Best Approach to Progress with SAP Certification: 2023

SAP Certification is one of the esteemed technology certifications in the market. This Certification offers benefits such as greater growth in the career, growth in earnings and job satisfaction. By earning an SAP Certification you can get recognition globally and validate your skills in one or more of the SAP Modules. In other words, by passing the  SAP Certification, you will receive a  digital badge that can fetch you Global recognition about your credentials.

Once you have decided to do SAP Certification, arises the most important question, which is the best approach to progress with the SAP Certification? Which training should I attend? What will be the pattern of questions asked for your exam?

In this blog, we will discuss the tips and tricks to prepare for the SAP Certification exam.

Levels of Certification

Firstly, you must know which specific certification to be done that can benefit your career. You may have worked in any particular area. This must-have given you knowledge, training or experience in the specific field. There are three levels of certification. You can choose the right level of exam depending on your interest and understanding of the field.

  • Associate 

This certification is mainly for those who are new to the field of SAP. This certification provides fundamental skills and SAP solution knowledge.

  • Professional

Professional certification requires project experience and a detailed understanding of SAP solutions.

  • Master

Master-level certification is still in the development stages. This requires expert-level skills. This can be achieved through in-depth knowledge and vision.

Modules of SAP

The SAP system has a set of modules. Below listed are the common SAP Modules

FI Financial Accounting

The FI module is the SAP system that controls the financial accounting of the business. This mainly deals with accounts payable, accounts receivable, taxation, bank accounting, asset accounting etc.

CO Controlling

The Controlling module is responsible for the cost control of the business. The cost control is done by planning, controlling and reporting the cost that is applicable for the business.

MM Material Management

MM Module deals with the materials of the business. This involves the purchase of materials, storage, inventory etc.

SD Sales and Distribution

The SAP Sales and Distribution Module is vital in the purchasing and billing and shipping of the products in the business.


SAP in Advanced Business Application Programming is used in the fields such as business, products and sales.


SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance is a fast database that provides multi-level analytics. This is a platform for enterprise resources planning and other business applications.


SAP HR system allows having a better record-keeping process. This is ideal in the HR department to keep records of the payroll documents and administration.

Select the Course You Would Like to Get Certified

As mentioned above there are mainly two levels of certification that are prevalent now. Pick an area that you have experience in. Decide the certification level that you need. Once decided the level of certification, collect more information about the content of the course, exam pattern, duration of the course, information about the fields in which you will be evaluated etc.

Select the Appropriate Level

The associate level of certification is for those who are new in the SAP solution areas. In this certification, basic skills are needed. Project experience is not mandatory. If selecting the professional-level certification you should have the most relevant experience in the project. In-depth knowledge and understanding of SAP solutions are inevitable.

Inquire About Valid SAP Exam

The candidate can get confused with the right examination that needs to be cleared to get the right certification. Navigate the web store to find the right exam. Given below are the tips for navigation. 

  • Begin searching in the webshop
  • Don’t search specific term at first
  • Indicate your home country
  • Read the list of SAP certifications until you find your exact choice.

Take Training

In case you are new in the field, it is advisable to take formal training.SAP Education provides multiple training courses online and offline. The courses are designed with various methods that help to pass the exam. The training can greatly improve the chances of people passing the exam. Training is vital because some exams really test your conceptual knowledge and your abilities. Training will keep you in a better position.SAP Educations learning hub will give you access to the relevant learning materials. Henry Harvin is one of the institutes that has been providing SAP training. Thousands of students have got benefitted from their training and have attained great heights in their careers.

Plan Ahead for Preparation

Plan well in advance before taking the exam. You require at least a couple of months to be well prepared for the exam. Have enough time for the training and preparations before the exam. Book the exams well in advance. Book the exam a few months before the start of the formal training. Plan the learning with a timetable and stick to it. 

Go Through the Syllabus

Find out the syllabus for the exam for SAP Certification. Go through the syllabus, you can get an overview of the topics and the related topics on the certification website. The weighted value of each topic in the exam is also mentioned on the website. Prepare for the exam, giving importance to the topics from which more questions will be there in the exam. This will give you an idea about which topic is important in the preparation for the exam. Don’t memorise the contents but understand the concept. Study well for the exam as there is no shortcut other than studying to write an exam.

Sample questions

 Practice as many questions as possible. These sample questions are from previous years question papers. By attempting the sample questions, you will be able to have an idea of the concepts along with the solutions to the questions. The candidates will get an idea about the pattern of the questions that will be there for the exam when they go through the sample questions. Practice the questions given after each chapter. There are yahoo and google groups where you can find sample questions. Try to go through from where you can get a clear idea of the concepts.

Relax Before Exam

Don’t panic as the exam dates are nearing. Stay calm. Revise the topics that were difficult for you to understand while studying for the exam. If you have covered the topics in the syllabus then there is nothing to be nervous about.

Give Practice Exam

Practice exams will help to get an idea about how to start answering in the exam. Try to do practise exams which will help to understand the time that can be allotted in answering each set of questions. This makes the candidate familiar with the pattern of questions and understands the weightage given to each topic in the examination. These question papers make the pattern of questions familiar to the candidates.

Study Enough

Study well for the exam. A few months of studying should be good enough. Doing previous year question papers will help to improve the confidence of the candidate to face the exam.

After Training Before the Examination

This is the most crucial period. During the course you would have learnt the chapters, now is the time to understand the concepts well. Revise the syllabus two to three times. Go through the notes prepared during the course and understand the topics well. Understand the functional and technical aspects of the graphs and analyse them. Try to do as many questions as possible. Don’t panic, stay calm.

Day Before the Exam

Have a clear idea about the location of the examination centre.

Rest well and don’t strain yourself much the day before the exam

Sleep early to keep yourself fresh for the exam day

Have food before going to the exam

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself well in order to avoid tiredness during the exam.

On the Examination Day

Wake up early 

Have proper food

Take the hall ticket and the needed stationery.

Reach the examination centre at least half an hour before the exam starts

Try to keep yourself as calm as you can

Don’t bother about the results

Things to be kept in mind throughout the exam

Ensure you have completed all the formalities before the starting of the exam. Formalities like filling in the details in the examination form should be done carefully without mistakes.

  •  Read each question twice

Read each question twice which will help to reduce the error. It is quite common that we skip a word or two when rushing through the question, so take time to read the question twice to understand it. Try to answer the easy questions first. Don’t spend more time for one question, move to the next one and get back to it later.

  • Use full time allotted for the exam

SAP certification Exam has 80 questions that can be answered in 180 mins. Don’t leave the examination hall early. See the countdown on the screen which will help you to manage the time while answering and to understand the remaining time for the exam to get over. Attempt the questions that you were not confident about earlier.

  • At least use the last 10 mins for a relook

Re-check the answers already written in the last 10 mins. You won’t have enough time to start answering a question in the last minutes of exam time. Check whether you have attempted all the questions and go through the answers. There will be enough time to answer the questions. Don’t be worried about the time.


  • You can bookmark the questions

The tool allows you to bookmark the questions which you were not sure about. You can get back to it later and answer it. Once you have finished answering and checking click the submit button.

After the examination

 Right after the exam, you will get to know the results. You should get the hard copy of the certificate in 4 to 6 weeks of time after the exam day. Contact the SAP Education team to get your certification logo that can be used in your CV.

SAP Certification Benefits in Future

SAP Certification is the most in-demand certification in today’s world. The advantages of the certification are many. This certification improves global recognition, improves SAP skills, diverse SAP Modules and improves job performances. The demand for SAP is much higher than the availability in the market. This makes SAP certification one of the best options for opportunities in the future. By getting certified will help in validating your skills globally. The certification will improve the skills of the candidate in the various departments of the organisation. SAP Certifications will create business-oriented applications to boost the growth of the organisation.SAP has lots of certifications to offer. Listed below are some of them. 

  • Project Management
  • Spend Analysis
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Finance Implementation
  • Manufacturing Implementation
  • Sales implementation
  • Modelling and Data Management 
  • Management Accounting
  • Commerce
  • System security Architect

Below listed are a few popular industries and positions where SAP software and the Modules and capabilities are used now The SAP Certified candidates will have a bright future in the field given below. This Certification is one of the sought after Certifications in the IT field and in businesses now and is expected to be flourishing in the future. 

  • Human resources management
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer Relationship management
  • Finance Management and Accounting 

Salary of SAP Professionals

SAP qualified professionals are highly paid. In the industry, the supply of expertise Certified candidates is less compared to the demand. SAP HANA, Financial Accounting, Supply chain management, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence are the qualifications that are highest paid in the industry. An SAP Qualified person with experience from 1 year to 6 years can get a salary of  $76000,7 years to 8 years experienced persons can get a salary of $ 85000 and with experience, more than 10 years can fetch a salary of $110000.


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes in India providing SAP Certification. This institute provides 44 hours of live interactive classroom sections. Thousands of students who completed the course from Henry Harvin are getting a step ahead in their careers. They get placements in reputed firms. SAP training is done in different fields. The different Certifications are in the field of finance, HR, Sales, Project Management, MM HANA, CRM, SCM  and so on. The instructors are pioneers and industry experts. The guide also provides assistance in exam schedule, registration and clearing the certificate requirements. The curriculum is well designed and up to date with the current IT industry. Hands-on training along with projects are also part of the training.

Hopefully, I have covered the most important points about the SAP Certification Exam in this blog. As you come to know the results as soon as the completion of your exam. If you pass, good. If you couldn’t pass the exam, don’t be disheartened. You know your strength and weakness now. Prepare well for the next attempt. Without taking risks you can’t gain anything in life. Learning the course materials in a well-planned manner and preparing for the exam using the above-given methods will surely be able to crack the exam. What are you waiting for? Enrol yourself on the course and prepare for the Certification exam and grab a bright future for yourself.


1. What are the different levels of SAP Certification?

 There are mainly two levels of certification. The associate level is for beginners and the professional level is for more experienced candidates. However, there is a masters level that is in the developing stage.

2. Is work experience a criterion for SAP Certification?

 Beginners can do Associate level certification without prior experience in the field. For Professional-level certification experience in the relevant field is essential.

3. How can a person register for SAP Certification?

SAP Certification vouchers are available for purchase only from the SAP education.

4. How can a person know which exam should he take?

If more exams are listed one should take the current exam available.

5. What will happen if a person misses the SAP Certification exam appointment?

If a person misses the exam appointment, he should cancel or reschedule the appointment 24 hours before the start of the exam. Then it will not be considered as an attempt.

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