Best Career Options After BCA

Career Options After BCA: BCA course is a  Bachelor’s degree in computer application. It provides young aspirants with the necessary skills to get promising careers in the changing world of Information Technology. It is counted as one of the best courses after 12th or higher secondary. Interestingly, BCA provides students with umpteen number of options for choosing. After pursuing BCA, students can get a Masters’s. Masters in Computer Management, Masters in Computer Management ETC. From web designer to System Manager, Software developer, computer programmer, web developer, software tester, etc. The options are numerous. And students can gain more profound knowledge in their field of interest through specialization. Adding to this, the salary structure of BCA aspirants keeps rising as it is impossible to complete any task without the help of information technology, apps and the Internet. 

Let’s quickly have a look at a few best career opportunities after  BCA

1. Data Scientist

As the name suggests, a Data scientist works with data.  An organization needs to make decisions based on this data analysis. Data scientists work with Big data to study, analyze and help organizations to make decisions. Data scientists can analyze market trends, and cyber-related threats and meet other business needs. For these artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are also used. Some examples of how Data science is sound. We watch OTT. Millions of consumers are watching OTT. A data scientist provides data-driven analysis of what kind of topics are being searched for and managed by consumers. What is gaining momentum slowly and which kind of content is not getting accepted?  So you can understand the importance of this profile. Talking about the use of this skill in different sectors. Healthcare companies use data to build instruments to detect and cure diseases.  Gaming is the sector that is using data science to take gaming to another level. Data science is used by logistics companies to increase efficiency. Talking about salary, after an experience of 2 – 3 years, salary can go up to an average of 10 lakhs per year and will only go up in scale.


It is the most demanding career to date. If marketing is done online, it is called digital marketing. Digital Marketer uses all kinds of digital channels to create awareness for brands. And it can be done using various Digital Marketing tools. There are many kinds of Effective Marketing. Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Social media marketing, Social Media Marketing, and content marketing. The Digital Marketing Industry is rising day by day. Every product or service provider needs digital marketing to reach its target audience.


Web Developer a programmer who designs world wide web applications for brands and companies. In this every page of the website is designed and also seen is how it operates for the user. For this web developer creates a code bringing a website to operate.With this taking responsibility for how it will perform functions for the user. Can any brand survive without a digital presence? So you can easily understand the importance of this career prospect. It also requires an understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. There are tools for web developers. They are further divided into Tools for the beginners like Chrome developer tools, sublime text, marvel, sass bootstrap etc. Then there are tools for advanced developers like postman, docker, and Kubernetes.


It is also one of the great career options after BCA. They analyze and study functional specifications and then coordinate with web developers to build technology solutions. They design cost-efficient technology that caters to both requirements of checking cost and technology needs. In this process, they also prioritize user requirements. The technical analyst looks after the overall project from every perspective. Be it cost saving, the client’s need and end-user benefits.


Can we imagine a bank without digitalization? Imagine going to a bank for every work. It is just because of digitalization that end users can do so much with a single click.  Because of this BCA student has options to go into the Banking sector.  Digital transformation in banking is making every service available and easy for the customer. Digital transformation helps in optimizing operations and delivering to the customer.  This is complete change work culture of banks. All credit goes to digitalization.


E-commerce executives are the ones who are in charge of growth in the E-commerce business. For this, they keep an eye on both sides executing customer order fulfilment and maintaining the technology and infrastructure. E-commerce executives make sure online transactions are smooth. For this profile, various skills are necessary like SEO, Marketing, and website design, and soft skills like communications. With this technology, data analysis and automation are also necessary.


Another bright career option is to be a product manager, which according to me is technical plus creative also.  It is the product manager who gathers, searches, handles and looks after the customer needs as well. And a product manager answers the simple but most crucial question. First, who would buy the product? Secondly, why the product will be bought?  So it is a simple strategy at the highest level and the vision that the company desires for the product. The product manager also keeps an eye on the competitors’ market and profits. Overall this kind of direction that the product marketing and image would follow u. This is done after strategizing, defining, and evaluating the product’s future in the market. In short, to be a Product Manager one needs communication skills, Research skills, Technical skills, Financial skills and Analytical skills. 

7. IT Certifications

IT experts can go for  IT certifications to expand their areas of expertise. It is believed that one has to keep updating to sustain in the IT sector. For this reason, IT certificates are done in certain aspects of technology. IT professionals who have gone for this say that this certificate has given a jump to the quality of work and added to their knowledge.  Some of the best IT certificates are Microsoft, Google Cloud, Amazon web services certifications, ITIL and IT Service Management. CompTIA certification, Product MANAGEMENT, Agile and Scrum and VMware


After pursuing BCA, one has a clear path to becoming an educator. Until now you must have understood the options available. So teaching the basics is of crucial importance. Many colleges and Institutes have departments commit ed to BCA. So pick the best one for you.


Q1. What are your career options after BCA?

There are many options available for a career after BCA. With everything dependent on Information technology, these options will only multiply soon.

Q2. Is it easy to get a job after doing BCA?

Yes, it is easy to get a job after doing BCA. You can go for specialization and that will open many options for you.

Q3. Is BCA a good course in 2023?

If you incline to the technical side, then don’t think twice before taking this course.

Q4. What is the use of doing IT certification?

Many big giants like Microsoft and Google etc provide these certificate courses. It is in-depth knowledge which gives you expertise in the field of your choice.

Q5. What is the difference between MCA and MBA?

If you wish to go towards coding and technical kind, then go for MCA. But if you incline to the managerial side then go for MBA.

Q6.  Will it be difficult to keep yourself updated in the ever-changing IT world?

Believe me, the basics remain the same. Besides keeping yourself updated will always fill your career span promising, interesting and bright.

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