low-paying tasks, it is feasible to locate advertisements for writing jobs that pay a living income online. 
  • A $500 job writing a finance/trading article.
  • $600 ghostwriting employment were both posted when this article was published.
  • Plus, you have the extra benefit of rate transparency: you’ll know precisely what you’re getting before you even read the entire work description.
  •  If you’re interested in learning more about this site.
  • check out this lengthy piece explaining why one writer thinks Upwork is credible

9. Guru.com

Another excellent online network for freelancers is Guru. They are steadfast in their beliefs. It is completely free to join their community.

Freelancing options available here are:

  • Marketing, 
  • programming, 
  •  administration 

Benefits include safe payment, customizable job postings, and free membership.

Cons: the possibility of phony clients

Guru is a collaborative network for freelancers and enterprises from all around the world. Companies can recruit programmers, graphic designers, and product managers, among other experts.

This freelance platform makes searching for jobs and submitting quotations to customers simple. To get started, register and create a freelancer profile. Based on your skills and work experience, the algorithm will provide employment recommendations.

Long and short-term projects are available for freelancers to bid on, and each job has a defined price.

You may withdraw your funds using a variety of ways, including PayPal and wire transfer. The site’s SafePay promise, in particular, ensures that freelancers get paid on schedule.

Free basic membership is granted to every freelancer who joins this site.

 Paid membership options, on the other hand, provide extra features for making your profile stand out.

 Showcase your portfolios and other data when you’ve completed your profile.

  • They provide you with the ability to “Manage Work.” WorkRooms can help you operate more efficiently. You may also work with Team members and contact employers.
  • They accept three payment methods:
  • SafePay
  • AutoPay
  • You can utilize your preferred form of payment withdrawal (for U.S. only)

What distinguishes GURU.com from the competition?


  • They make it incredibly easy for you to manage your own business or a little business.
  • They give you low-cost tools and features to help you succeed in your career.
  • Freelancers do not have to be concerned about legal issues.
  • You may rest assured that you will be paid if you use the SafePay payment option.
  • Before paying an invoice, employers can assess the job. This website offers a variety of payment and withdrawal methods.
  • They have a dedicated support crew that is available 24/7 to assist you.
  • You may also look at their cost-effective subscription membership.

10. iWriter

  • If you wish to start writing using iWriter, follow these simple instructions:
  • You may register for free. You must establish a client base.
  • Once upgraded, freelancers can earn up to $80 every 500 words.
  • You are allowed to write articles of any length.
  • Writers are allowed to write on any subject that fits their profile.
  • The authors must submit 200 words on why they want to collaborate with you.
  • Once the writer has been hired, iWriters will manage the payment collection and delivery.

11. FixPocket

FixPocket is an Indian internet platform that allows freelancers to earn additional money by writing.

Its goal is to create a marketplace where Indian consumers can utilize their abilities to earn extra money and Indian businesses may outsource jobs at lower costs.

FixPocket features a lot of freelance job openings,

that are divided into several categories to make it easier to find them.

12. Freelance Writers Den

  • This membership site is much more than just a job board for every freelance writer. 
  • For $40 per month, you receive access to over 300 hours of “boot camps” that teach you how to make money as a freelance writer. Where you may find answers to your questions in forums.
  •  The Den features everything a new writer needs to improve their profession, whether it’s listening to experienced speakers on their podcast, accessing the 24/7 community of writers, or checking out video and audio training resources.
  •  In addition, the Den 2x program provides direct employment connections to premium writing jobs.
  • This is something to think about if you’re serious about a job as a freelancer. For additional information, see the links above or read our entire Freelance Writer Den review.

 13. FlexJobs

  • FlexJobs, one of the most popular job sites for freelance writing jobs and remote work, allows you to customize your job search profile to fit your exact requirements. 
  • To narrow down your search results to those that best meet the freelance writing job you’re searching for, select your categories (there are numerous under “Writing”), ideal work schedule, experience level, and more. 
  • You can also create alerts to be alerted when new jobs that match your search criteria become available.
  • A weekly subscription costs $9.95, a monthly subscription costs $24.95, a three-month subscription costs $39.95, and a year subscription costs $59.95. If you want to try your luck, here’s a search for “writer” employment.
  • Freelancing type: writing, content marketing, transcription
  • Pros: scam-free, 30-day money-back guarantee, reliable support 

Cons: Some high-paying employment is available outside of the site.

Flexjobs is a website that focuses on flexible and remote employment options, such as freelancing, part-time, and full-time positions. Flexjobs checks the authenticity of every job placed on the site. All job posts are checked and analyzed,

filtering out imposters and scams. Unlike other online job boards, this freelancing website does not feature any advertisements on its page.

Users must subscribe to search for freelancing employment.

There are four plans available, starting from $6.95/week. If you’re not pleased with the service after 30 days,

you may request a full refund.

14. Jooble

 Types of freelancing include writing, graphic design, and data input.

Pros: consolidated job search, email alerts, no registration required

Cons: no rapid application – must apply through the source of each job position

Jooble is a job search engine that pulls data from over 140,000 sources across the world, including company websites, online job boards, freelancing platforms, social media, and classifieds.

It has the benefit of centralizing the process of seeking freelance jobs, so you don’t have to visit different online job boards and freelancing platforms.

This allows you to search for employment solely in a certain area. On the site, you may choose a specific city in your nation to find opportunities that are only available in that region.

To search for freelance jobs , you do not need to establish an account.

To use Jooble’s search engine, simply type in the term for the job you desire. To locate your ideal job match, use several parameters such as income range, work experience, and post date.

Because Jooble is an aggregator, clicking on a search result will take you to the original job posting. More information about the job, and how to apply may be found there.

If you want to be alerted anytime Jooble finds a new job for a keyword you’re interested in, sign up for email notifications.

15. Freelancer

Content translation, web development, and social media marketing are some of the types of freelance work available.

Pros: progress tracker, online chat, and customer service available 24/7

Cons: complicated user interface, spam applications, and phony customers

Another freelancing website where professionals and businesses from all over the world cooperate on various tasks is Freelancer.com. 

You can register as a freelancer or a company owner. To become a freelancer, you must first complete a brief registration form. You should provide precise information about your skills, education, and professional experience.

There are various contests, such as visual or design work, in addition to projects. These contests may help every freelance writer earn money while also getting positive feedback on their profiles.

After finishing work, each freelance writer will be paid in full. For contests and fixed projects, however, the site deducts 10% of your overall revenue. Withdrawals can be made using PayPal or wire transfer, as they are on most freelancing sites.

16. Simply Hired

Employers may advertise job vacancies for free on SimplyHired.

Types of freelancing include human resources, finance, and data entry.

Cons: junk mail from untrustworthy third-party websites.

The site provides a simple user design that makes browsing jobs by category simple.

Freelance jobs exist in a variety of industries, including banking and marketing. Filling out your city, state, or ZIP code can help you get more relevant results.

Job searchers may also visit the corporate websites to discover more about the organization, such as a pay summary, a list of available perks, as well as evaluations from actual employees.

People may explore SimplyHired without creating an account. Signing up for an account, on the other hand, will offer you access to a variety of employment tools, like a pay calculator and a résumé creator.

17. Linkedin

Types of freelancing include copywriting, translation, and graphic design.

Pros: possibilities for networking, current news updates, and low cost

Cons: malevolent users’ spam content

LinkedIn is a well-known job search engine that makes it easier to find work in a range of fields. It’s also a professional social networking platform where users may interact and connect.

 Include as much information about your abilities, education, and job experience as feasible. More work prospects can be found with a detailed LinkedIn profile.

Adding a new post to your profile might also increase its visibility. If you’re a freelance writer, for example, publish a post detailing your talents and connect your work portfolio. Employers may come across your profile and decide to hire you based on your qualifications.

LinkedIn job ads are also a good place to look for freelancing employment.

18. People per hour

Types of freelancing: programming, journalism, and branding

Advantages include automatic invoices, location-based listings, and secure payment.

Cons: Monthly free bids are limited to $15.

People Per Hour, as the name implies, assists organizations in locating professional freelancers to employ by the hour or project.

Freelancers may sign up for a free account and begin building their profiles. Following their acceptance, freelancers can begin seeking work in a range of fields.

Freelancers can send offers and determine their pricing when working on a project. They may quickly raise an invoice from their dashboard after they’ve finished.

People Per Hour, like most freelancing services, charges freelancers a service fee.

19. ServiceScape

Academic writing, document translation, and manuscript editing are some of the freelance works provided by them

Pros: personalized price, flexible schedule, and clear communication

Cons include a high commission percentage and a narrow field of competence.

ServiceScape is for freelance writing, editing, and translation job board on the internet. Freelancers may establish profiles and market them to a growing client base on the site.

The recruiting procedure is what sets ServiceScape distinct from other platforms. Freelancers wait for job offers from clients rather than making bids or sending proposals.

Every month, ServiceScape distributes money by PayPal, check, and Gusto. Freelancers have the option of creating their price system. Hourly or project-based. However, for each completed task, the site charges a 50% commission fee.

20. ProBlogger

Pro Blogger assists freelancers in locating work-from-home opportunities such as copywriting, blog writing, article writing, and more.

Pro Blogger allows candidates to easily generate a resume. They can even bookmark and save jobs. You may control job notifications on this website, which is one of its advantages.

 Pro Blogger offers a dashboard where you can keep track of the jobs you’ve applied for

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get a freelance job. You only need to establish an account and a profile on the majority of websites.

We wish you luck in your search for the ideal freelancing assignment. Please leave a remark if you have any queries or recommendations.

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1. Can you work under any situation?

When it comes to writing, coffee shops are great, but when someone walks out of their house, the chances of distraction increase.

Freelancing is a good bargain,

if you can work in a noisy atmosphere and get work done.

Freelancing employment necessitates not just remarkable writing talents, but also good communication abilities.

2. What are the other freelancing options available?

If you’re looking for creative jobs as a writer, graphic designer, or artist, check out these freelancing websites:

  • Fiverr
  • Flexjobs
  • Dribbble

3. What are the freelancing websites available for administrative or technical work?

For those looking for administrative or technical employment, such as web developers, social media managers, or financial advisors, here are our top freelancing website picks:

  • Upwork
  • Toptal 
  • Jooble

4. How much do freelance content authors earn in India?

  • $1 to $10 per hour for beginners.
  • Intermediate ($10 to $25 per hour)
  • Professional – $25+ per hour

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