Medical Coding

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Chandigarh

Introduction to Medical Coding

Medical coding is the process of assigning conventional medical alphanumeric numbers to diagnoses, treatments, services, and equipment used in healthcare. For this, you need to study medical coding courses.

The diagnoses and procedure codes are derived from the documentation in the medical records, such as the transcription of the doctor’s notes, the results of the laboratory and radiologic tests, etc.

The process of medical coding, and the job of a medical coder

Professionals in medical coding assist in ensuring that the codes are applied appropriately during the medical billing process, which entails abstracting the information from paperwork, assigning the proper codes, and producing a claim that will be reimbursed by insurance companies.

Every day, the medical coder and biller process numerous services and claims. When recording reimbursement for delivered services, medical codes must capture the entire history of the patient’s interaction with the doctor and must be as detailed as possible.

A medical coder’s job is unique and needs training for that. Here is a list of the top 10 Medical Coding courses in Chandigarh.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin

One of the finest Institutes in Chandigarh for Medical Coding courses is Henry Harvin. The institute is renowned for the distinctiveness and caliber of its education. With locations in the US and India, Henry Harvin’s clientele spans 97+ nations.

They operate in several different business niches, such as consulting services, books, assessments, workplace programs, necessary services, and academic programs. The institute is renowned as a company that develops careers and competencies.

The institute creates the highest levels of operational efficiencies to boost customer satisfaction to continuously innovate products, processes, people, and markets.

Henry Harvin is an online university offering more than 200 up- and reskilling programs. The institute’s mission is to transform the development of people and businesses around the world by providing top-notch services and training.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • It is a nine-in-one course that includes training, projects, internship, certification, and many more.
  • To prepare students for the CPC exam, the Curriculum of Medical Coding course covers all facets of medical coding, including CPT, IDC, and HCPCS.
  • You will 100% Practical training as there are many coding projects available.
  • Avail one-year gold membership that offers, live projects, recorded videos, job support, etc.
  • The certified and experienced subject experts will teach you
  • You will get your money back if you are not happy after the first class of the Medical coding Course.

Advantages of the Course

  • Get an in-depth understanding of medical terminology and its application.
  • Examine the value of documentation in medical records and the several dictation formats available.
  • Learn to divide and combine challenging medical terminology, including euphemisms, antonyms, acronyms, and homophones.
  • When working with medical records, get familiar with confidentiality.
  • Recognize Symbols, Plural Words, and Common Medical Abbreviations.
  • Learn how to code different neoplasms, parasite illnesses, and infections.

Career Benefits

  • You can either work as a freelancer or work full-time after completing the medical coding course.
  • Exposure to Millions of Jobs in the Medical Coding Industry Worldwide.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition and advance in your current position with the most in-demand skills.
  • Improve your professional and technical development to enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile.


An associate degree in life sciences or 12th-grade completion is the minimum requirement for eligibility to qualify for the certification exam.


With the Course Completion Certification of Medical Coding Training Course, distinguish yourself online and demonstrate your skills.

Duration of the course

The course is of 90 Hours

Fees: INR 59500/-

Other Related Courses

  • Medical Billing Course
  • Outpatient and Inpatient course
  • Medical Writing Course
  • Medical Scribing Course

2. Odyssey Informatics

Odyssey Informatics

Odyssey Informatics is one of the leading Institutes for Medical Coding courses in Chandigarh. It provides both online and in-class courses. There are expert training professionals to coach the students.

Under the leadership of the trainer, the institute assists students in attending their relevant sessions on time and completing their CPC Certification exam preparation.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • Students have the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever they choose with online medical coding instruction. All they need is an internet connection.
  • One-on-one instruction in medical coding will be provided online by certified professionals during live webcam sessions.
  • Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for three hours, CPC Certified Trainers at Odyssey Informatics deliver classroom medical coding training.


An associate degree or 12th-grade completion is the minimum requirement for eligibility to qualify for the certification exam.


You will be given a certificate proving that you have completed 84 hours of medical coding instruction once you have finished the Odyssey certificate program.

Duration of the course

  • Online training completes in 3 months.
  • Classroom training completes in 3-4 months

Fees: INR 30000/-

3. Resolve


Resolve Medical Coding course, is an established and ISO 9001:2015 accredited medical coding training, placement, and certification center.

All medical, paramedical, and life science graduates and postgraduates can receive training, certification, and placement at Resolve medical coding.

Graduates who completed the medical coding training programs are hired by prestigious MNCs all around the nation. In all healthcare BPOs in India, the Resolve Medical Coding Certificate is recognized and valid.

When compared to other paramedical and life science careers, medical coders with qualifications and experience are well rewarded. A medical coder’s performance based on knowledge, accuracy, and competence is regularly evaluated for growth and quality.

This guarantees career advancement that is correlated to performance without any misconduct. The Medical Coder can quickly advance up the corporate ladder if they are highly skilled, eager, and communicative.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • It is one of the best CPC Training Institutes in Chandigarh.
  • The Training is completely Industry based.
  • Get trained by experienced Trainers.
  • The results obtained will be 100%.
  • You will get unlimited mock questions to practice.
  • This training will be helpful for those who are planning to work globally.


Anyone who has completed a degree can apply.


Resolve Medicode offers CPC Mock questions for practice exams and 15 days of free examination preparation to earn certification from AAPC. After completing the three-month Medical Coding and Billing Program offered by Resolve Medicode CPC Training center, both certification tests may be applied for online.

     Duration of the course

  • 160 Hours
  • You can take either online or offline courses.
  • Both weekend and weekday batches are available.

4. Elate Academy

Elate Academy

Elate Academy is one of the best Institutes for Medical Coding courses in Chandigarh. The medical coding training programs offered by the Institute provide students with a solid foundation in medical coding, get them ready for certification exams, and help them launch a career in the field.

Through a readily accessible, flexible learning environment, Elate Academy’s mission is to offer industry-focused training programs while taking the present and the future into consideration.

This is accomplished through weekly newsletters that cover the most recent developments in the global healthcare sector. It represents the national interests of medical coders and maintains the medical coding business current with modern trends.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • Study at your own pace at any time and any place.
  • The Certified AAPC Trainers will train the students
  • Take medical coding classes directly from AAPC, a trustworthy source.
  • It helps you in finding a job in reputed companies.
  • Cost is less compared to traditional universities.
  • After completing the course, there will be 1-month externship training.


A graduate from any stream can apply for the course.

Duration and Fees of the course

For the duration and Fees, please contact them directly.

5. Xpert Healthcare Group

Xpert Healthcare Group

Medical coding courses and healthcare services provider Xpert Healthcare Group is professionally run and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Employers must be qualified experts in this fast-changing healthcare environment to help them handle the flood of changes, maintain compliance, and sustain profitability. Xpert Healthcare offers a thorough curriculum to anyone interested in entering this field.

In the realm of medical billing and business, employers view AAPC certification as the highest standard of expertise. This Institution is expertise in training and providing certification in AAPC courses.

Having a certificate gives applicants the advanced knowledge they need to succeed in a particular industry. Students confront various medical coding classes, required training, and exam components depending on the specific credential, necessitating the completion of a certification course.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • The freedom to study at your own pace from the comfort of your home or workplace.
  • Without extensive university education, you can be career-ready in six months.
  • The best price with the highest employment and income prospects.
  • AAPC-certified coaches and education for expert working knowledge.


A graduate from any stream can apply for the course.

Duration and Fees of the course

For the duration and Fees, please contact them directly.

6. Magnet Medical Coding Solutions

Magnet Medical coding Solutions

Magnet is one of the top 10 Medical Coding centers in Chandigarh. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the healthcare industry and maybe work as a freelancer or employee in the field of medical coding and billing should take the Medical Coding course.

Its main goal is to prepare you for a better career in medical coding by helping you earn your Certified Professional Coder (CPC) designation through the AAPC, which is a requirement for nearly all healthcare organizations.

Every trainee will probably sail through the CPC Certification Exam and become a Certified Coder in the vital healthcare sector.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • Recognize and use the official ICD-10-CM coding standards.
  • If you are preparing for a career in medical coding for a doctor’s office then you can take up the course.
  • You may start from scratch even if you are a newbie because the course covers all essential modules and topics in medical coding.
  • If you are getting ready for the CPC certification test by the AAPC, then can take up the course.
  • In addition, they can engage in a live web-based study hall.


A graduate from any stream can apply for the course.

Duration and Fees of the course

For the duration and Fees, please contact them directly.

7. Academy of Medical Coders India

Academy of Medical coders

To keep up with the rapidly changing industry landscape, the Academy of Medical Coders India is committed to providing an easily accessible, interactive global platform for the delivery of widely spaced-out training programs in medical coding.

This is done through case studies, literature, articles, journals, newsletters, and learning modules created by certified medical coding industry experts.

This platform will also be used to research the upcoming obstacles to the successful implementation of medical coding.

The main goal is to offer training programs that are industry-focused while taking into account the present and future learning environment.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • Interactive or online live sessions that provide participants complete flexibility in all essential parts of the curriculum.
  • All program modules have assignments for ongoing assessment and direction.
  • For ongoing assessment and assistance, there are assignments for every module in the curriculum.
  • The online sessions are completed during the weekends. Before the test, there will also be a session to clear up any remaining questions.
  • IGMPI faculty members make every effort to ensure that all of the curriculum courses are simple to understand.


A graduate from any science stream can apply for the course.

Duration of the course

You can take a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months to complete the course.


The participants will receive an Industry Certificate in Medical Coding from the Academy of Medical Coders India, IGMPI, upon course completion.

8. Infometiz


A flagship project of the Infometiz Training & Recruiting Initiative is the Infometiz Academy. Since 2016, Infometiz has been providing high-quality training and has produced a large number of skilled workers for the burgeoning Industry.

The highly skilled founders of the organization founded it after leaving their corporate professions to train, direct, and guarantee job placement for the younger candidates. In medical coding and other IT courses, they have trained more than a thousand individuals.

 Even though Infometiz Academy is a budding organization, they have the necessary industry knowledge to provide the best training.

Their mission is to make sure the students learn diligently and at little expense, with no extra or hidden fees like enrollment costs or study material costs, etc.

The fundamental tenet is to kindly share knowledge to help you succeed. Our success depends on you. All of the instructors are partners of the INFOMETIZ Infometiz academy, no one is hired or salaried instructor.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • Both online and offline classes are available
  • You can choose either weekdays or weekend classes
  • Get to learn the tricks to clear the exam
  • Highly experienced trainers teach you
  • Get Interview ready
  • Placement assistance is provided
  • There is a tie-up with top companies for placements


A graduate from any science stream can apply for the course.

Duration of the course

The duration of the course is 3 months.

9. Cigma Medical Coding Academy

Cigma Medical coding Academy

The most reputable and internationally connected medical coding training and placement company in India is Cigma Medical Coding Academy.

In the most vital and rapidly expanding areas of the healthcare information sector, new and interesting certificate programs and degrees are provided to the students. This indeed leads to employment, expansion, and improvement.

Their main vision is to offer full medical coding courses that are taught quickly, comprehensively, and affordably to help students enhance their careers or find new work.

The mission is to improve the effectiveness of professional learning by promoting high-quality training in medical coding training.

They are committed to assisting students in refining their lives through accessible, practical medical coding training that equips them for professions in niche industries that are currently in need of fresh workers.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • No extra cost for anything other than the course fee.
  • The possibility of hiring the students is more as it is a reputed institute.
  • You will be provided with placement assistance.
  • All the educators are available 24*7
  • Training by certified and experienced trainers.
  • It is a Govt. of India-recognized institute.
  • Gain practical knowledge by working on projects.
  • Helps you in the career transition.


A master’s degree, a degree, a diploma, or an equivalent exam in the fields of life sciences and medical sciences from any recognized Board or Council.

Duration of the course

The duration is 3 months.

10. Apex Medcom

Apex Medcom

Apex Medcom is a highly welcoming workplace for Medical coding courses that places a big emphasis on helping students who have a passion to work hard and achieve something good in life.

It delivers training on medical coding and billing that is accurate, trustworthy, and impartial.

They are aware that when you enroll in any training program, you are not only investing money but also thoughtful time. Consequently, you have specific demands of the institute. All trainers, support personnel, and instructors are aware of and respectful of your expectations.

As a result, they work hard to give you the perks that will help you lay a solid basis for a successful career.

In contrast to other training institutions, AMTI not only prepares its students to pass their courses successfully but also assesses their progress at every stage of the program so that they can fully understand the material that is being taught.

Course Highlights

Key Features of the course

  • The classes are live online and not recorded.
  • They have 10+ years of experience in training.
  • If you are working then you have the chance to join weekend classes.
  • Before admission a free demo class is available
  • Evening classes are also available
  • The study materials provided are free of cost
  • There are only a limited number of students per batch.
  • You will learn through videos, live projects, slides, etc.


A graduate from any stream is eligible for the course.

Duration of the course

The duration is 160 Hours.


You must enroll in a coding-specific training program or institution to receive training to become a medical coder. After that, having a professional credential like the AAPC’s makes it easier to find a job in the industry.

Depending on the sector of the revenue cycle that you choose to specialize in, there are a variety of medical coding certificates available. The Certified Professional Coder (CPC), which demonstrates a coder’s competence to operate in outpatient settings, serves as the standard for the majority.

For inpatient coding and outpatient coding for hospital patients receiving in-and-out care, facility coders should obtain the Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) and Certified Outpatient Coder (COC) certifications.

This infographic can assist you in selecting the appropriate hospital credential. There are several programs available for both physical and online medical coding training.

To guarantee that subsequent visits will be of the greatest grade and to be reimbursed, a patient’s diagnosis, test results, and therapy must be documented. The patient’s health records must be simple to understand and follow throughout any subsequent complaints and treatments. Given the hundreds of millions of visits, operations, and hospitalizations that occur each year in the United States, this is particularly significant.

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Is there any scope for Medical Coders in the future?

Jobs for medical coders are widely available permanently in Singapore, UAE, Canada, the US, and India. Medical coding jobs will continue to be in demand as the healthcare sector expands constantly.

Can a Medical Coder work as a freelancer?

Yes. Since many businesses outsource their job or allow the experts to work as independent contractors, a medical coder can work from home as a freelancer. Only 17% of coders are wholly on-site, according to the Health Information Management (HIM) Professional Census 2020, while more than 50% are fully remote.

What are the benefits of a medical coding job?

Jobs in the healthcare industry offer excellent benefits, including high pay and prospective professional progression opportunities.

What medical coding training certification is the most valuable in India?

AHIMA qualifications and CPC (certified professional coder)

What qualifications are needed in India to become a medical coding specialist?

Detailed research of documents, communication, flexibility, readiness for autonomous work, etc.

How much can a medical coder earn on average?

The average yearly pay for medical coders with AAPC certification is $60,917, or 29% more than that of uncertified health information technologists, who make about $47,200.


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