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Henry Harvin Six Sigma v/s Simplilearn Six Sigma Course (Exposed)

Before enrolling for any course I believe in doing a thorough study and according to my research Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma course has more advantages over Simplilearn’s Six Sigma course. I will be taking you through a comparative account of both the course providers and their Six Sigma courses.

India comprises many elite institutes in the educational sector which have a tremendous following by students all over the country. It is a boon that all these institutes have online classrooms and is beneficial for all applicants to pull up their online brochures and select their preferred courses. Henry Harvin is one of these institutes and is a preferred institution throughout the country and personally the best online institute for applicants living internationally.

Henry Harvin Education is one of the most elite institutes for vivid courses around the country and happens to offer the Six Sigma course which is one of the best courses in India. Being an online platform, it is an impeccable organization for all applicants no matter their level of education. Through experience and understanding of online courses, I personally give credence to the Six Sigma course at Henry Harvin institute. In comparison to Henry Harvin, none of the other institutes or educational organizations has reached the bar of Henry Harvin’s quality of education. 

It is one of the most elite institutes known for many courses but specifically for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification course which is ranked number 1 by Best Course News, Business Standard, and the famous Tribune India. It is a great opportunity to enrol in such an institute that offers e-learning along with projects, activities, seminars, and certified expert trainers to guide you throughout the training course. 

 Along with Henry Harvin, Simplilearn is also an institute that offers training courses online and is said to be one of the renowned institutes around the world. 

The Simplilearn institute consists of many courses along with the Six Sigma Green Belt certification course. It is known internationally and the courses in this institute have been ranked number one, specifically for their boot camps. Simplilearn also provides post-graduate diploma courses and master’s programs for graduates throughout the country.

Henry Harvin Education Six Sigma Course:

The Six Sigma course is one of the best courses offered by Henry Harvin, ranking number 1 in India by the well-known Best Course News, Business Standard, and the Tribune India. The Six Sigma training program is an international certified course that is globally acknowledged along with affiliations like the Project Management Institute (PMI), International Quality Federation (IQF), United Kingdom Accreditation Forum (UKAF), Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) and the Council for Six Sigma Certification (C.S.S.C). 


The Six Sigma green belt course at Henry Harvin is a skill development course for business purposes as well as any management enthusiasts. It is one such course that helps the applicants or students to enhance their knowledge of the Six Sigma rules more specifically. 

It prepares the candidate to focus on the linear aspects of the course along with providing them with the right tools and management study material to ace in the Six Sigma training program. 

The Six Sigma course works on the aspects of the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) that are the DMAIC- Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control respectively. 

The Six Sigma Green Belt training program at Henry Harvin consists of 5 modules and 2 additional complimentary modules including soft skills development and report writing. Along with this the course also covers practical projects for the candidates with is conducted by professionals.


The training program at Henry Harvin provides a 9 in 1-course feature. The 9 key features are training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning access, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership.

  • Training- the training consists of 28 hours of live sessions online. Through this, the candidate will be able to learn directly from the experts conducting the classrooms. Candidates are free to ask any doubts and queries and get an immediate response to their questions. It is a helpful training class that can turn any doubt into knowledge. 
  • Projects- Projects are some fun aspects of the Six Sigma course, that make the training program interesting and more practical. The professional trainers undertake projects on topics of Retail, Web and Social Media, E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and many more categories that will help the candidate understand the course better. Projects make live online sessions a better experience and create a favorable environment for the candidates. 
  • Internship- An added feature or benefit for the candidates is getting an internship in the Six Sigma field itself. The internship is offered to the best performers of the training program. This can be a boon for the candidates as they gain practical knowledge through the internship and know more about the industry in detail. It is a stepping stone for all the applicants to understand their role in the jobs they get in the future. 
  • Certification- The certification is proof of the Six Sigma training program which is given after the completion of the course. The certificate consists of the Hallmark of the global credential of Certified Six Sigma Executive (C.S.S.E) from Henry Harvin Education. The certificate is globally acknowledged can be a validation of the course in acquiring jobs in the future.
  • Placement- The training program comes with a 100 percent guarantee of getting placement assistance for the candidates for 1-year post the successful completion of the course, which is a unique key feature and benefit that not all institutes offer but Henry Harvin makes sure it happens.
  • E-learning access- One of the best features is e-learning access. Henry Harvin Education provides a full e-learning process by giving the candidates access to an exceptional amount of tools and techniques, video content or recordings of the sessions, various assessments, and many more beneficial factors. 
  • Boot camps- There will be boot camps available over the next 12 months from the completion of the course. 
  • Hackathons- Along with all the features mentioned above, Henry Harvin also offers Hackathons to all the candidates with free access. This institute has opened the doorway for candidates from any course to be a part of the various competitions planned out by them giving them a feeling of being a part of the Henry Harvin family.
  • Gold membership- Henry Harvin offers a 1-year gold membership to all the candidates that have applied for different courses including the Six Sigma green belt course. With the gold membership, candidates can get access to all the recordings and learnings of the particular course the candidate had enrolled in. 


  • Learning from Henry Harvin Education is a plus point in the candidate’s CV or Resume which will enhance the description.
  • The heritage of this institute can help in acquiring jobs and acing in interviews and also making it possible to set a career abroad.
  • Through the Six Sigma green belt course and with improved skills, one can become an entrepreneur and opt for start-ups.
  • Henry Harvin is a globally acknowledged institute due to its media recognition. Articles in famous newspapers such as Hindustan Times have been read all around the country, getting more candidates to apply and choose suitable courses for themselves. Online news broadcasts like India Today have also written articles on the courses and the level of education provided by Henry Harvin. 
  • Henry Harvin has faculty that have 15 years or more experience in their particular fields. Candidates get to learn from experts and professionals and gain observatory knowledge and experience with the trainers’ guidance. 


With all the benefits and key features, Henry Harvin Education takes a fee of 17,500 for the Six Sigma Green Belt training course. Though it has a little higher fee, it stands tall to be the best and most remarkable institute for learning, inclusive of all the important features that they provide and by also being a globally renowned organization. At Henry Harvin, the staff doesn’t only train and manage the courses but also creates a favorable and comfortable environment for the candidates by giving them a homely feeling and crossing out judgment remarks. So, visit their website and download their brochure because one of the most esteemed institutes, Henry Harvin is waiting to have you on board. 


Simplilearn Education Institute Six Sigma Course:

Simplilearn is said to be one of the finest institutes for online classrooms and the Six Sigma Green Belt training course is one of them. It is partnered with the world’s leading companies, colleges, and universities namely, Caltech (Center for Technology and Management Education), Purdue University, UMass Amherst (Isenberg School of Management), AWS (Amazon Web Services), IBM (International Business Machines), Microsoft, and Facebook Blueprint. They also have supporting enterprises around the world like Amazon, Dell, Bosch, Pepsico, and more. 


The Six Sigma green belt course at Simplilearn is a qualified and certified training course that helps candidates learn to develop their skills according to the course’s modifications and the trainer’s experience in the field. The course carries weightage due to the high performance of the professional trainers and the associated affiliations to the Simplilearn Education institute. 

There are more than 8500 learners of the Six Sigma training program at Simplilearn. Simplilearn is an institute that works on the motto of improving the candidate’s skills in the digital economy and the business world in general. 

There are more than 1500 online live classrooms that have been conducted every month by highly professional experts as trainers. Simplilearn is an institute that has branches all around the world like Bangalore, India, and San Francisco, California (United States of America). 

Simplilearn certification for the Six Sigma training program is provided to the candidate after attending and passing in exam opted by them. After the completion of the training program, which is 2 months in duration, the candidate has to appear for the examination that has to be registered by them by sending an email to their official ID and book a slot according to the candidate’s preferred date. After the candidate has passed with a minimum of 550 points out of 750, the candidate will receive the certificate within 2 weeks from the date of the examination. 


  • Simplilearn Education offers 24 hours of high-quality e-learning where candidates and participate by solving their queries and asking questions to the trainers and gaining information and knowledge from experts.
  • Simplilearn organizes and conducts quizzes at the end of the chapters. This makes the course interesting for the candidates and makes it a fun time at the live session classrooms. 
  • The fees issues by Simplilearn Education are inclusive of the exam fee for the Six Sigma green belt training program. 
  • The certification is also included in the fees paid at the beginning of the Six Sigma course. 
  • Simplilearn Education institute provides a 4 Six Sigma green belt simulation exam that helps the candidate to be assertive with the knowledge and training gained from the course. 
  • Along with this, the institute offers 7 downloadable e-books for learning and practicing the course by giving a practical understanding of the course.
  • Simplilearn also provides 38 tools for the Six Sigma green belt training program to the candidates for improving and developing their skills in this field. It helps them grow and understand the economic and business industry better. 


  • Simplilearn Education has the benefit of self-paced learning for the Six Sigma green belt training program. Due to this, candidates can take their time in learning the course and can work according to their convenience. 
  • Lifetime access to the recordings and e-books has been made available to the candidates with high-quality videos curated by professional trainers and their expertise in the field.
  • Simplilearn also offers 24/7 learning assistance. With this feature, the candidate can benefit from their future learning and doubt solving. 
  • They offer corporate training with 24/7 learning assistance as well. 
  • Simplilearn also includes an online boot camp that helps the candidate to understand the course in a better condition with observatory learning. 


With all the key features and the benefits inclusive of all the additional features, the course has a fee of 12,999. 



To sum it up, Henry Harvin Educational Institute is one of the best institutes for the Six Sigma green belt training course even compared to Simplilearn Education. Henry Harvin gives more benefits and assistance to their candidates and is one of the most elite institutes linked to education globally. Considering all the key features, Henry Harvin is said to be and proves to be a better institute than the Simplilearn institute in the Six Sigma green belt course.


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